28 September 2015

Courthouse Stars Top Complete!

Well, I took my sweet time finishing up
but the top is complete.

I typically do not like leaving off a border;
However, I do see this as one of those times
where "no border" would work...
but, I really like borders.

I'm thinking dark blue, red or brown.  
And about 3 or 4 inches wide.

This has been the hardest quilt to work on
in terms of keeping track of where I'm at.
I really hope there aren't any mistakes
(As in:  "blocks the wrong direction."  Believe me, I'm well aware of the
pulling and distorting that has occurred.  Sure hoping the quilting,
and a good wash, hides all of that!)
but if you see one, please let me know
before I go any farther!

06 September 2015

Picking Up Speed

Just last week I was looking at only 34 of these blocks.

Such slow progress; 71 seemed a long way off.
However, I spent a good portion of Wednesday
sewing with friends and away from home so
I was actually able to complete 15!
(I'm not sure I'm up to hauling around so much of my sewing stuff again anytime
soon, though!  Yikes!  How do some of you do this so often?)
To put that into perspective, I'm not sure I made
more than 6 or 8 any other day.
Not that they're that time consuming--ok, they kind
of are--but more than anything, I just found them
hard to stick with for any big length of time.

My design wall here doesn't hold all 71
but trust me when I say I completed them all
by last Wednesday...and I'm quite proud.

I'm also proud to say that I've already started my next
batch of blocks.  I may need 72 of these 
but they fly together compared to those stars.

I couldn't wait to see a few put up...
but this was not what I was hoping for.
Even knowing quilts often require stepping back
quite a bit to get a good perspective, this was just
a little disappointing.

But onward I went.
And it still wasn't making me happy till I snapped
the above picture and saw it on my phone.
Okay--now I was seeing it.

And before long, I was looking at this!
(I was really flying through the blocks and having fun at this point!)
Once again, I ran out of room on the wall and
even have more made up in a pile.
All this in one day!
I'm loving it now; my only issue is that I always
lean toward "darker" lights.  I just like them that way.
So, do you think those light blues are too dark?
I think if I'm careful to position them next to the really
dark strips whenever possible, they should be fine.

Random time:

My youngest getting ready to march for
the first time.  He's really enjoying the challenge of
being in a high school band--I think he's been ready
for that for a couple years now.
(Right in center of pic; center line, closest to the camera.)
So much going on this fall!
I'm so anxious to get the boys' football pics, along
with the buttons and the "mom's jersey".
(The players moms wear jerseys with their son's name/number in a glittery font)
Now if we could just have some football weather... 

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