17 August 2018

Scrappy "Mini"

Here's a project I've had on my Pinterest list for a few years.
Last Christmas, I received the book with this project in it
so it was a sign, right?

From Civil War Legacies by Carol Jenkins

Now here's one of those silly little details that aren't always apparent:
this quilt is tiny...as in 3" blocks.  The finish is 28"x36".

But after I thought about it a second I realized:

~ I've been wanting to do something small-scale
~ It would be a great side-project with my BOM & QAL
~ Easy to take to a friend's house for a quilting day
(a rare thing but we're hoping to squeeze one in very soon.)

After going through my scraps and then my stash, I ended up
cutting out at least triple what the directions call for.
And that's just my beginning.
I don't plan on making a full-sized quilt of 3" blocks but who knows?

I'm just going to see where this one goes.

16 August 2018

Creighton Quilt Complete, Star QAL Begins!

The college quilt is now completely quilted, bound and labeled.

This quilting design took a little to get used to but I found it
to be fun and it was definitely a good choice for this quilt.

So, with my monthly banners and BOM all caught up
and the college quilt completed,
I am guilt-free all set to start in on some new projects.
Last year at this time, still weeks before kickoff, I was putting
all of my effort into helping out with football.  Right up to that
final glorious win at State, football consumed almost all of my time.
This year, things will be very different.
Our youngest starts his last year of high school tomorrow and the
day after our other son is headed 4 1/2 hours away to college
The house is about to be very quiet.
Except for the sewing room.

Just this week I've started two new quilts,
one of which is Happy Quilting's Seeing Stars QAL.

Today I'm linking up to Happy Quilting
with the first set of blocks.

It is so good to be working with fall colors again.

Each of these blocks are 24"...

which makes them the biggest I've ever worked with.
And completely opposite the blocks in my
other new project that I hope to post tomorrow.

Happy quilting!

13 August 2018

And Now the August Block

With my garden work slowing down,
I'm finally able to spend more time in the sewing room.

My August block of A Quilting Life's BOM is completed
and I'm now all caught up.  The background fabric 
in the above pic is more creamy than appears.
And in the pic below the lighting makes them look
varied but the background fabric is all the same.
Clearly spending time on perfect pics isn't my thing.

Just 4 more blocks/months to go!
(Where does time go!?!  It's almost time to go over next year's projected projects.)

Happy quilting!

10 August 2018

July Block Completed

If I'm going to be starting new projects,
(because, joyfully, it is now the season!)
I feel like I need to be completely caught up first
so after being at the longarm all afternoon, I took
a break to work on my July block of A Quilting Life's BOM.

The first block of the Seeing Stars QAL comes out next week
so between now and then, the plan is to complete the August block
as well as my son's quilt (just a few rows of quilting left).
Then it'll be headed off to college, along with my son, next weekend.
My youngest son begins school this coming week and so we
will all soon begin to find our way back into a schedule.

Happy quilting!

08 August 2018

August and September Banners

More rain and cool weather around here.
Not having to water my garden is a nice little break.
I keep saying I'm going to start getting out my fall decor
but, other than the front door wreath, it hasn't happened yet.
Yes, it's very early but I like the way the colors warm up our home so
I usually start bringing out a little bit here and there in August.  

I did get my August banner sewn up and there's nothing "fall"
about it so maybe it's just as well.

I whipped out September while I was at it but
it's just hanging out in my sewing room.

This month's banner isn't a favorite with me
but I didn't want to take the time to come up with my own
and it does make me think about buying a box of apples!

I have the Jacob's Ladder college quilt up and going on the LA.
This is my first go at this design so it's always a little frustrating that
those first warm-ups go in the border where the quilting shows the
most but I console myself that this is now the bottom (foot) of the quilt!
I think with keeping it slow and steady I will soon get it down well enough.  

My mind is already wondering off to my next project.
I have several that I need to start but the Jacob's Ladder was really pretty
time-consuming and I'm feeling the need to relax and play around first.

This QAL showed up in my feed yesterday and I've decided to join in.
I'm a sucker for stars, and for quilt-alongs.

Unlike my BOM, I like that it is condensed down and will be done by
mid-October, especially if go the route I'm thinking--use up some fall fabrics!

I'm linking up with these today but I want to have another 
"tear through my fabric" session just in case another idea comes to me.
I've had other fall quilts in mind for a while so it might be best if
I were to choose a different theme.  I love that Melissa of Happy Quilting
has so many color options posted for you to get a better idea of
what you might want to do with all those stars, not to mention a
color page for you to play around with more.

I have a full day at the long arm staring me down so off I go.
Lucky me!
Happy quilting!

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