13 November 2014

Moving Along...

When I last posted, my kitchen looked like this: 

And this:

Well, no, now that I look at the above one, there
are some missing. Must've been an "arrival" pic.
Like this one:

I now have most of the cabinets installed.
The plumber is coming today to get this beautiful 
Shaws sink, handcrafted in Merry Ol' England, put in.

This was one item I wouldn't budge on.
Kinda like how it won't move--all 132 lbs of it.

It will be a true back-saver when I'm working
on all of that produce from my garden.

  I hadn't even realized this bonus!
I think I'll be able to pull one of the bar stools up to
this sink but, even standing, it's much easier access.
My mom had to have sent that (among other things).  
She carried most of us (7) kids with painful vericose veins in her legs.
I did inherit them, though not quite to that extent, so she hated to see me
have to stand at the sink for long periods of time.

Mr. Cabinet Guy and Son:
I don't know how they feel about being posted here so I'll keep them
anonymous but I do have to acknowledge them somehow!

This is the coffee bar area; the tall, full cabinet
(kinda behind the ladder) holds the double-oven
and warming drawer, with storage above and the
microwave to the right.
I've received the all-clear for the electrician to install
these so I hope to hear back from him soon!
It's difficult to go without these things for so long,
and when the lows have been like 14 degrees!
My family wants warm food!

There is a long story about a lot of work and rework 
done here by my husband and his dad--trusses and
vent pipes, new vent pipes ripping and being replaced
againfloors being torn open again, etc--but I'll just 
show you the island finally being installed.  
At least it there was a happy ending.

Now awaiting my granite tops, along with the crown
molding, doors and drawers for the cabinets.

I've been getting very little done in the sewing room
with all of this going on.  I was working on some hanging
towels when I finally gave in and got myself some
reading glasses.  While my up-close eyesight is 20/20,
the correction (contacts) for my farsighted issue messes
that up.  Hoping my sewing goes better today...
if I can just get used to those reading glasses.
Feeling my youth slipping... [43]  Sigh.

09 November 2014

Oh My, Oh My, Oh My!!

Guess what arrived a couple days early?!?

Hubs and son, and Extremely-Talented Cabinet Artist in back there at the front door.

Because the bad weather is supposed to set in on
Tuesday, I got to see my cabinets today!
They're all sitting around in odd spots but they are here!
All custom-made.  Perfect.  And beautiful!
(I might be afraid to work in there?!?)

This is the cabinet that holds the apron-front sink.
Again, not where it belongs in the room but I wanted
to give you an idea of how everything is looking.

The doors will be completed at a later date;
right now we needed to get the cabinets in so that the
granite company will be able to template this Friday.

I almost hesitate to show my island because it's sitting
up against a wall and it's awfully hard to grasp how
beautiful these two corbels are but I love it all so much
that I just wanted to show everyone! 

All hand-glazed.  So happy with how it turned out!

The granite will hang over about 14" here so we'll be
able to keep two barstools here, allowing the kids 
to hang out there while I cook at the other side of it.
Again, hard to make it out from this angle.

This was the first cabinet in the door; 
in my excitement, I assumed that I should 
document every part of this huge occasion.
By this time Tuesday night, I should be able to 
share pics of everything in the right places.

And I still need to get pics of all those hot pads!

08 November 2014

Never Any "Quiet" Around Here!

Not that I'm complaining but
I am one of those people who needs silence.
 This morning it's a nail puller and a circular saw.
Sanding to follow.

After the electrician spent a whole day doing his work,
it was our turn with the sheetrock yesterday.

I've been hiding out in my sewing room most of
the time.  Preview:

I'm finishing up the last bit of 14 hotpads
for my new kitchen.  Some are seasonal but I
still made 6 every-day ones.  Not sure why so many!

In a quieter moment in the kitchen, I took care of some
of the parsley crop.  I just couldn't let it go to waste.
And with this wonderful forecast...

I brought a bunch in to air dry.  I prefer the quickness
of the oven but I don't have one right now.
That's ok, I'm getting TWO soon, and I don't know
about you but the very thought makes me rather giddy.
Kinda like those snowflakes in the forecast!
I hope the sage will hold out till after Thanksgiving.
It's pretty hardy; I use it for a lot of holiday cooking
and often find myself picking it in the snow.
That low of "19" up there has me concerned, though.

What are you up to on this beautiful November Saturday? 

05 November 2014

Waltzing My Way Through the Finishes!

Please check out my

It's not even winter yet and I've gotten

4 Quilts
2 Table Runners
1 Coupon Organizer
14 hot pads
(4 fall, 4 winter, 6 every-day)
2 Sewing Machine Pin Cushions
8 Headbands

04 November 2014

Weekend Construction

Saturday didn't give us a full day to work on the 
kitchen; we tried to keep the work on Sunday
to a minimum but we still got lots done.

Not quite the fall decor look I was after...

Renting a 30yd roll-off trash for our kitchen project
meant we could get rid of a lot of other things around
our three acres.  We do our best to compost but some
things just don't work.  So, looking ahead, we spent
one day last week trimming trees.  
(I took on our huge row of cedars that line the north part of our property.
These gum up the shredder so I was very glad to get them off of our hands.)

I love me some serious clean-up, and now all of this
is packed away in the dumpster.  I was also able
to toss everything from my garden all at once!
(vines, tomato plants etc can't go in the compost so they are a big pain this time of year.  Normally I have to do a small amount every week into our regular trash--it takes a long time to get rid of it all!)

And how did I feed my hungry crew without
a kitchen?  I had sloppy jo's already made up
in the crockpot for Saturday.

Sunday?  I grilled lots of wings while my visiting
daughter whipped up some guacamole & chips.

The crockpots are working daily around here!

Soffits are removed--the new cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling.
Our cabinetry guy advised that the simplest way to remove tile is to
remove all the sheetrock with it and replace it.  This gives
the electrician better access anyway.

By Moday afternoon, the demolition was complete.
And, regardless of the sheets I hung up in the
doorways, my house is now incredibly dusty.  
Not much point in dusting it till after this weekend
when we do the actual sheetrock work...if I can
contain myself, that is.

Tonight, I really take the night off and we order pizza.

Another Finish: Scrappy Fall Table Runner

I completed the second of two table runners
which allows me to check another "finish" off the list.

If you remember, I made this one last month
for a friend's birthday.

I thought the "Leaves" candle topped hers off nicely.

This friend has a longer table so I went with this size.  
I like a thinner table runner so you don't have to remove
it to actually eat at the table but it does make it harder 
to hang onto for machine quilting.  Just a little fyi there.

Oh, I do love to make stars!

Sadly, Bath & Body Works was out of the "Leaves" 
candles so I had to go with the pumpkin.
Considering the pumpkins I quilted into the other,
I should've switched these but, c'est la vie.

Well, back to the headbands today while waiting
on the electrician.
Mild Christmas music playing, overcast sky
& a peppermint mocha in hand.  I'm kinda
getting in the mood to sew Christmas things!

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02 November 2014

Welcome to the Construction Zone

Friday, Oct. 31
I've had months to get plenty of "before" pictures
of my kitchen...but did I?
About an hour into the tear-out phase
(and well after I'd packed up everything, taken  pictures from walls, etc)
I remembered to start snapping.

The island.
I understand the thinking behind choosing neutral
colors but this tile island has been the biggest eye-sore.
The 25+yr old grout was kind of a grayish-green.  Nasty.
And I tried every cleaning method out there.
The sink has already been removed in the back there.

The oven and microwave already removed from
over here; small bar-sink removed as well.
This was our coffee bar area.

The dh taking a second to look at youngest son's
new sheet music--he's a trumpet player.
Again, micro, oven and bar sink already removed.

Small desk-type area off to side where I kept 
cookbooks, school supplies, etc.

Moved refrigerator around the corner and into 
the formal dining room.  This bothers me beyond
belief, and I'll have to put up with it for weeks.
A small inconvenience to pay for the upcoming
years of playing in the new kitchen.

Making progress.
Island almost gone, cabinets disappearing.

And more progress.

How about a panoramic?

How about a crazy costume to wear
to our last regular season football game?

Removing flooring at the end of a full day.

Over the next two days, the soffits will be removed
(The new cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling.)
along with the sheetrock behind the tile.
Before we can begin replacing sheetrock,
the electrician will be out to do a little work.

Meanwhile, I'm using my laundry room as a kitchen.
I've done a lot of extra meal preparing over the last
couple months so that shouldn't be as difficult as it
sounds but I'm sure we'll eat out a bit as well.

The bonus to this is that, for the most part,
 I get to just sit back and spend
most of my time in my sewing room!

Remember these fat quarters from my shop-hop
prize basket?  My daughter immediately 
wanted headbands made from them.

Of course, I played it up like I wouldn't dare
cut into these for a few headbands...

These are just a few of the ones I'm making
for Christmas gifts...ok, a few are for me, too.  
Just getting ahead of things while I can,
and while I can't be in the kitchen.

28 October 2014

Pincushions For Every Season!

I had to entertain myself while waiting on the 
dryer repairman so I made pincushions.

If you haven't made one of these yet,
go make one now.
(Unless you're currently watching our KC Royals win--what a game this is!)
It's so super handy!
I always put other projects ahead of it but
it only takes minutes and it'll save you minutes
when sewing other things!

I found it a little amusing that I used 
my pincushion while making it.

The straps fasten with velcro in the back;
I added a small tab for a scissors.

I cut into this fat quarter for my Thankful for Fall
quilt and then used the scraps for this cushion.

Don't you just love it when you use almost 
every last bit of a fabric?

To be all seasonal and stuff, this is my fall pincushion.

And here is my winter one.
(What kind of evil person sticks pins into a happy little snowman?!?)
I was concerned that a scissors hanging in the tab 
might start scratching the machine after a while so
I made a pocket on this one.  However, the scissors
handle seems to be more of an issue here because 
it tends to bang against the machine.  
I suppose a thinner pocket would fix that.
I'll keep that in mind if I get cushions made for
the other seasons--except, that's when I'm usually
in the garden so...not sure about that.

I also made bookmarks but no pics yet.
And, yes, the dryer finally got fixed.

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