28 February 2020

Farmer’s Wife Friday

Posting from iPad again so short and sweet,
here are my next two Farmer’s Wife blocks.



I should have my computer back by next week so
until then, have a great weekend and happy quilting!

25 February 2020

Tuesday Check-In

Who's got their coffee?  Join me as I check in
on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

The sad note is I broke my MacBook so I’m
very painstakingly pecking away at this post
(ah, alliteration!)
on my iPad and let me tell you, I wouldn’t even be
doing this at all if I hadn’t already gotten most
of this made before my computer broke. 
I do not have the patience for this!!!
Bear with me if things get off-centered or the
pics are messed up or whatever.  Blogger is
not all that iPad-friendly.  

Okay, well, it wouldn't be a post from me
without some digressing...

YES!  I did quilt all three baby quilts!

Charming, Charmed and Charmed, Too!
all lined up for viewing.  

 They are all completely done!

I completed the two Farmer's Wife blocks
and I'm still alive:

The 44-piece bias blob block turned out to be not so bad,
though I did have an unavoidable direction issue on one
piece.   Well, "unavoidable" sort of.
I should've just cut another one.
Another live and learn.


I sat on the fence all week with the picnic quilt but I'm
about to come down off of it.  This will disappoint
some people who were looking forward
to some hungry little ants--and I totally agree
that would be the cutest thing to do with it but
I kinda just want to move on.  While I don't enjoy
applique so much, I do love to do the quilting so
what I'm now thinking about is quilting some nice
flowers in a variegated green thread, which should
really show up in those ivory spaces.  And maybe,
just maybe I'll try some free-hand ants?

I also finished the stash-busting scarf.

Then I decided to make a hat to go with the
scarf I made my grandson.  It’s actually done,
minus a blue pom I’ll be adding to the top.
Pic next week.

Lovecrafts sent me such a nice amount of yarn
that I wanted to do a little more with it.  I'm
even thinking about mittens.  We'll see.

I took my little road trip to a couple quilt shops.

I often talk about how I love to run up to Stitches in
McPherson, KS because their clearance section rocks.
About 80% of the time, I find exactly what I need.
Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those times.
I did find 9+ yards of this:

They had a nice selection of med-neutrals that would've
all made great backings but I showed restraint and just
settled on this one.  I love how it can be modern or
traditional.  Maybe even gray or tan--though the pic
prob doesn't show the correct color.  It's a "neutral"
I could not pass up for $5/yd.

For kicks, here's the front part of the shop which I suppose
is just average as far as quilt shops go but there's a nice
feel to it--and that means more than anything to me.

Then I dropped by Charlotte's Sew Natural in Newton
because it's right off the highway on the way back.
Because they're on Main Street, I usually end up going
in the back door where there's better parking.

Maybe not the best representation but I appreciate that
they've tried to create a nice back entrance as well.

These smaller-town shops tend to be in really old
buildings, which can be really fun if you ask me.

I love little quilts--and I have this display hanger.

My picture taking is really random because I was more
focused on finding fabrics--and I did find a
Bonnie & Camille 
to put on the last of my baby quilts.  

It's rare that I go full-price on a backing but I really like
this one and a baby quilt doesn't require so much.

Some red-love.  Oh, I love reds.  And in a little tin
makes it even better.  I really need to make a
red-white (or -cream) quilt!

I should be attracted to the nice long arm they have there
but it's always the lighting they have above it that I notice.
Because mine is in our sunroom, I haven't needed anything
like this but when I move it to one of the boys' bedrooms
in a few years, I'm having the hubs fix this up for me.

I recently learned they have a knitting shop up in Newton.
Even better it's just across the street diagonally from
the quilt shop so I wanted to visit that while there.
(I got lucky on the front parking this time.)

I didn't get a pic, darn it, but I really enjoyed visiting
their new place and with the owner.  She'd just gone
through a move and was just getting settled in.
Turns out being right next door to a successful deli
is problematic for all of those fibers--something to
think about for yarn and fabric shops.  The owner said
when she had customers tell her they knew exactly
which yarns came from her shop by the smell she
knew the move was unavoidable.  They should be
getting classes scheduled soon--hoping there will
be a few that are a good fit for me.

As I was heading to my car my eye barely caught
a "little" coffee shop.  Turns out it was huge.
Maybe I missed it by walking right under it but
methinks they need better signage?

I will brake for coffee shops about as much as
I will for quilt shops.  Too bad this one is a solid
30+ min drive but with a quilt and knitting shop
right there, it seems the makings of a full
field trip day.  

My to-do’s for next Tuesday
Have my beloved computer back!
Two Farmer’s Wife Blocks completed
Quilt up the Irish Chain, provided my ordered
thread arrives in a timely manner
Get Pom made and attached to hat

Happy quilting!

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24 February 2020

Computer Woes

My MacBook is in the shop with technical difficulties.
I should have it back in about a week.

Till then, happy quilting...and try not to trip over your
computer cord.  It might actually yank on the power
port...which is connected to the motherboard.
The motherboard that costs $400 to replace.

I’ll just be in my sewing room, frustra-sewing away!!

23 February 2020

One Monthly Goal--And Beyond

February has flown by and it's already time
to share my One Monthly Goal progress.

I usually like to push myself but with a lot of other
projects going now, I wanted to keep this do-able.
Of the three baby quilts I needed to make,
my goal was to get one completely finished.

All three would have the same backing fabric so I
went ahead and cut that all out at once.
I thought at some point I'd set two aside to get
that first completed, making sure I'd meet my goal,
but I just continued to work on all three and here I am
today with all three completed quilts.

When one reader said they were charming, that
kind of stuck so I went with it for the names.

Quilt 1:  "Charming"

Quilt 2:  "Charmed"

Quilt 3:  "Charmed Too"

I'll be back again in a couple days to share more on
these quilts along with my other projects on the
Tuesday To-Do link-up.

Happy quilting!

21 February 2020

Rotary Cutter Winner!

I've been keeping my nose-to-the-needle
as I've started saying these days.

I now have all three baby quilts quilted up and have
begun binding/labeling them.  Check back next
Tuesday when I show the full pics for the link ups.

I also started on a hat to match the scarf I
made for our grandson.  Lovecrafts was
kind enough to send me so much yarn that
I wanted to do more with it than just that
scarf.  I might even pop out some mittens,
though I'm not sure I'm warmed up enough
to do a tiny little dpn project.  Still, I seem to
be picking it all back up pretty quickly.

I also finished my stash-busting project--just a scarf
for a church bazaar in the fall.  More on that next
Tuesday as well.

Okay, enough catching up! 

Time for the hubs to pick the winner
of the rotary cutter!

Hubs picked #4:

annemarie said...
I follow you on instagram!

So Annemarie if you check, 
there should be an email from me to
get this rotary cutter on its way to its 
new home.

Happy quilting!

20 February 2020

FW Friday #7: The Bias Blob & Last Day to Enter Giveaway!

Happy Friday to all!

Two more completed blocks to show today.
Still plugging away amid my other projects--and
I've been doing a lot of knitting and long-arm quilting
which means I'm also doing a lot of binding and
making labels, etc. etc.  It's a rough life...<wink>
I've also been enjoying our latest snow, though
I was a little sad it all happened over-night.


The first was a no-brainer and a good one
for using some directional fabric.


Next up, the 44-pc Bias Blob.
I brought out the spray starch which is probably
the reason this thing didn't turn out too badly.
That's the first time I've starched pieces; it will not
be the last!  It was more helpful than I realized.
(I guess it's about time to put a new cover
on my ironing station anyway...🙄)

I went with a directional yellow fabric on the
second one telling myself that however I cut 'em is
what I'm going to use, also thinking it wouldn't even
matter on pieces so small.  Turned out all but
two triangles would go the same direction.
(top inner 2--one just goes backwards, the other goes "up")

In retrospect I would've been better off keeping them
all in random directions but my sense of order...oy.
Unfortunately, my "get this done" sense cut off the
more common sense that would've told me that all
I had to do was cut two more in the right direction
and "problem solved!"...well, who knows why
I didn't.  It would've taken a mere 3 mins but oh well.

As has become my mantra for this whole quilt:
Who's really going to notice among 110 blocks?
Ha!  Maybe that's what I should name this one:
"Who's Really Gonna Notice?"

I think it turned out okay, especially for no ripping.
A little pulling here and there, a tiny bit off here and there...
Had I realized that middle green triangle point was off
so badly, I would've ripped but just didn't see that one
till it was bury-sewed in among the others.
(Just made that up but you know what I mean?)

And there it is.
I mostly-conquered the bias blob,
and lived to tell about it.

The hubs will be choosing the lucky number for
someone to win that rotary cutter later today
so if you have not entered yet and you're quick,
 please go here and you can get in on it.
*Update:  This giveaway is now closed.

Happy quilting!

18 February 2020

Nose to the Needle: Tuesday To-Do's

Good morning and happy Tuesday.
Sipping away at my coffee and looking back at my
projects for the week, I see I'm still going strong.
I mean, I was there when it all went down but
sometimes you don't really realize what all you've
completed till you take that step back.
Again, I'm grateful for this Tuesday-To-Do thing.
It's keeping my nose to the grindstone needle.

First off, did I try out the knitting group?
I woke up to a -7 windchill and when I contemplated
getting out that night...well, I knew it wasn't going to
happen.  I love winter but I also like being warm, and I
really like being warm in my own home on cold evenings.
It has been bitter but finally warmed up over the weekend
and today I went on my walk without even a jacket.
(Crazy Kansas weather!)
Anyway, I found out that the knitting group meets
every other Thursday so I'll get there.  Really.

Okay my Tuesday To-Do Finishes:

1)  Chandelier baby quilt tops?

 Got 'em done.

All three of them.

(This is becoming one of those posts that just has
too many blasted photos, isn't it??)

2) Snow Love Tutorial? 

 Posted here.

I also added a post to give-away
Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter.  Please enter!

3)  On my Farmer's Wife blocks, just two again:

This time they're pretty decent.

4) Did I decide to move on or applique on the picnic?

I figure if you're going to put ants on a picnic quilt, they'd
better be cute and fun or no one is gonna want to sit on it,
let alone eat on it, so I searched coloring pages.

Can I do this? Just these little guys off in one corner?
And in that detail?  It might include some
embroidery which, other than cross-stitch, I'm not sure
I've done since I was like 10 or something.  A shout-out
to Debbie at Stitchin' Therapy for pointing out that
Irish Chains are a nice blank page for appliqué.
I don't wanna do applique but blast it all, she's right.

Tuesday To-Do's for next week:

Completely finish all three baby quilts.
Quilted, bound and labeled?  At the very least,
I'd like to get all three quilted but that will depend.
Definitely one.
You can see I've already gotten a start but I need
some help on the second one. 

Thoughts on using the fabric to the right for the backing?
It's really the only thing I have on hand that sort of
works...but I want this to look good.

Personally, I think it looks just okay, and I probably
have only convinced myself of even that because
want it to work.  I really need to "rock with what I got"
but I'm also not against making a run to the LQS.
Frankly, I don't have anything for the back of #3 either.
And I think I just answered my own question but
I'd like some opinions just the same.

Farmer's Wife blocks.
I guess two but one of them has 44 pieces so my
goal there is to just come out of it alive.
One of my quilting goals this week is to live through it.
Maybe I should rethink my hobbies...

Get the applique planned out for the Irish Chain.
Maybe even cut out and put on?
The applique, not the embroidery--that'll be the week
after...or maybe I'll die making that insane Farmer's Wife
block, thereby avoiding the embroidery part altogether.
Or maybe I'll just find an entirely different picture.
No hurry--it's a Christmas gift so I've got months.

Finish up that stash-busting scarf I'm knitting to donate.

Looking ahead, I've finally started planning two different
West Point quilts that will showcase the special-order fabrics:

I shy away from that EQ8 sometimes because all the tricks
of the program still elude me and my personal artsy-creativity
just isn't much to speak of.  Of course, once I get in there,
and start exploring what it and I can do, it's pretty fun.
I've got the designs under the "current year's projects"
project tab if you're interested but I'm still working on them.
Those will likely be showing here up very soon,
 likely next week.  If someone could please tell me the trick
to knowing block designs/sizes that don't result in pieces
being cut at almost-impossible measurements (ie, 3/16"), I'd
sure be grateful.  Basic blocks I understand but if you
see the designs I have in mind, maybe my
request makes more sense.  Maybe it's just
practice and experience.

I also have my HST basket quilt going on the side.
In fact, I haven't even revealed that project really
(other than the HST's) so hey, how about now?

I'm working on 60-some of these 8" blocks.  The
background is from a Riley Blake Swiss Dot jelly roll
but I've decided the quilt will be on-point so I had to
order more fabric (on its way!) for setting triangles.
Getting those blocks made will likely show up on
next week's to-do's as well.  But of course,
that's really getting ahead of myself.

Just a few more days to enter.
*Update:  This giveaway is now closed.

I'm off to visit 2 quilt shops and a new knitting shop.
A little road trip--lucky me!  I always love seeing
other people's quilt shop pics so hopefully I'll remember
to grab some shots to share here later this week.

Thanks for stopping by today and happy quilting!

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