Nose to the Needle: Tuesday To-Do's

Good morning and happy Tuesday.
Sipping away at my coffee and looking back at my
projects for the week, I see I'm still going strong.
I mean, I was there when it all went down but
sometimes you don't really realize what all you've
completed till you take that step back.
Again, I'm grateful for this Tuesday-To-Do thing.
It's keeping my nose to the grindstone needle.

First off, did I try out the knitting group?
I woke up to a -7 windchill and when I contemplated
getting out that night...well, I knew it wasn't going to
happen.  I love winter but I also like being warm, and I
really like being warm in my own home on cold evenings.
It has been bitter but finally warmed up over the weekend
and today I went on my walk without even a jacket.
(Crazy Kansas weather!)
Anyway, I found out that the knitting group meets
every other Thursday so I'll get there.  Really.

Okay my Tuesday To-Do Finishes:

1)  Chandelier baby quilt tops?

 Got 'em done.

All three of them.

(This is becoming one of those posts that just has
too many blasted photos, isn't it??)

2) Snow Love Tutorial? 

 Posted here.

I also added a post to give-away
Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter.  Please enter!

3)  On my Farmer's Wife blocks, just two again:

This time they're pretty decent.

4) Did I decide to move on or applique on the picnic?

I figure if you're going to put ants on a picnic quilt, they'd
better be cute and fun or no one is gonna want to sit on it,
let alone eat on it, so I searched coloring pages.

Can I do this? Just these little guys off in one corner?
And in that detail?  It might include some
embroidery which, other than cross-stitch, I'm not sure
I've done since I was like 10 or something.  A shout-out
to Debbie at Stitchin' Therapy for pointing out that
Irish Chains are a nice blank page for appliqué.
I don't wanna do applique but blast it all, she's right.

Tuesday To-Do's for next week:

Completely finish all three baby quilts.
Quilted, bound and labeled?  At the very least,
I'd like to get all three quilted but that will depend.
Definitely one.
You can see I've already gotten a start but I need
some help on the second one. 

Thoughts on using the fabric to the right for the backing?
It's really the only thing I have on hand that sort of
works...but I want this to look good.

Personally, I think it looks just okay, and I probably
have only convinced myself of even that because
want it to work.  I really need to "rock with what I got"
but I'm also not against making a run to the LQS.
Frankly, I don't have anything for the back of #3 either.
And I think I just answered my own question but
I'd like some opinions just the same.

Farmer's Wife blocks.
I guess two but one of them has 44 pieces so my
goal there is to just come out of it alive.
One of my quilting goals this week is to live through it.
Maybe I should rethink my hobbies...

Get the applique planned out for the Irish Chain.
Maybe even cut out and put on?
The applique, not the embroidery--that'll be the week
after...or maybe I'll die making that insane Farmer's Wife
block, thereby avoiding the embroidery part altogether.
Or maybe I'll just find an entirely different picture.
No hurry--it's a Christmas gift so I've got months.

Finish up that stash-busting scarf I'm knitting to donate.

Looking ahead, I've finally started planning two different
West Point quilts that will showcase the special-order fabrics:

I shy away from that EQ8 sometimes because all the tricks
of the program still elude me and my personal artsy-creativity
just isn't much to speak of.  Of course, once I get in there,
and start exploring what it and I can do, it's pretty fun.
I've got the designs under the "current year's projects"
project tab if you're interested but I'm still working on them.
Those will likely be showing here up very soon,
 likely next week.  If someone could please tell me the trick
to knowing block designs/sizes that don't result in pieces
being cut at almost-impossible measurements (ie, 3/16"), I'd
sure be grateful.  Basic blocks I understand but if you
see the designs I have in mind, maybe my
request makes more sense.  Maybe it's just
practice and experience.

I also have my HST basket quilt going on the side.
In fact, I haven't even revealed that project really
(other than the HST's) so hey, how about now?

I'm working on 60-some of these 8" blocks.  The
background is from a Riley Blake Swiss Dot jelly roll
but I've decided the quilt will be on-point so I had to
order more fabric (on its way!) for setting triangles.
Getting those blocks made will likely show up on
next week's to-do's as well.  But of course,
that's really getting ahead of myself.

Just a few more days to enter.
*Update:  This giveaway is now closed.

I'm off to visit 2 quilt shops and a new knitting shop.
A little road trip--lucky me!  I always love seeing
other people's quilt shop pics so hopefully I'll remember
to grab some shots to share here later this week.

Thanks for stopping by today and happy quilting!

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Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! I never complain about a post having too many pictures. I really love seeing the chandelier quilts photos and can easily see they are aptly named. I'm cracking up at the ant question, and especially your reaction to Debbie's comment. While I agree with Debbie that the Irish Chain does invite embroidery in the blank spaces, I would never in a million years add ants to that beautiful quilt. HAHA! I think you should quit some pretty designs in those spots, and maybe an ant or two if you love them so much. Different strokes for different folks! You do what makes your heart happy! I do love that fabric for the backing on the chandelier quilts - it is cute and it looks light it matches. Stay away from the LQS. Use what you can from your stash. You're visiting two quilt shops today?!! Well . . . you will definitely find just the perfect backings, my friend. Have fun! And thanks for linking up. ~smile~ Roseanne
Joyful Quilter said…
Looks like you have another busy week ahead of you. I like the backing fabric with the chandelier quilts. I love the idea of the sandwich and ants. How about a mix of simple applique and embroidery? Applique the sandwich and embroider the ants. Kinda like Jenny of Elefantz style. She has a tutorial here:

Your chandelier quilts are wonderful! I really like that block. I'm also going to check out your Snow Love tutorial - I've been wanting to make a quilt with that kind of design!
annemarie said…
Wow you are amazing - I often wonder how you accomplish so much - way to go girl!!
Needled Mom said…
Love those baby quilts. They should go to triplets so they could all have matching ones.

I'd rather spend the night at home on a cold one like that too. Glad it warmed up a bit.

I saw a really cute "picnic" quilt with ants appliqued on the edges.
Kathryn T said…
You can never have enough photos. Love them. The Farmer's Wife blocks are tricky and that's a lot of pieces. I did the Splendid Sampler quilt along and that one was 6 inch blocks too and often lots of small pieces. Oh I love those ants, I hope you get to something around them! Kathryn Quilts
Kathryn T said…
Can't have too many photos love them all. Love those ants so hope that you get to adding something on the quilt. Look forward to seeing it. Kathryn Quilts
Your Chandelier baby quilts are beautiful, I love them!
Angela said…
Your baby quilts are absolutely charming!
Mary said…
Love the chandelier baby quilts, and I think that backing fabric looks great. You are definitely one very busy woman! Take care, Mary.
Anonymous said…
So much quilty eye candy! I love your baby quilt tops, and I do like that backing you are considering.

Thanks for linking up to Creative Compulsions!