29 June 2020

OMGoal and Tuesday To Do: A Complete Top!

Oh the triumph of a completed quilt top!
And some more than others.
Every quilt has its story.

It's finally Tuesday!  My main goal for this day's link up was
to have the center of my quilt pieced.  The "maybe" was
getting the borders on and think about backing.

This is the WORST lighting but it's the only place I could get it
all in.  It's VERY windy out.  See other pics for true colors.

Well, hoorah, I got it all done.  Even the backing!
It's currently laying out on the long-arm for loading.
It is a good, good week, my quilty friends.

(laying on my ironing board so you see those fabrics through the white)

Getting all the blocks finished was actually my monthly
goal for June so I think did very well there!
My One Monthly Goal for July is to
completely finish it.

"Scattered and Sewn" 85 X 108

I've decided to call it "Scattered and Sewn."
(misspelling intended, of course)
I like how even though the blocks are scattered,
they're all still connected by that chain.

I also wanted to get 4 Farmer's Wife blocks done:
I'm still working on those 4 but don't have a pic.

And I was to think about my next quilt project.
I've been looking all around for a yellow background
for my nine-patch but still have come up empty.
This is probably a good thing because I really need
to make a West Point throw-sized quilt first.
More on that project in a bit.

Next week's goals?

1) Quilt, label and bind Scattered and Sewn.
A complete finish by this time next week?
I think I can, I think I can...

I usually go through and trim what might unraveling threads might
show through but even then, by the time I get it loaded, there
are likely going to be more with this one.  And there is a lot of
white on this quilt!  If there's a magic trick, I'd like to know it.
When it's real bad, I try to double-check during the entire
quilting process as it gets rolled up.
This will be one of those times.

2) Farmer's Wife:  Two more.
I will also have pics of this week's 4 when
they're done.

3) Start on next quilt:
I have a little yardage of special-made West Point
prints that I want to highlight a few quilts to sell.

A few months ago while playing around,
came up with a couple random ideas.

I love most of this and all the action going on
but those smaller stars inside the bigger ones
have me hesitating.  I don't know what I would
change though.

I just came across this one this morning.  On here,
I took the time to sort-of copy one of the fabrics
and put it in the actual design.  I still have a lot
of my scraps from my son's West Point quilt:

I should be able to get some from there to save time.

I'm also thinking about making some WP table runners.
I've lost track of where this pic came from but my
best guess is from Martingale Press.  I'll look that up
soon and edit if I find it.
It drew my attention because of the colors but it's
just an idea of what I might do.

4) Recover iron surface.

(This isn't even the worst spot!)

Oh my goodness I have put this off long enough.
All that starch I've been using on the Farmer's Wife
blocks is only adding to the problem.
I keep thinking I'll do these by elastic one
of these days so I can wash them but I'm kind of
enjoying the new look about once a year.

5) Get some sleep
(I just go through these lousy phases)
And now I'm kinda laughing because I just made
a nice big list of to-do's and ended it with
"get some sleep".  This, my quilty friends, sums
me right up.  So much to do, so little time.

What did you all get done this week?

Happy qui----WAIT!
How can I possibly end without a pic
of the growing chicks?!?

They're almost two weeks old and the change is huge.
Tail feathers, wings and double in size!
All they do is eat and...well, you know!

And that means more work for me but so far, it's fun.
Now to add more things to my list, I need to give the 
large coop a thorough cleaning and start moving
 some chicks to the brooder out there.
Doing just a few at a time could avoid a disaster
should either flock be carrying any disease.  These are
clearly the happiest, healthiest chicks I've ever raised
but there's a little concern with my current flock.
They have always been fine but you just. never. know...
and I just had a funny little vision of all of them all,
young and old, wearing masks!  Ha!

Okay, now happy quilting!
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27 June 2020

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Or as I will be approaching this:
The Ugly, the Bad and the Good.

But first, a happy weekend to all.

It has been an interesting week with this quilt.
I was having a grand ol' time putting those columns
together into bigger sections and then finally,
the full quilt.  I stepped back to admire my work...
(nothing like humility!)

...and there it was:  the ugly.
My random wasn't as random as it was
supposed to be.

I had taken this whole section and flipped it.
Now there were quicker ways to fix this--ie,
just switching a couple blocks around--but my
husband (God bless him), he knows me and when
I ask his opinion he gives me my opinion, even if
it's one I'm trying to bury.  He knew that I would
not be happy until I put it all right so yes, I ripped
that whole section, flipped it and now all is right in 
Quilt World.
 (If only in the rest of the world!)
It really only took a couple hours.  I got some nice
theology classes watched while I did it so time flew.

Now, what's the bad part?
Well, the bad here is that it's only 62" wide and I'm going
to have to add at least another 24" or so to get it to the
correct size.  I have never spent so much time playing
around with borders!  I think it's because there are just
too many options and while none are going to look
bad, I obviously want one that's going to look good.

A screen shot from some of the photos on my phone:

Needless to say there were many options looked at
and many pictures taken and I even ran to the store.
But finally I just walked away.  For about 36 hours.
Maybe the "bad" is really a whole day with not even
going into the sewing room??
Well, Friday morning, after a horrible night of sleep,
which is another story--but isn't it funny how getting
no sleep sometimes lends an interesting quality to
one's thinking?  SO, I woke up completely
at piece peace with going forward.
It doesn't really matter, there is no wrong.
Once again, all will be right in Quilt World.

And that brings us to the good, the happy ending to
this story...almost.  At least it looks good to me.
What do you think?
Here it is with most of the border action:

I don't think it is the best way to approach borders but
for some reason, this method seems to work for me:

I just need to work with one at a time.
When I tried out every fabric next to the center,
it was the blue that always made it pop.  And so on,
working with one border at a time. It seems like jumping
ahead without a full plan isn't good but it just works for me.
I guess I get overwhelmed with too many choices.

At this point I can get by just adding one more so I
think I'm going to put on a 7-inch border of this
and call it quits:

I'm still a little bit hesitant about this choice but I do know
it's time to be done.  It's also the backing fabric so it should
actually bring a nice front/back continuity--if you will--to it.
I'm not sure how true the pic is but the greens are a perfect
match and any outlining in it is actually a dark blue which
blends with the first border well.  I'm also thinking of the red
from the chain for binding but I'm still not eliminating
the yellow option....yet.

I'll have the final pic up on the Tuesday To-Do link up
so see ya there!
A wonderfully productive week to all!

Happy quilting!

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23 June 2020

Good Morning, Tuesday To-Do'ers!

Around here, harvest came and went very quickly.
The wheat was so tall and beautiful
(no heavy storms or hail to lay it down)
that I hated to see it go--but I also know the feeling
of getting it all taken care of and in the books.

Last week my big to-do was to finish all
the blocks on my 30's quilt.

This was easily enough done so I moved right
on to the sashing, which meant LQS visits.

Sadly, this green was all I came up with.
(I think God was telling me I have enough fabric!)

When I got home, I interviewed the green fabric
and just gave it the job.  Enough delay!

Here is where I am at this morning.
The two columns are the right look a little shorter because
I've begun sewing them together.  Everything else is
still a block with two sides of sashing attached.

And my Farmer's Wife blocks for the week?
I skipped them and made a chef's hat for my
grandson instead.   I'm going to have to make
up for that, though!

Next week's list:

1) 30's quilt:  Finish entire center; pick out borders
and get them on.  Maybe even work on the backing.

2) Farmer's Wife:  two four <cringe> blocks

3) Start choosing/planning next quilt
I've been practicing some serious restraint but
oh my gosh I'm so ready for fall quilts!
I'm always nuts about fall but this year the "fever"
hit me earlier than ever.  I think with such a long, mild
spring it was even harder for me to adjust to summer.
I know summer technically JUST started.
I love pool time, 4th of July celebrations and the
lazy days of summer (whatever those are!)
so I can't say I'm in a huge hurry for fall.
I'm just dreaming ahead--that's perfectly acceptable.
In fact, it's necessary when you are a quilter.

Onto other things around here:

The baby chicks arrived!!

It's always an adventure!  I picked them up bright and
early at the post office; not many get a ride in a
 fast black sports car but mine certainly do! 

It's common to get an extra one or two tossed in
but we got three!
I already thought ordering sixteen was overdoing it!

But I do love the little things and I'm hoping to get a little
more time with this batch, trying to get them more
used to me so they'll not be afraid.  I've only been able
to do a minimal amount of this with previous chicks so,
while they weren't necessarily afraid of me, none have ever
let me easily pick them up or hopped onto my lap--yet.

Above they have a supplement of oregano tea and chopped
herbs that have various healthy properties for new ones.

Hubs built me this fantastic brooder--more suitable
for summer temps than the large bin I was using.
Basically the whole thing sits down on top of this
old kitchen "bar" table that is on wheels.
I can place the cage part on the grass or wheel
the whole thing outside--both ways to get some
fresh air and sun.

Pictures from Cacklehatchery.com

If you are a chicken person here is what I ordered:
3 Cuckoo Marans (4 arrived)
3 French Copper Marans
3 Easter Eggers
3 Olive Eggers
3 Golden Comets
1 Dark Brahma Rooster
There is also a light gray and a pale yellow that
arrived--it remains to be seen what these are but
I'm having a lot of fun with the mystery.
I've already named them Anastasia and Anne Shirley.
My personal opinion is that the real Anastasia was killed
with her family (super-sad story) but I felt both names fit
the misplaced-littles.  As long as neither is another rooster!
Then we would have more of a problem than a name!

If you follow me on Instagram, I've been posting daily
videos of them--it's crazy how fast they grow!

Now for some garden updates:

Acorn and butternut squash.

Yellow and zucchini.

Eggplant and tomatoes.
Now, if we can coordinate the zucchini,
yellow squash, eggplant, tomatoes and onions,
it will be time for some ratatouille--the flavor will
be so worth all of this homegrown effort!

I dug the first potatoes--fingerlings.
I roasted them up within hours of digging and 
they were amazingly sweet--not really a flavor
I like in veggies but I can really appreciate it;
I think most people like it, though.
Sweet can always be countered with salty,
which is exactly what I did:  
garlic-infused olive oil, herbs and sea salt.

Peppers are beginning to show on most of the 28 plants.
I love growing and cooking with all kinds!
One of my favorite pepper-things to do is to freeze
slices of green pepper and onions together for Philly
Cheesesteak sandwiches or add in multi colors of
peppers for a fajita pack.  Stuff like that comes in
really handy on a fall or winter day when you'd rather
be quilting than cooking up in the kitchen.
I recommend vacuum-packing those.

With mostly rain in the 10-day forecast, I made
the decision to plant the pumpkins and gourds about
two weeks early.  Getting them in before this rain should
give them a huge boost but there is now the chance some
of the fruits will not make it through Halloween and to
Thanksgiving.  Still, it's an easy enough chance to take.
Didn't I say I am always ready for fall?
If little orange orbs of happiness start showing up
in late August or September, I'm sure not gonna be
upset.  I will love and adore them as always.

And now this post has gone on long enough!
(Posting only twice a week will do that!)
How was everyone else's week?

Happy quilting!
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21 June 2020

Easy Like A Sunday Morning

Now that we've all got Lionel Richie singing
in our heads, today I'm showing how things are
shaping up with my 30's quilt.

But first, I have to show the new arrivals!

Eighteen of these little fluffy girls--and one guy.
I especially like the photo-bomber on the right there
who hopped in at the last second to see what was up.
I'll share more on those in another post.

Okay, just for a recap,
here is where I left off last Sunday: 

By Tuesday eve, all blocks were completed:

At this point I needed to try out some sashing but after
hitting a few local/regional quilt shops, I came up with
just one possibility, and I was not enthusiastic about it.
Just not what I had in mind at all.
But when I put a few trial pieces up I found it to be,
hey, not too bad.  I do like it without the sashing
but I have to get this quilt bigger so on it goes!

That decision was easier than I thought it'd be.
In fact, all of this has been pretty easy.  And fun.
I'm very hopeful that I'll have the entire portion
put together in time for the Tuesday To-Do link-up.
So, I'll see you all then!

Happy Sunday!
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