19 November 2013

For the Autumn Beauty of the Earth Blocks 10, 11

I'm so glad I decided to capture the season's colors
in a quilt; autumn is fading quickly...
except for the ones on my front porch.

No worries--I'm already eyeing two different 
collections in my winter fabrics.

But let's stay focused here.  I have a deadline!
 I want to have Autumn Beauty finished by
this Thursday, giving us at least a full week to enjoy it
before we start bring out the Christmas decor.

Another very simple one,
Block 10 is the Spinning Star.

Block 11 is Morning Star.

Now I realize that my fabric choices are not
very good here.  If you're new to quilting, notice that 
ALL of the print in these fabrics is similar in size. 
This is pretty much a quilter's no-no but I really 
liked what I saw anyway so I went with it.
And when the sashing came around it later on, 
I was really glad I went with it.  Even though it 
weirds my eyes out a little, the richness of color
in this block makes up for it.  It's a keeper.

 That is just one of the beauties of 
sewing for yourself, you know.  You get to go
against the rules.  
I know.  
I'm a rebel.

Block 12 coming tomorrow.

18 November 2013

Blocks 8 & 9 of Autumn Beauty

After a block consisting of 68 pieces, 
I was starting to get burned out.
I'm thinking twelve blocks might have to be it.
Either way, as much as I enjoyed that last one,
I went looking for something simpler...

Block 8

I easily popped this one out in no time and 
so went on to make another.  

Block 9

So close to being done.
10 & 11 tomorrow!

17 November 2013

Autumn Beauty Blocks 5, 6 & 7

Picking up the pace a little...

Block 5

Block 6

Block 7

(it's really not curved at the top--guess it wasn't laying flat)

Block 7 has 68 pieces.  Give or take...
But isn't it fantastic?

These are the last taken from 

From here on out, the blocks are found online 
and I'll be sharing those links.
Tomorrow we'll see blocks 8 & 9.

For the Autumn Beauty Block 4

Today I bring you Block Four.
It was back to the book for ideas...

...and I chose this one for my next block.

But only with more color.

That's better.

Last night I basted together another quilt.
It is a baby quilt top that I made about 12 years
ago.  Needless to say, it's far from picture-worthy...
which is why I had buried it away for so long.
But wouldn't it be a good quilt for trying my
hand at quilting on my new machine?

Maybe I'll share a pic of that one later
but trust me, it's not something I'm proud of.

Next time I'll share blocks 5, 6 & 7.

16 November 2013

Autumn Beauty Gets Another Block (3)

Good day and welcome to Block Three.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning a little more
about my new machine yesterday!
The next class coming up will show me
all there is to machine quilting on my new Elna.
And, I purchased two more feet:
a "stitch in the ditch" walking foot 
& a 1/4-inch walking foot.
(Ms. Naive here didn't even know there were different kinds of walking feet!)
Can't wait to try those babies out! 

Speaking of, I also got this quilt basted this evening:

One down, a few more to go!

And back to Block Three.
Thanksgiving is my deadline and it's just 
around the corner so let's move this along.

Still using the same fabrics but brought in that gold.
I want this to look a little bit scrappy.

Still creating from
Lynette Jensen's Big Book of Quilts.

And here's what we have so far.

Block 4 tomorrow morning
 and more to follow later that day.

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15 November 2013

Block 2 of For the Autumn Beauty of the Earth

Block two of my fall inspiration
has, unless I'm counting wrong,
(entirely possible as I hate math and refuse to double-check)
has a whole 65 pieces to it.

But it was still early in the project so I didn't
really notice.  I was having fun with the colors
and enjoying my new sewing machine!
Things seem to be fitting together very well!

This block is also from Lynette Jensen's

Today I'm attending a one-on-one
class that should help me get to know 
my new Elna a little better.

I think I've been doing a pretty good job so far,
but she's a bit of a mysterious creature 
and I have lots to learn about her yet.

We'll check in on block three tomorrow.

14 November 2013

Here We Go: Block #1

I've been talking about this autumn quilt long enough.
I think I should start sharing while there is still 
some autumn left!

Many of these ideas came from Lynette Jensen's
and the rest I found on the Internet.

As I've mentioned, I really began this by looking for 
Christmas projects.  But I just wasn't ready to
work with Christmas fabric--even though I was 
actually listening to Christmas music 
(a minor technicality)
while I sewed all 12 of these blocks. 
So I hauled out my fall fabrics, pulled out the
scrap basket and went to work.

I chose this first block but made a change.
I have never liked "blocking" something to try
to make it seem curved.   I mean, if it's supposed
to be curved, let's make it curved...and not
some sort of straight-lined illusion.  
Well, anyway, this is just a personal taste thing,
but, as a general rule, I just don't make blocks 
with this type of pattern.
SO I left out some of the piecing in the middle.

The original block is below:

(Hope I'm not getting into copyright issues here so
I'm leaving out any directions & measurements.)

From this, I just decided to use the pumpkins 
as the focus for all the blocks. 
 This is also the only fabric
that is found in every single block.

Block one

Block two tomorrow!

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12 November 2013

For the Autumn Beauty of the Earth

In my sewing room, flipping through Pinterest,
it was my intent to start on Christmas gifts.
Nothing was looking promising,
and I kept looking outside.

I was humming Thanksgiving songs,
and Christmas looked too far away.

Why not bring the outside to the inside and
trap it in a quilt?  
(Much more fun than making Christmas gifts at the moment)
I picked a block.  Just one block, and with nothing
else planned, I pieced it together.

...and then I picked another block.
And so it went until I had 12 blocks of autumn 
happiness that I now must have quilted in time 
for Thanksgiving.

Watch for all 12 blocks to show up here
over the next days!

With the hubs off to faraway lands soon, 
I should have time to at least baste all 6 of my WIPs.
Then I get to see how the new machine does at FMQ.

11 November 2013

Taking Time to Enjoy the Season

I can't imagine autumn without its colors.

I hope you have had the beautiful fall colors that
 we are getting here in Kansas!  
Have you taken the time to look up?
Don't forget to look down, too.

A colorful welcome.

Both outside...

And in.

Leave no corner untouched.

Autumn colors.

Enjoy them all.
Let them inspire you...

all too soon they will be giving way 
to another seasonal palette.
What do fall colors inspire in you?

10 November 2013

What Happened to Sticking to the Plan?

What happened to my plan to get a long arm?
Why didn't it feel like the right thing to do?
(Well, aside from that price-tag...)
It finally occurred to me that, though
 I have space, I am not prepared for it to 
be a permanent fixture in my sun room.
Long-arms are not small, nor are they pretty.
And you can't put them away.
(That's what happens when you pray for help in making a big decision.
As long as you listen, you will get an answer.  It just may not be the 
one you wanted to hear...)

How would that look sitting next to the Christmas tree?
(well, besides as a suprise on Christmas morning!)
So, I put the long-arm back on the shelf.
(literally--I put the brochure on a shelf in my sewing room so I can
stare at it longingly whenever I want)

An upstairs bedroom with a great
view will be vacant eventually...
but I'm in no hurry for my last two kids
 to fly the coop.

In light of this tough decision, my husband
suggested I just go buy a new sewing machine.
(I know, right?!?  He's a keeper!)

Yes, I've been using Old Faithful long enough.

Merry Christmas to me.
Santa comes early to the elves, right?

I'm pretty happy with my new Elna.
Most importantly, it has more space for quilting.
But it has lots of other options that most
of you have enjoyed for years.

It hasn't taken long to get spoiled with these!
Especially the auto thread cutter.  
And the separate bobbin winder.  
(It greatly amuses me that I can push a button and actually walk away 
from my machine while it winds.)
Of course, included are a ton of special stitches--
which I may never use but they're 
pretty standard these days.

One feature that sold me on this Elna is that using 
the foot pedal is not the only option for sewing.
I'm really hoping that being able to control the 
start, stop and speed directly on the machine
will be helpful to machine quilting;
I could even stand up if I wanted better control of the 
quilt, without having to worry about pushing a pedal.

I can't wait to show how I've been
breaking it in.  Just a hint:

08 November 2013

The Wedding Guest Quilt

Yet another work in progress:

My daughter chose to do a different
type of guest book for their wedding.

(Seriously, where do bloggers get the time to take all those pics? 
I'm lucky to snap a quick cell phone picture!)

It still needs a border but what do you think?
I tried to keep it simple--more about the messages.
I am a little worried; yes, we used permanent fabric pens
but...?  Anyone have any experience with them?
Do they wash well? 
I don't think my daughter 
intends on using this as an everyday quilt but
I would assume it'll need washed some day!

(Sorry, but again choosing to spend more time in the sewing room 
rather than taking spiffy pictures!)

I've started a new autumn quilt completely inspired
by the beautiful fall we've been having. 

More on that, and my new toy, soon.
(hint:  things didn't go as planned--don't get too excited!)

01 November 2013

American Blocks: My Latest WIP

Everyone wants a hand-made quilt. 
With so many requests, it is sometimes 
 hard to even take them seriously.  
Quilts aren't just popped out overnight,
and it's impossible to make one for everybody.  
But ask enough...and you shall receive.

Still trying to stick to my "use what I have" rule
so my fabric choices could've been better 
but I'm still pretty happy about the fabric 
I moved out with this one.  
A few days in the sewing room and:

I really hadn't planned on making another large
one till I obtained a quilting machine but this
pattern is perfect for a friend who has been 
asking for his quilt for a long time.   

In an effort to keep it to a manageable size, 
I am leaving off the top and bottom flags.
(I think it's about 75"X75" now??)
And with the addition of hopefully just a 
single small border, one more quilt top 
will be added to the pile.

My 44 lb pumpkin!

Happy November!

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