31 January 2021

February Monthly Goal

Welcome, February.

I haven't been able to completely say goodbye to
Christmas and I'm already missing the colors of fall.
Thank goodness for quilting because no matter
the time of year, we can always get our fix of
any season all year-round in our sewing room.

So, February-schmebruary.
I'm working Christmas quilt.

The dot fabric along with a few of the others were
just purchased after Christmas but the rest are
from my stash.  Using up the stash = happy.

I have almost all of the 1200 pieces cut out but
I'm waiting on a couple green fabrics to arrive.
These should be here soon, along with the
pattern, (I'll get to that) so I think it's safe to
make my February goal to get the blocks for
this snowflake quilt pieced. 

There has been some interest in this pattern so
I felt I needed to share the problems I've come up
against in locating it.  First, I do not advocate the
sharing of patterns unless they are available for free.
 I am always happy to support anyone who has
gone to a lot of work to create them.

This quilt was shared as a free pattern.
However, the link above will only provide page one
of the instructions and there doesn't seem to be
anyone to contact about it.  "Free Quilt Patterns"
by Stashify offers no support on their patterns
or links.  Quilt Magazine, where the pattern was
originally printed, is no longer in publication and I
can't find the author. Other quilters also seem to
come up empty so, unless the pattern police tell me
differently, if anyone is serious about making this,
I am willing to privately share the missing info since
I have finally tracked down the issue of Quilt on
eBay.  I feel this is acceptable in light of all these

*Update:  I now have the pattern ready to share.
Please note this is paper-piecing construction.

Good luck to everyone on their monthly goals!

 Happy quilting!
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25 January 2021

January Monthly Goal--And Bonus

My January monthly goal was to completely
finish the Pine Tree Lane quilt. 

Mission accomplished.
(74 X 86)

This quilt really exceeded my expectations!
My fabric selection turned out to be better than
I thought (because I was a wee bit worried), the
top was even more fun to sew up than it looks,
and I just couldn't be happier with what the
snowflake quilting design does for it.

I really liked the bright, fun fabrics used in the original
but it turns out that my use of more traditional ones
(I wanted to pull only from my stash)
kept it from being a Christmas-only quilt.
Now I can leave it out all winter long.

I also set a bonus goal for extra motivation.
And now my Pumpkin Patch quilt is finished, too!
(52 X 63)

I had planned on slipping this in also as a 2020
finish (as I did the Pines) but it's now so far into
the new year that I'd better just make it the first
quilt of 2021 (aside from some small projects).

So far it has been a pretty productive
month and it's not even quite over.
Now, what else I can squeeze in?

Happy quilting!
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2021 Tuesday To-Do #3: Finally!

(Flowers from hubs!)

A happy Tuesday to the doers out there.
As I write this, it's a cold rainy Monday afternoon.
We're just a few degrees away from the snow
that was recently pulled from the forecast.
Well, at least it's raining; it's good for the trees
and it's still very good quilting weather.  

I had a decent week--as did our Chiefs!
(Going to the Super Bowl again!)
I made progress with everything on my list and then
threw in another Valentine's squirrel for extra credit.
I feel like my mojo is back and I'm ready to get
some UFO's finished and I'm really ready to
start cutting out something new.
(Am I the only one that really enjoys cutting?)
I'm also excited to learn that a LQS is partnering
with charitable clinic for a contest.
But, I get ahead of myself; first, my list:

1) Finish Pumpkin Patch (for real, this time!)

For real--finally.
(52 X 63)

I love this binding fabric! 

I wanted to use up the extra black fabric on the
back but I didn't quite have enough.  Ordering
a little more lattice print to work in a strip
solved that issue.

Upon finish, I found a quilting issue that I'm just
calling a live-and-learn moment and not worrying
about, other than to keep in mind for dark
 borders and panto-placement in the future.
(Zoom if you want.  The right border shows
 all upside-down pumpkins.  Sigh.)
At least this quilt is just for me.
Aside from that, it turned out well.

2) Make 2 Valentine's placemats

I am not a fan of placemats for several reasons
but one is that they take up so much space
on a table so whenever I make them,
they're pretty small--these are just 12x9.

Simple, straight-line quilting.
A fun little squirrel.

And now I'm working on another squirrel,
but this will need to be my last for awhile.

3) HST's:  make progress
Progress made.
I finished up one batch and started on another.
Two left to sew up but most still need trimmed.
Gee, I wonder why I'm avoiding that??
(Updated on Current Projects tab)

4) Knitting:  make progress on scarf 

A little here and there but there is not enough time
in the day.  If I could add an hour, I'd knit the
whole time.  If there were two of me, Self1 would
knit and Self2 would be in the sewing room.  If...
Well, you get the picture and I'd get a lot of cool
stuff made.  As it is, I like quilting a wee bit more.

5) Blog housekeeping
Technically, I'm not done but my Current Projects
tab is now up to date.  I just decided that having
all past quilts on one tab is too many.
Preferring my previous method, I'm working on
spreading them all back out.  It's tedious and it
makes for lots of tabs but it is more organized.
Looking over all of these, I'm so glad I began
blogging because I know I'd never take the
time to record my quilts without it.

Fabric Tally for the Week:
It's really hard to say this week--I have no idea, but
I used up batting too and that makes me happy!

Fabric purchases:  +0
Fabric usage:  -1.25 (?) yds.
YTD:  +24  / -1.25

(Seeing as how my hubs is a spreadsheet genius,
I should have him work something out there.)

On to other things...

I haven't done a chicken check-in in a while.

They're still proving to be the best flock of egg-layers.
Eighteen hens, 12 to 16 eggs a day.  Unbelievable.

Occasionally, I let the girls do some work in the
backyard.   You can see why it's occasional.
Chickens tear through everything!  They are
eating buried bugs and weed seeds so I put up
with it, and then walk around with a broom that
evening after they're all cooped up.

Looking to next week

1) Snowflake quilt:  Cut everything out.
  I've put off starting a new quilt because the last
two I made are still sitting out in my bedroom on
the floor.  I really am out of space.  However,
that situation doesn't seem to be changing so...
whatever!  I'm ready for a big project so I'm
going to make one anyway.  Another "finally".

I'm not sure I have enough reds and greens but
I'm going to jump in and see how far I get.

2)  HST's:  keep going

3) Knitting:  work on scarf 

4) Think on contest entry & get required fat quarter

This baby quilt contest must include a notable use of
a specific fabric so I'll need to run out to the LQS to
pick up the fat quarter--and I'll likely buy a little more.
(Yes, more purchasing!)  I love that all entries
will be donated to new mothers in need.

5) Finish blog housekeeping

And that's it for this week's plans.  I have plenty to
keep me busy but it's also floating around in my
pull out a UFO as well so this may show up in
next week's list...or not.  That's just how
things are right now and it's fantastic.

19 January 2021

Tuesday To-Do 2021 #Two and Some Accounting

Alright, let's all fess up. 
Who has already purchased fabric this year?
I made it a whole 16 hours into 2021 without
buying fabric.  Did anyone cave before me?

That is what I get for some cozy fireside
surfing...with an eggnog martini.
An email came up--a sale!  And minutes later
things were in my cart.   And so began 2021.
(Yardage in yellow:)

7 yards
Green stripe -- binding stash
 Brown (darker in real life) -- fall stash building
Christmas -- stash building

Then I hit the LQS after they advertised they
added 200 (!) bolts to their clearance section.

10 yards: 
Multi-dot -- Background for my snowflake quilt
Green -- Snowflake quilt
Plaid -- Snowflake quilt and stash
Red dot -- Valentine's Day? and stash

And finally, I made a quick decision to take the
hour-long drive up north to another LQS when I saw
some snow on the radar that was *just* missing us.
(Because that seems to be our lot these last 5 years
or so--to watch the snow go right on by.  Ugh.)
Anyhoo, smart move on my part.  I found some
clearance goodies and a few greens for my next quilt,
 and I got to drive through some beautiful snow.
We just got flurries back at home.

7 yards: 
Rust -- Fall stash
Greens -- Snowflake quilt
Snowflakes* -- Stash

Maybe it was all the fabric-buying that kept me
a little side-tracked from my to-do list.  I was also
pretty focused on family.  Last week, the cadet
flew back up to NY so, with the other son already
back up in Omaha, we are back to just the two
of us, with occasional visits from our girls (local).

And now, finally, it's time for the list.

Last [two] week's To-Do's:

1) Finish quilting Pumpkin patch, bind & label
More done.

I did a little more quilting and made the label.
I just can't seem to find my quilting mojo but I
made progress and it's so close to being done.

2) Bind and label Pinetree Lane


Remember how I was a little worried my fabrics
weren't quite as bright and fun as in the original
I'm not sure why I still get surprised when
"going with my gut" works out really well but,
I do.  I guess I just didn't expect to like
it even more than the original!

The snowflake quilting turned out to be perfect for it.

Some quilts just make your heart happy to look at them.
This is one of those for me so it's a keeper.
The Christmas decor is all put away but I left some
winter-themed things up around the house to enjoy and
keep it cozy.  This quilt doesn't scream Christmas so
we're still enjoying it but I'm about ready to put it all
away, especially since we're not getting any snow.

3) Knit:  Anything.  Even if it's one row.
More done.
I finally made a little progress!

4) Project Scraps-To-HSTs:  Anything.
More Done.
I finished another 350 while watching the Chiefs
win.  Sewing allows me to be just distracted
enough to keep from getting too nervous.  

To clarify, these are trimmings from making
flying geese and other various blocks.  They're
organized by the project they came from ("sets").

Unless more sets decide to come out of the woodwork,
I have 9 total to play around with--after I chucked a few.
I started a list in my Projects for the Year tab...
and discovered I have blog housekeeping to do.

Then, after working on all of those to-do's,
 I threw in a quick squirrel.

Something simple for Valentine's Day for our table.

Now for a couple placemats to match.

Fabric accounting for the two weeks:
Fabric in:  +24 yards (yikes!)
Fabric Used:  -2/3 yd (Pines binding)

 I'm not off to a great start here but I had fun 
taking advantage of the sales so....so what?
The house is quiet now so it's time to work on
tipping that scale waaaay back the other way and
hopefully it will stay there most of the year.  

Next week:

Finish Pumpkin Patch (for real, this time!)

2) Make Valentine's placemats

3) HST's:  keep going

4) Knitting:  work on scarf 

5) Blog housekeeping

An easy week!

Happy quilting!
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05 January 2021

Tuesday To-Do '21: Week One

A whole new year of To-Do Tuesdays are upon us!
The projects!  The possibilities!  The finishes!

Just not this week--lol.
We're still winding down from the holidays around
here so my to-do's continue to take a back seat.
Son 1 went back up to school on Sunday; Son 2
heads back next week.  The mad checking off of
to-do's will likely resume after that but for now,
it has been a nice, easy pace of just-whenever.

1) Fireside reading & sewing
A little reading, a lot of sewing.
Good progress on sewing up old trimmings.
We'll call it Project Scraps-To-HSTs.
(Not very catchy, I guess.)

Here's one set of 340 HSTs.  I have 4 sets
now sewn but only one has been trimmed.

I know normal people throw these things away
but a lot of us aren't normal, are we?
Who's with me here?

Once I started working on these, it was like the
darned things heard me and suddenly every drawer
and cabinet I opened produced another bag or jar of
trimmings!  At first, tackling this seemed like a
fun little side-project that I could complete in a week.
Now I'm wondering if it'll even get done before
spring.  Maybe by the Super Bowl if I'm diligent?
I'll have to do some inventory and next time I'll
have to post numbers on how much I have.

2) Finish Pine Tree Lane
Not done.
I did trim it up and make the binding.
Tackling more today.

3) Load Pumpkin Patch, quilt, bind and label.
Half-way through quilting.

4) Bring knitting back out.
Ok, it's out--but that's as far as I got.
(See Project Scraps-To-HSTs!)

This year, for a little fabric accountability, I'm going
to try adding this at the end of my lists (for fun):

Fabric used:  none
Fabric obtained:  none

Back to my membership in the "abnormal club".
For kicks, I decided to collect all the spools
that I empty in a year.  If there is one thing that I
consistently excel at, it's that I come up with
all my great ideas too late.
(I also consistently lose track of recipes but that,
my quilty friends, is a whole other basket of
scraps that is best left for another post.)
So of course this great idea of seeing how many spools
I go through in a year came to me about, oh, March.
Above is my 2020 9-month collection of emptied spools.
I didn't think the above picture was a proper show so:

Much better.
I call this picture "Trophy Window at Sunset".
(Watch for it at the MoMA.)
The basket has now been emptied and I 
can actually start in January this time.

I'm still trying to take things a little slow for the
ol' shoulder.  So many of you asked how it went!
How nice to be thought of!  The doctor was able to
break up the calcium deposit completely so now
with that out of the way, I wait and see if the tear
heals by itself.  My cortisone shot doesn't seem to
have done much so there's yet another reason for
making a list of just-whenevers and -whatevers.

1) Finish quilting Pumpkin patch, bind & label

2) Bind and label Pinetree Lane

2) Knit
Anything.  Even if it's one row.

3) Project Scraps-To-HSTs

If you missed my 2020 project wrap-up
please give it a look.  I take a bit of a different
view on the year while looking back over the
quilts I was blessed to finish.
Til next week...

Happy quilting!

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