29 April 2021

April OMGoal Completed

 My goal for April was to complete the top of
this 9-patch hourglass quilt:

"Time in the Attic"

I slipped in some extra pieces on the back.

Though my goal was to complete the top, I was
hoping I'd have it completely finished...but no.
Still, it is currently on my long-arm where I'm
 working on it bit by bit when I get the chance and
that's not too shabby a showing for the month!

I am also an avid gardener who thinks she has to grow
all of our meals so when the spring weather is good,
I'm out there planting and working away.  I may not
have completely finished this quilt but my entire
veggie garden is in--huzzah!--and soon I'll be sharing
all kinds of green pics like the one above (last year's).
It is just so hard to decide between the garden and the
sewing room right now when it's so pretty out!
(Let's not talk about all that spring cleaning
screaming at me when I'm in the house!)

For this, I used the General Store fabric line and the
Nine-Patch Hour Glass pattern is from MSQC.

Happy quilting!

27 April 2021

Tuesday To-Do #16: Last Week Freezing, This Week Hot

These Tuesdays sneak up on me sometimes
so this is a quick, barely-edited post this morn.

Sunny and mildCold and freezingSunny and hot!
Now we're in the 80's and the windows are
staying open at night.  Crazy times, crazy times.
The good news is that I have seen very little damage
from the freeze so I'm hopeful our fruit trees will
still produce this year.  Only time will tell.
Speaking of time, let's kick off the list of to-do's
with my hourglass quilt:

Nine-Patch Hourglass
Start quilting; think of a name.
Barely done.

I only have a small start (pic not current) but I 
did get it named.   I think it looks like "attic" colors...
whatever those are.  Antique-like, I guess.  
So, "Time In the Attic" works for me.
Naming isn't rocket science!

Lattice Quilt
Get all blocks made.
Some done. 

  I am making progress at least.  A little pinning is
helping out with the tug of war.  Yes, I am pinning. 
<rolling eyes>

Still want to try some outdoor sewing with these. 
Not done. 
Sunday would have worked for my outdoor sewing
 but I don't do much, if any, sewing on the weekends.
A non-windy nice day is rare here in KS but it
does happen so I'll keep waiting.
Put in peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.  And all herbs.  
I also caved and, after seeing some of my recipes,
I picked up more cabbage (Nappa/Chinese) to grow.
What's a few more?  Still haven't caught that moth
but there has only been one sighting.
Anyhoo, so the garden is all planted--yay!--until late
June/early July when the pumpkins gourds go in.
In other news...

It's been a long time since I added to my pantograph
collection so I decided to treat myself.  I'll update
my tab with the names of these later today.

Not much else to tell so I'll move on into
next week's plans.

Nine-Patch Hourglass

Lattice Quilt
Finish blocks? Hard to say.
Just depends on how much outdoor work
I decide to do.

Outdoor sewing if weather cooperates.

Finish straightening fences.  Start on mulch process.

Hubs and I have been straightening up the 2-ft fence
around each bed (to keep out bunnies and chickens)
and replacing most of the plastic stakes with more
permanent metal ones.  Also, now that everything is
planted, I'm going to start putting organic weed barriers
(newspaper, cardboard, etc) down and topping them
with mulch.  I don't mind a little weeding here and
there but a big garden like mine is just too much.
This is an investment of time and work that
really pays off the rest of the season.

Have a great week and happy quilting!
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20 April 2021

Tuesday To-Do #15 & Freezing in April

Warm sunny spring days are starting to seem
like only fairy tales around here.  How is one
supposed to be motivated to do anything when
one is freezing cold?!?  And it's snowing!?
I had a bit of a busy week but I was able to
make at least a little progress on the to-do's:

Nine-Patch Hourglass
Load on long arm & pick panto.

Lattice Quilt 
There's a good chance I can get all
the blocks made this week.
Not much done.

I'm struggling to get into this one.  I'm not too
excited about how it's looking--yet. 

It looks better than this picture shows at least and
my experience tells me it should get better as it
grows.  Also, the piecing is a bit of a tug of war.
I'm using starch but I'm not sure it's helping.

Probably not going to happen this week either.
I was right.  Nothing here.

It's early but...this week I'm going for all the rest
except for peppers, eggplant and tomatoes.
Timed perfectly to come up after this [lousy] freeze.
Wish I could say the same for the blooms on the
 fruit trees.   Another year without fruit.  Ugh.
Well, besides the strawberries.  They'll be fine.
(Financial portfolios aren't the only thing to diversify!)
I trimmed off all the asparagus worth picking and put
a light layer of straw over the potatoes and cabbage.
 I think anything else that's up should be fine.

Fabric Tracking

It's going the right direction--yay!
Not sure why these always end up blurry no matter
what I do but the end result there is a +10.10.  If I
can keep from buying for a few more weeks, this 
should finally be in the negative!

And next week's to-do's:

Nine-Patch Hourglass
Start quilting; think of a name.

Lattice Quilt
Going to try this again: get all blocks made.

Open to whatever.
(Still want to try some outdoor sewing with these!)

If the 10-day forecast looks good after this [dumb] freeze,
I'm putting in peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.  And all
the herbs.  I miss fresh basil the most over the winter so
I can't wait.  I always think rosemary is my favorite but
basil and thyme are right in there; sage is the taste of fall...

What can I say, I love them all!

Happy quilting!
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12 April 2021

Tuesday To-Do #14: A Top Finish

It was a quiet week around here and most of the
time the weather was not as warm as predicted.
I keep thinking one of these days it'll warm up
for good...maybe???  A Kansas spring can really
drag out.  I know I should not complain because
once the heat hits, I'll wish we had this back.

Sewing-wise, it was a decent week but you know?
About 95% of the time when I look at my list and
back at how the previous week went, I can't help
but wonder where my time went and why did I not
get more done?  In truth, it's very likely technology
is my time-sucker.  Something to work on for sure.

Nine-Patch Hourglass
Finish top, work on borders; piece backing.


By pure coincidence, I had some yardage in this
same fabric line.  It was enough to make a small
inner border but nothing else from the stash was
helpful so I went with more of the background to
get it at least a little bigger and then called it quits.

Fortunately, I had a good backing so that has the
fabric scale tipping a bit more.  I don't want orphan
blocks hanging around so I put most of the extras
on the back as well.  I'm also thinking of making
a small table topper out of what's left....

but this is all there is so I'm not sure it's worth
the effort--no real design there but maybe a
creative border could do something.

I'm still slacking here.  I don't have my table
topper made.  I'm kind of waiting for the perfect
non-windy day to try out some outdoor sewing.
(an idea I picked up last year from a blogger)
Certainly one will happen soon.  Wouldn't a
simple HST project would be perfect for this?

It's going to be very warm this week so I'll
probably just water and watch things grow.
And kill the cabbage moth.

A bit of a joke on the weather.  The forecasted
80's showed up as 40's and then we got back
to the 80's, and now we're in the 60's--I give up.
I still haven't killed the cabbage moth (I'm sure
there's more than one) but I haven't seen
him/them too much.  

The asparagus is kicking in and will be
be on our table daily for about 8 weeks.

The lilacs are blooming!  We missed them
last year due to a late freeze.

And the currants.  No one ever talks about these
but I think they're even better than lilacs.  I have
them lining the entire south side of my garden so
every spring when they bloom the breeze brings
that amazing scent over the entire area.

On to my list for the week.

Nine-Patch Hourglass
Load on long arm & pick panto.

Lattice Quilt -- New project!
My modus operandi is always about pulling from
my stash and lately it has been to pull specifically
from the pre-cut stash.  

Out came my Hedge Rose jelly roll and any
matching fabrics I could find that might get me
to the required "2 jelly rolls" for this next project:

It's a little on long side so if that last row doesn't
happen, I won't mind.  There's a tricksy little way
to put these blocks together that's pretty interesting.
(I don't know how people come up with this stuff!)
I've got a start on it and I think there's a good
chance I can get all the blocks made this week.

Probably not going to happen this week either.

It's early but the one time I'm a gambler is in
the garden.  This week I'm going for all the rest
except for peppers and tomatoes--and I'm
thinking those will be going in next week if I still
 see no sign of freeze.  For now, we're looking at:
zucchini, spaghetti, butternut and yellow
squash; green beans and eggplant and anything
else I'm probably forgetting.  Oh, and more herbs.

Happy quilting!
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06 April 2021

Tuesday To-Do #13: April Beginnings

I don't have a to-do list from last week to check off
but I'm still here today with progress to show.

I've been flying through my Nine-Patch Hourglass!
After only a few days in the sewing room,
the blocks are pieced and sewn into rows. 

(Pic from last year)

Out in the garden, I am continuing to show restraint.
One example:  I've settled on planting just green
cabbage, nixing Nappa and red cabbage.  They are
all so much better from the garden than the grocery
store but I'm tired of fighting the moths/worms
so maybe just one kind per year from now on?
To prove my point, the day after I planted this year's,
I saw the first cabbage moth flying around.
(I think it's likely the nasty thing came in on the
plants themselves, though did look them over.)

(Another pic from last year) 

The green onions, red & white radishes, lettuces,
spinach, beets and carrots are all in.  Herbs
being planted and a second strawberry
patch has been started.  (Asparagus and
strawberries fill up three permanent beds;
six more are for rotating regular vegetables.)

On to next week's to-do's:

Nine-Patch Hourglass
Finish top, work on borders; piece backing.

I've slacked here so it's time to get a
table topper made.

It's going to be very warm this week so I'll
probably just water and watch things grow.
And kill the cabbage moth.

Good luck to everyone on their projects
and happy quilting!

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likely a no-reply blogger.  I'd love to be able to reply
but it's fine if you prefer that status.  Just know that
I am seeing your comments--and thank you!

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