14 October 2017

Tension Issues Aside, I Finally Quilted on My Long-Arm!

Firstly, I've completed the October block
to add to the other 9 of my BOM quilt.

This is just a project on the side that's to become a Christmas gift.
A bonus block came out with the October one so I think I'll just
use that as my December block to move that quilt along a little faster.
Next month is November.  November!

Ok, what's really moving along is my LA quilting practice.  Because I'm
still waiting on one more yard of fabric to finish the back of my
nautical quilt for my grandson (still not used to the sound of that!),
I set aside the sea creature pantograph and pulled out my fall one.
The leaves are very forgiving but the acorns I'm still struggling with--
even after all that practice and doing my first quilt.

This flying geese quilt top was made all from scraps last fall.
But when I began to quilt it, either it just wasn't working or I wasn't
so I set it aside, basting pins, sad quilting and all.

This quilt is just for me so it seemed like a great one for my first
go on the long-arm.  I was a little surprised to see that my messy
quilting came out, after a whole year, with virtually no traces.

Yes, I put a pin-basted quilt onto the frame.
It's just that I never dreamed when I basted it together that I'd
be owning a long-arm in the very near future,
and there sure seemed no point in removing all that work.
Somehow that all worked out for me, too.

But that's where the smooth sailing ended and things got ugly.
REALLY ugly.
Talk about tension issues!  And a major problem here is that
you've got your good quilt loaded on the frame so what are you going
to practice on to get that tension straightened out?
Up until this point, I had never seen tension regulation for
winding bobbins--which may very well be my problem.
I tinkered until I got decent stitching but that bobbin case tension
is still way too loose.  If I tighten it, things go way amok so I can
only assume that when I wound the bobbins, I didn't have that
tension set correctly and I'm making up for it down in the bobbin case?
I also feel like the tension on the upper thread is way too tight but,
again, this was how I needed to leave it for things to work.

It was really difficult to find a rhythm when I was constantly stopping
to check under the quilt to see how things were going but I did finally
finish this.  As far as first quilts go, I suppose it sure could've been worse,
though I really thought it would go better.  However, with the busy pattern
of the quilt itself, it's fairly difficult for the average person to even notice.
Hopefully I will always look on it as just the beginning of my long-arm days.

The quilt itself is one of my favorites already.  Other than the sashing,
the entire quilt is made up of scraps of so many quilts that I've made
that it practically reads as a quilt journal to me.

I'm having my husband extend the frame out to its full
twelve feet, at least until we need to put the Christmas tree up in
that room.  Hopefully I've worked most of the kinks and can get right
on to quilt number two.

09 October 2017

Fall and I Are Settling In

With the shop hop behind me, it's time to settle in and enjoy
the beautiful season of fall, and quilting!

The leaves are beginning to turn and our porch is once again
displaying a bountiful harvest from the garden.

I even put a little pumpkin display just outside my sewing room window.
As I sip on a hot salted caramel apple cider, I'm thinking some
some of those pumpkins may end up in the oven tomorrow.

When the high temp is predicted to be 50.
I didn't even know the forecast this morning when I made a batch of
English muffins and started getting out my sweaters.
Or this past weekend when I decided it was finally time
to turn our older chickens into soup meat and stock.
But I'm right on schedule.
Soup and something pumpkin will definitely be on tomorrow's menu.

Did you catch that?  I butchered chickens--something I do my best
to avoid; it's unpleasant work, especially if you rarely do it.
I'm sure later we'll all appreciate it but right now
I'm not sure I'm feeling it was worth it!
Making stock is something I do enjoy, though, and I was able to cook up
100 cups of great quality hormone-free stock.  I left some regular flavor,
but in the largest pot, I added sprigs of fresh thyme and a little sage.
Perfect for chicken noodle soup.
And it is now all packed away in the freezer to enjoy over the winter. 

I was able to spend just a little time practicing on the long-arm this afternoon.
I only made two rows of these and I know I need more practice but
I'm starting to feel like I might get the hang of it.  I try to look at everything
as a learning opportunity and today I learned that if I'm going to do this,
it's going to have to be when I'm well-rested and with minimal pain.
I also discovered that my frame must've settled into the carpet a little and
so needs leveled out again.  
(the machine was wanting to drift)
All of which is a recipe for:  start again tomorrow.

06 October 2017

Shop Hop Finds and More Projects Up

Before I hopped through the quilt shops, I started
yet another quilt.  Fall and simple were the two
goals with this one, and I knocked off a third goal
by using a good part of a layer cake.

I don't like having left-overs but those are better
than waste--which is something I did not have
when making these HST's.  And maybe I'll just
make more up for the back, or a bigger quilt.
I'm still deciding on my setting but this is
a sneak peak of my first fall quilt of the year.

We're just beginning to see a hint of bright
colors in the trees but today's humidity and warm
temps are, sadly, sure to delay them a little longer.
At least I can work with them in the sewing room!

I came up pretty short in finding fabrics for specific
quilts but I was able to load up on a couple pieces
that jumped out at me along with a few bolts
at $5/yd clearance prices that are backing-worthy.
I did successfully avoid adding any
pre-cuts to my stash.

I was able to find a good matching navy for the
border on the grandson's quilt.  He's due
very soon so this is at the top of my finish list.
Just waiting for one additional yard
of backing fabric to show up in the mail.

It's a simple quilt with fabrics my daughter
picked out on a recent trip to Missouri Star
to match his room perfectly.  At 51X70, it's not
really a crib quilt but, as we all know, those little
ones grow fast and soon he will be needing it
on his toddler bed anyway.

For anything else I wasn't able to find, our
local shop is having an "end-of-the-bolt" sale
next week--including some clearance fabrics
that I'm hoping will still be there for me in a week.
Till then, I should be able to get
lots of long-arm practice in.

03 October 2017

Grandmother's Orchard

 Just popping in to share my completed
Grandmother's Orchard top.
Well, as complete as it can be till I find
the borders (2.5" & 5" is my plan).

The weather forecast is
looking fairly fall-ish (upper 60's and rain)--
finally some decent shop hop weather!
There are only 8 stores participating in this year's
annual shop hop.  This is a little sad but it will
allow us to really take our time.
In lining up my next few quilt projects, I've found
that I really just need backing fabrics along with
the borders mentioned above so the fabric
search should go well.  Hopefully
I'll have a nice haul to show in my next post.

01 October 2017

Working Toward Another Top Finish

I'm shooting for at least one more quilt top
finish before I head off on the shop hop later
this week.  I took just one sewing day this past
summer and was able to make the first 6 blocks
of a granny squares quilt from a jelly roll on hand. 

There was a good handful of strips in the 
collection that were unusable.  If you've kept up
with my love-hate relationship with pre-cuts, you'll
know that is just one reason why I'm working at
clearing them out of my stash.   I have just a few
left...and just maybe that won't increase
(very much?) with the shop hop.

My "Grandmother's Orchard" is made from
the above pattern on the Moda Bake Shop site,
though my version will be bigger.
(If you should, like me, decide to coordinate/cut your fabrics one set of
blocks at a time, see my cutting notes at the end of this post.  I chose
to do it this way because I needed more blocks and because I wanted
to get the best use--and coordination--with as little fabric waste as possible)

I found some time around working on a large
meal for 50 football players and a little more time
early on Friday before the game.
Then--a little icing--out of nowhere came
an open Saturday afternoon so I now have
a completed pile of 30 blocks, trimmed down to 9".
A 3" (finished) sashing to follow.

Having gotten this far, I'm realizing I will be
needing two borders for this quilt to bring it to
twin size--and for those fabrics I will need to look
through the clearance racks on the shop hop.
Once this top is complete, I'll be tweaking
my list of projects I would like to work on in
the coming quilt season.

With the great start I already have and the long-arm
ready, there may be some record-breaking going on!
(And I'm really ready to work with more seasonal colors!)

I should be back tomorrow with a finish but,
for now, I wish you a happy week of sewing
amid pleasant fall weather and coffee in hand.
(Or other hot drink of your choice. And not really
in your hand.  Just, you know, around.
But safely away from your fabric.)
Oh, and may your rotary blade be sharp.
(Because I seem to have real issues switching mine out in a timely manner.)

Cutting notes for working with just one set of blocks at a time

For each set (two blocks ) you will need:
Fabric A (center square): one  5 1/2" x 2 1/2"
Fabric B (middle 4 squares):  two 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" and one 10 1/2" x 2 1/2"
Fabric C (outer squares):  two 5 1/2" x 2 1/2" and three 10 1/2" x 2 1/2"

If you are making a different number of blocks than in the pattern

Of the background fabric, you will need the following for each block:
Four 10 1/2" x 3"
Two 5 1/2" X 3"
Four 3" squares
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