2024 Goals & Progress

Currently listing 2024 Goals
These will be updated as completed.

2024 Quilt Count Goal:  24+ quilts

Fabric Goal:  Use 24+ yards more than I buy

Education Goal:  Become proficient in ruler/FMQ/custom work
Run through video and workbook courses on Quilt Path
Learn more about my Pfaff

Quilt Plans

1) Finish any UFOs

a. Cabin in the Woods

Currently being pieced (January)

b & c. Two baby quilts

Made from a 3-from-1 layer cake pattern for my granddaughter,
I cut the other two out but with no imminent need for baby quilts,
it was all set aside.  Time to make them up for listing in the shop...
unless someone I know has a baby girl, of course.

d.  "Kelley" by Edyta Sitar,  A Season In Blue 

Meant as a side-project but it's time to get it done.

e. "Farmer's Wife" 

Started several years ago and not intended to be an
all-at-once finish but it got pushed aside when I started
selling quilts.  I'm over halfway--more than in pic.

2) Charity quilt(s)

3)  "Aspen" by Edyta Sitar,  A Season In Blue 

Stick with the blues?  Probably--but hmm, what about reds?

4)  Wild & Goosey by Bonnie Hunter
What colors?

Can I make a variation of this from some of my trimmings/HST's?

6) "Scarlet Stars" by Kim Diehl--Simple Whatnots

I gifted this one but I'm so into 
red these days I now want one!

7)  Irish Chain(s) in green, maybe another in red/ivory

8) "Star Toss" Cindy Blackberg, Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts

This is the main one on the cover.

9) "Tracking Tradition" by Debbie Robbers
Red & White Quilts (Martingale)

This has been a to-do for several years. 

10) "Slapdash" by Kim Diehl
Simple Double-Dipped Quilts 

11) "A Dash of Plaid" by Kim Diehl
The Big Book of Quick To Finish Quilts

Saw this made up at a LQS and it is beautiful.

Fall quilts:

12) "Halloween-ish" by Susan Ache
 Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts

Have lots of neutrals in small amounts.  Must use up.

13) "Harvest Pumpkins" by Julie Hendricksen & Vickie Gerike
County Seat Quilts  

I had a blast making this the first time.  I recently picked up
a great background fabric for it so an encore is on the way.

14) Something with Primitive Gatherings flannel FQ set

This is a classic case of "saving fabric" but it's time to use it.

Christmas quilts:

15) "Christmas Vacation" by Susan Ache
The Big Book of Favorite Scrap Quilts

In reds or greens.  This would check off the Irish Chain, too.

16)  "Nestled in the Trees," Coach House Designs

17) "Peppermint Pines" by Erica Arndt

Made the above two, now planning a third for a gift

18) "Holiday Forest" by Edyta Sitar

As if I hadn't made enough of these already,
I still want to get a 5th done in blues/ivories.

 1)  Start running again.
Starting with a walk/run session 4-5x's week for 30 mins
Will increase soon.

2) Be more active in quilt guild & church quilt group.
No progress yet

3) Make Christmas gifts for next year.  I can't list what
I have in mind but there's a lot so I want to start asap.
No progress yet

4) Bring out the knitting needles again!
No progress here yet

5) Listen to and/or read 25+ worthwhile books:
Currently reading:
The Splendid and the Vile (Larson)
The Last Green Valley (Sullivan)
Devil in the Castle (Burke)

6) Get rid of one thing every day
Have gotten rid of 50+ so far