22 January 2018

The Quilt Plan for 2018

My personal focus this year is to slow down.
More specifically, live more fully in the moment instead of pushing
through every project like it has a major deadline
(okay, more like the world is gonna end).
Not that there's anything wrong with making a great use of time.
I was raised that way and I'm a firm believer.
But who am I kidding?  Most of these are for Christmas gifts
or just for fun with no deadline at all!
And, I do not have to make every quilt on my pinterest board!
I realized there was a good reason I was struggling to get
my list made:  in my mind I was already being too aggressive.
So I started deleting; now what is left is my minimum.
I'll just keep re-evaluating as I go.

My biggest plan for this year was to make 2 or 3 BOM's so we'll start there:

Possibly a Christmas gift
Piecing began 1-3-18


(This is no longer available online but can be ordered)

Quilt for Daughter

Quilt for Guest Bedroom
(undecided; below are 2 possibilities)

Scrap Jar Stars

Farmer's Wife Quilt
(Probably for our bed)

Quilt for Graduating Son
Waiting for his opinion on this one but he has shown an interest
in the bargello style so possibly one of those.

Civil War Quilt
I received a book on Civil War quilts for Christmas that
has this pattern in it--one I've wanted to make for a while.

Thankful 2017 Quilt Wallhanging 

A few other projects:
Egg gathering apron
Birthday gifts
Wrist pincushion

17 January 2018

Quilt Project One

I keep trying to post my plan of quilt action for the year
but I can't seem to get it narrowed down.
So, for today, here's an update on my first project
and hopefully I'll follow up with that list very soon.

I chose to make my version of "Plenty of Fish" scrappy,
though most of the fabrics are from my stash rather than
the scrap bin--either way, they're all fabrics I want to use up.
Below are only the lights and mediums.  Today, after I trim
the square sections to size, I'll start in with the darker ones and
then we'll have a better idea of what's going on here.

Two strikes against this pattern:
1)  Cutting directions are throughout rather than all at the beginning
(I don't know about you but this drives me nuts)
2) There's a story written among the directions--
a cute idea for some, I'm sure, but I'm in the sewing room
to make a quilt and this, plus dealing with #1, isn't making it
real easy to efficiently just stick to business.  

However, I'm always grateful for anyone to share quilt patterns
so I am not complaining.  Just trying to point some issues out to anyone
who might be interested in making this.  I'm finding that printing only the
pages that I need and highlight the cutting amounts, etc, as I go is helpful.
These I keep clipped above my table for quicker reference.

Back to working on that plan of action...

16 January 2018

Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary in Cabo San Lucas

Sipping my coffee on this extremely frigid morning
it's hard to believe just last week I was enjoying a coffee here:

With the busy schedule lately, we decided a small
vacation to celebrate our 25th anniversary was the best fit.

Other than maybe our honeymoon, this was our first vacation with no agenda.
We wanted only to wind down from the last few hectic years.

We spent some time on the ocean where we watched whales,
beautiful fish and stunning scenery go by.

We walked everywhere for a little shopping and a lot of that Baja flavor:
homemade tortilla chips, guacamole, salsas, seafood tacos,
mojitos, margaritas, mai tai's...

We spent lots of time on the beach...
(which was mostly empty!)

where we watched the sun come up....

...and the sun go down.
And in between, we just read (or dozed) and soaked up rays.

But a week later, back in Kansas, the ground is finally white
(if only a little bit) and the temps are hovering just above and below 0.
Believe it or not, I was ready to get back to it.
A week away was plenty.
Next up? 
The first project of the year.

03 January 2018

Beginning With a Finish and Then Beginning Again

I know I'm in the minority around here but I'm mostly enjoying
the extremely cold weather we're finally getting.  It'd be way more
fun if there was snow to go with it but the gardener in me is happy
that destructive things (bugs & disease) are getting their own taste of 
destruction while I sit inside by the fire reading a book, or cooking up
some warm soup in the kitchen, or working at the long-arm,
or working in my cozy sewing room...
(It's not hard to see why I like winter, is it?)
Actually, just this morning I decided it was "warm" enough for a walk.
What's a 19 degree windchill when a couple days ago it was below zero?
Either way, it would have been a much prettier walk in some snow.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that 2018 has started off well.
I find the end of a year a great motivation to finish up projects
so I did just that. 

 I finished the gnome quilt on New Year's Day, naming it
(drumroll...) Better Gnomes and Gardens.

I don't know if I ever posted this next one as a finish but there was
 just one side of binding to sew down by hand and a label to add.
It's not on a time-schedule so it just sat in a corner...till yesterday.

It would work really well on a toddler bed but I know no little 
girls at the moment--but I'm sure something/someone will come up.

So, I'm beginning 2018 with sadly no snow, but just one quilt UFO--
a quilt top that's just waiting for the right backing at the right price.
I'm in no hurry on that one.
(Okay, if I'm being honest, I do have that one hand-quilting project from about
15 years ago--no hurry on that one either.  Some day the right time and
setting will have me bringing it back out.)

I sometimes think there should be a word for that moment when you
complete a quilt and you have this vast open space in front of you,
a blank palette on your table and an open calendar on the wall.
(Who am I kidding?  January is packed already!)
 Oh, the infinite number of possibilities...
What to choose, what to choose!?
I'm pretty sure it'd be easier to make this choice if,
yes, it was SNOWING!
I've been pouting about the lack of snow mulling that decision over
for over a year now a day and have chosen this one from Craftsy.

Another choice to be made:  what fabrics?
And then I saw these scrappy versions at the end of the free pattern:

While the intended recipient would certainly love the first version,
I'm really being drawn to the scrappy ones which is what I'm leaning
toward.  It's for a Christmas gift so, with a whole year ahead of me,
I may just make two!

Wouldn't they look pretty by a window with snow outside?
Wouldn't they be so cozy and warm by the fire on a snowy day?

Maybe I should make a snow quilt...

28 December 2017

2017 Project Re-Cap

Before I start planning quilts I want to work on throughout
the new year, I wanted to take a quick look back over 2017.
I still have two tops I'd love to get quilted up before
next Monday but I'm also not going to push it.

Table Runner

Valentines Table Toppers and Runner

Heart of My Heart baby quilts

Graduate Quilt

 Burp Cloths

 Gnome Quilt--completed top only

 Grandmother's Orchard Quilt

 Baby Quilt for Grandson

 Wall-hanging Quilt--Christmas Gift

 In For the Night Quilt 

 Apple Orchard Quilt--Christmas gift

Autumn Winds Quilt--Christmas gift

History Repeats Quilt--Christmas gift

It was a bit of a slow start but then really picked it up once I got the
 long-arm this past fall so I'm assuming next year will be a record-breaker.
And now, along with a few New Year's resolutions, it's time to get the
block-of-the-month projects chosen and do my other quilt planning.
The big goals are to diminish the stash and make as many
gifts as possible (graduation & Christmas '18).

Happy New Year!

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