18 September 2018

Update on Sewing Machine

Though it is not absolutely certain,
it does look like a different shop here in town can easily fix
my machine--hopefully within the next 10 days...unless they
have to order a part though that would be unusual for them.
He also mentioned they've never
had to ship one back to the factory for repair.

I'm trying my best to keep my temper annoyance in check,
especially until I get clarification from this shop but it is looking
very likely that I'll not step foot in that other one again.
Of course, I just need to wait and see.
Keeping my fingers crossed it's fixed and back home soon.

Meanwhile, I got the ol' Bernina out and just maybe today
I can get caught up on my QAL stars for the week.

17 September 2018

A Quick Trip to NY

When I said I'd be too busy to sew this past weekend,
I left out the little part about heading out to NY.
Okay, maybe not so little!
What a fast trip, and I'm still recovering but I thought
I'd throw out a few pics.  I have so many and some great
videos but I think I'll keep it to just these for now.

I can't say I've ever wanted to visit the city but it was nice to see
that fantastic and notorious skyline.  Above is the view from the
airport; we didn't actually go downtown but did see other areas
when we drove through on our way to our destination.
Someday we'll have to plan more time and actually get to see
Central Park and the Statue of Liberty.

George Washington

But this time, we headed up north. 
What a contrast to the city!  It is such a beautiful area!
As a child growing up in KS, I never got the chance to take in any
of our country's earliest historical areas so my interest in history
came a little later in life when I started reading more about it.
Now history makes up the majority of my reading.

Last June we enjoyed a great visit to Boston where we took in such
sights as the Freedom Trail, Peacefield (John Adams' home), Cape Cod,
Sam Adams Brewery, a game at Fenway Park, Plymouth Rock and Salem.

This weekend, we took the history lesson south to West Point,
the US Military Academy (USMA).
What a breathtaking view of the Hudson General Washington had!

Links of the actual chain

Though most of the time I'm sure he had other things on his mind,
like putting that chain across the river to keep the Brits out.

And, while this kid loves military history too,
he also had Blackhawks on his mind...

Pre-game.  Nice seats, huh?

...and we all enjoyed some football.

Before the game four parachuters jumped from 4500 feet to land
exactly in the middle of the Army's black knight logo on the field.
The fans were also treated to a flyover of three Blackhawks and
one chinook.  To finish, our Army beat Hawaii and then it was
off to the airport we went finally arriving home just before midnight
on Saturday.  What a whirlwind three days!

Now to get on the phone and deal with that sewing machine repair issue.
Not exactly what I expected to come home to but, life goes on.  LOL.
I do get to work with my long arm today so it's all good.  :o)

Happy quilting!

16 September 2018

Help! Sewing Machine Repair Issue

As you know I took my machine in for a tune-up.
I should mention that, though it has been running fine, the
needle position has been off for over a year.

I just easily adjusted it every time I turned it on.
I have an Elna Excellence 720, 4 years old.  (Posted here)
What I did not expect was for the repairman to call and say he
was unable to fix it.  His suggestion?  That they mail it off
to Janome....and I might get it back in about 30 days.

Let me back up and provide some more info.
The original man who sold me this machine was the
co-owner (with his wife) and repairman of the store.
I would have trusted him with my machine.
Unfortunately, he passed away a little over a year ago.
It took several months but the wife eventually
hired a new repairman who spent another few weeks
undergoing training for specific machines.

A friend of mine took hers in last year and still has not
seen her machine, but because they gave her their floor
model that is exactly what she had, she chose to just give up.
This is actually why I waited another year before I took
mine in; I wanted to make sure he had experience first.

The last thing I want to do is ship my machine off 
but maybe if they give me my exact machine to use?
I do plan on getting on the phone and calling around to see
if there are any other repairmen the stores in some
of the smaller towns around here that could fix this problem.
That would involve a drive, though I don't mind if it's not too far.
There are two other places in our city but I haven't had good
luck with either in the past...though that has been a good 20
years or more.

Any thoughts on this?
Maybe my biggest question is:  Is this normal for the newer
electronic machines?  To ship them off??
I can't imagine doing this, especially now!?
At the time of year I do about 90% of my sewing!?

12 September 2018

Happy Anniversary to....

My Long-Arm!
Maybe it's a silly thing to celebrate but it was just one year
ago that I bought my long-arm.
It's not a "hot rod" and it was just slightly used
but it has been a very perfect fit for me.
It looks so tiny here set up to only 6 feet.

And how funny that I thought I'd actually keep it like that most
of the time,  It didn't take long before it was set up to 12 feet,
And there it has stayed!

I thought it would be a good time to take a quick look back
at how much I've been able to work with it.

I think that's everything in just a year--wow,
sometimes a look back can be pretty encouraging!
I know there will be lots
more to come--gosh, even just over the next few months!
Lots of fun stuff going on in the sewing room this season.

Happy quilting!

11 September 2018

Another New Project and Machine-Separation Panic

My current three projects are progressing and nothing has been
cast aside so here I am starting a fourth.
Three has always been my limit but do BOMs and QALs
actually count?

While the QAL project has been fun for working with my fall fabrics,
I still haven't touched any of my Halloween stash.
And fall is just a week away.

Star Patch Quilt Tutorial-- Missouri Star

Jenny's latest tutorial came across my feed a couple days ago
and the lightbulb went on.

 So out came the stash and I cut my own "jelly roll"--
but with fewer fabrics and a little less "rhyme".
Like most of my quilts these days, it's going to
be a little on the scrappy side.
Plans for this one?
No idea!

Today I sewed up the strips and cut sections for the
four-squares--not too bad for Day One.
But I have no idea when Day Two will be.

I'm not admitting how long it has been since my poor machine
has been in for a tune-up.  I've talked about it for a long time but
really, when is there a good time to be without it?
You understand, I know.
But tomorrow is the chosen day so off it goes,
The turn-around, I was told, is "just 2-3 days."  Dare I hope?
The days ahead will keep me too busy to sew.
I hope to have awesome news but it's still not official so I'll wait,
and just take lots of pics.

Anyhoo, if next Monday finds me still without my sewing machine,
I have a quilt ready for the long arm and that should tide
me over for another couple days.  After that I might actually
have to start some fall cleaning.  There are worse things...
except that I do have 4 projects going and I did give my word
to keep working on them!

This UFO has been on hold for months till a backing came along.
That collection of colors still isn't my fav but it turns out
that cheery little yellow border upped my opinion of it just a bit.  
I just found the backing at a great price and it's all pieced and ready.
My plan is to donate it to a church bazaar this fall or one in February.

Till next time,
happy quilting!

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