18 January 2013

A Slow Start...But a Start Indeed

It seems quiet here but in the first 2 weeks
of this year, I have managed to squeeze out
8 baby blankets and 4 scarves. 

Nothing serious but it will have to do
for feeding my creativity when other things like 
wedding planning, basketball games and 
first-of-the-year cleaning and organizing
are keeping me busy.

The baby blankets above are for charity;
the scarves are destined to be gifts so...
no pictures!

While I've been working on organizing and thinning
the pantry and closets, one bit of organizing
I've over-looked is my blog!  
Seeing that my other pages are quite out of date,
I'm thinking a tab of completions would be 
better as the year, and I, progress.
I'll be working on it...

02 January 2013

Looking Forward Already

Happy 2013 to everyone!

While I don't care much for the "Eve" partying, 
I rather enjoy New Year's Day.
I love to make lists, and resolutions 
for a new year are my favorite.

I love how God wisely created the seasons for us,
knowing we need the time to grow & bloom,
work and play, reap rewards 
and then relax before starting over.

The gift of a new year provides us with the
perfect time to reflect on our past.
What were the previous year's great moments?  
The not-so-great?
Were there changes that worked?  
Maybe one didn't turn out so well? 

Then we step forward, resolving in every way
to become better.  Perfection will never 
be reached.  But giving up without trying, 
well....that's just not my style! 
Besides, it's much more fun to work at it-- 
and that's our purpose here, isn't it? 

I won't bore you all with my list
(it'll probably come out here and there anyway)
but may I share that I am off and running?
I've already made a gift for Christmas '13!  

These scarves are sooo fun & easy!  I hope they're still popular next 
year because they are perfect for a quick, create-something fix!

With Epiphany in a few days, Christmas will end.
When the season comes to a close, I'm never
ready--in fact, I go into a bit of a mope. 
My cure?  Start on next Christmas!
I'm already planning knitting, quilting, sewing...
(Thank you, Pinterest!)

Goodness, that will require a list, won't it?

A small, sad note:  it's time to say goodbye 
to the eggnog and caramel brûlée lattes till next fall.
Ah, well...to everything there is a season.

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