30 October 2018

Another Mini, Fall Joy and...Lint!

Yesterday it just seemed like I wasn't supposed to be in the sewing
room.  I was going to quickly sew up another mini--in fall colors
this time--and then head right in to the long-arm.

Errands took up most of my morning.
The weekend left my sewing room a mess--sadly, not all from sewing.
My pieces just wouldn't align; I ripped more than I care to mention.
The machine's tension kept messing up--a first for this machine.*
I cut my binding twice when trimming it up.
Is it actually Friday the 13th!?!?

My "couple of hours" fun project didn't even get done--only
the top.  But I finished it this morning and it's on the wall now.

I know I said I wasn't going to make more for a while but
after this weekend's garden work, I needed a down day...

and I wanted to work with the colors that were outside the window.

It's rare that I go in my sewing room and just make
whatever comes to my mind--too rare.

I need to do more of that--maybe the issues
were there to slow me down on purpose.
If so, lesson learned.

Next I want to make a more vibrant version.
I'm just enjoying this fall so much it's hard to stay inside.

Happy FALL quilting!

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* (the tension issue) *
You know how you can hear a problem with your machine
before you see it?  I heard it but was just serviced and I clean
it often so I didn't trust my instinct.  I sure did not expect
to find a large amount of lint under the bobbin case but
really, I should've known.   I guess it was the batting in those
little banners I made?  Well, it's all good now.
Lint.  It's a four-letter word.

28 October 2018

October Banner Complete...and More

It's about time I made the October banner, huh?  Finally.

Since that one is only going to be on display
for a few more days, I made up November too.

And then I started thinking about how busy things are going
to be very soon with the holidays and decided to
go ahead and get December out of the way as well.

Santa isn't wrinkly like he looks here, just sayin'. 
And now I'm all caught up till next year!

Here is my set so far:


So I'm feeling pretty good about this on-going project!

Last week the first tree in our yard turned gold over night.  

Now we're enjoying one of the most stunning autumns and
I just can't get enough while driving around, especially out in
the country--we're lucky enough to be on the edge of it.
A proper long walk in that direction needs to happen very soon.

While I love the beautiful golds that our trees display, I have
always wanted the rest of the colors of fall.
This year I finally took care of that by picking up 7 new trees.
Soon we'll have those reds and deep oranges that I'm after!

The garden clean-up is done for now.
The coop has been cleaned and prepped for colder days.
Is it safe to say we're on the back side of all this season's work?
There is plenty more I'd like to get done but the essentials are out
of the way and that's a relief.  With this week's weather maybe I
can get the rest out of the way.  Busy sewing days to come you know!

In the week ahead, I need to finish up quilting the Halloween quilt
and then it's time to start some new ones.

I have two quilts going on in my mind with these fabrics
(yes, they're pre-cuts--I caved!)
but I'm needing ivory backgrounds.  Guess what?
It's that end-of-the-bolt sale coming up this Thurs!
My timing has been great lately.

Happy quilting!

Sewing plans for this week
Completely finish Halloween quilt
Deliver Stars quilt
Shop for next two quilts (ivories) & start cutting

Outdoor plans for this week
Finish cleaning windows
Work on flower gardens
Trim all shrubs

24 October 2018

A Mini for the Wall

With all the rains we've had, we are now enjoying
one really beautiful autumn.  For days, the sun has been shining,
the temps have been in the 60's and wind has been minimal.
The tree colors are just stunning.  Talk about quilt inspiration!

So why did I choose spring colors to work on today?

Who knows, but I'm positive that tomorrow I'll be back at
something more seasonal, especially after the rain 
moved back in this evening.  

I don't do many wall-hangings but after cleaning my room
and doing a little scrap purging--yay!--I decided the walls
are just too empty.   Years ago, when I re-painted, I pulled
all of my mini-quilts down and never put them back up.
I've come to prefer my sewing room to have that clean
tidy open feel to it--I just work better that way.
But now I'm wanting some change, and a little inspiration
around me so maybe it's time to slowly add some back in.

I went to the Moda Bake Shop site for some quick ideas
on what to do with the one little mini-charm pack I had
and came up with this.  At just 15x15, it was a perfect
one-day project--and I moved out another pre-cut.

Chloe was instantly a fan.

I apologize if you're not a cat person.  She was feeling
the rainy weather at this point and just wouldn't move from
the warm ironing board, which I just re-covered btw--
part of my cleaning process.  I went with a fabric that
would hide the "wear" a little better this time.

Now that I have a lone mini-quilt on my wall,
(some of you are laughing at that, aren't you?)
I'm anxious to start a new project, though the
Halloween quilt is calling and I still have a--ahem--
October banner to make, and ok, I probably had better
go ahead and make the November one as well, right?
I know how quickly those minis can pop up
on the walls so I'm in no hurry there.

Well, I find it's better to spread out the long-arm time
over several days so I think I'll be doing a little of this
and that for the rest of the week.  And we'll just see
what happens with that.  

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Happy [rainy fall day] quilting!

18 October 2018

October Block

Oh these beautiful fall days!

I love working outside, cleaning up the garden and yard...
but the work no longer loves me.  

Still, an hour here and and hour there out in the fresh air
is always good no matter the issues.
And, as I said, it's beautiful out so I'll enjoy it either way.
I always want fall to last about half of the year.
Ok, I also wish I could work outside all day without
paying for it later but that remains a wish and
and my dream of a 6-month fall remains a dream. 
C'est la vie.

Hey!  How about we dream of making quilts instead?
Bippity, boppity, boo!

Look at that--it worked.
I got the next block of A Quilting Life's BOM quilt made up!

Two more months to go!

Happy quilting!

16 October 2018

Harvest of Stars Complete!

My Harvest of Stars quilt is completely done and just
in time to participate in the Seeing Stars QAL parade!

I was a little worried about getting that promised
daylight-photo--not only have we had tons more rain
but we even got a measurable amount of snow!

But the snow melted quickly and today sun is out to
help me reveal my latest quilt finish.

Such beautiful fall weather to enjoy on the porch with a quilt.

At the very bottom you can see the stripe border.
(I forgot to get a closer pic)
My rule for this quilt was "all from the stash" but I found this
on the clearance rack while on the shop hop and it matched
just way too well to not buy it!  And, c'mon--it's just the binding!

This was my first time using this pantograph.  I felt comfortable
with it almost instantly and I really like how it quilts up--so pretty!
Of course, I'm a little biased about anything with pumpkins. 😉

I think this quilt is going to surprise a long-time friend
of my family (esp of my dad) and helpful neighbor.
He has surprised us many times and, if I can work it out,
 I think I've finally found a way to "get him back"!

Next up for quilting is my Halloween Candy quilt.

Isn't this just so fun!?
(Yes, another rainy day photo!)
I've decided to use the same quilting design so that makes
the prep process a little easier. 😉

14 October 2018

Staying In

There isn't anything to do on a day like this but stay in.

If you zoom a little, you can see the "white" of the blowing rain.
And tonight I'm pretty excited to see a different white--snow!
Big fluffy flakes!

I got about half of my fall stars quilt (unnamed for now) quilted today.
The design is easier to do than I expected but does require patience
and taking my time.  Hopefully, I'll finish it up tomorrow so that I'm
able to show it in the QAL parade on Wednesday.

Quilting plans for the week
Finish fall stars by Tuesday
Quilt Trick-or-Treat (name?)
Make October block
Make October banner

Other plans
Work on garden clean-up
Clean out coop and prep for winter
Bring firewood to deck

Happy quilting!

13 October 2018

Visiting The Quilter's Cottage in Eureka Springs, AR

This past week the hubs and I spent a few days
down at our favorite B&B in Eureka Springs, AR.
For me it was a great little break from cooking, dishes, laundry,
cleaning--everything.  Other than several fantastic restaurants,
there's not much else to do, which is why we go there.
It's a beautiful place to rest, read and hey, why not a little quilting?

With a 5-hr drive and all that down-time, I decided to bring
out my oldest UFO--my hand-quilting project.
I pieced this about 15 years ago but just can't seem to get
the quilting done on it.  After the clouds cleared out, we spent
some time on the deck of our cottage.  What a great quilting spot!
In the distance is the main house of Heartstone Inn.

After checking out on our last day, we had a little time to kill
before lunch at Local Flavor (we love that place!) and heading home.

Would you believe we just happened to come across a quilt shop?

I was desperately needing a marking pen for my quilting
so we made a quick stop.

I snapped some pics to share.

I'm a sucker for loft spaces so I had to head up.  

It's a little snug but it would still be a fun spot to sew with friends.
Sitting at one of these tables, you could look straight out
a large window or down over rows and rows of fabric.

My only purchase was the marking pen but who
doesn't love to peruse a new shop?

08 October 2018

Halloween Quilt Top Complete

Yep, I have another finish!
This quilt was just all kinds of fun.
Fabrics from the stash, seasonal colors
and a lot of easy sewing time.

I wasn't so sure about the border initially but I had so
many pieces left over, well, what else was I to do with them?
I think I'm even going to put a strip of them in the backing.
They're kind of all over my sewing room!

Fortunately I thought ahead to baste all of those little "open" seams
 before I attached the borders to the quilt--dealing with single strips
rather than the whole quilt was a lot easier on the shoulders and neck.

My finishes always happen at night or on rainy days...
or in this case it's both.  And wow, have we been getting
rain!  I lost track after 6 inches but it's supposed to keep
going for a while longer.  I love it but it's sure hard
to get a decent picture these days.

Directions for making this quilt can be found here:

So yet again I have two quilts lined up for the long arm.
I've been toying with using one of each of these pantographs
but if I can get comfortable with the pumpkin one on the right
I think I'll be using it for both (my fall stars quilt too).

Not sure what I'm tackling next but I'm really having
so much fun enjoying the season and all the sewing!

Happy quilting!

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