Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pincushions For Every Season!

I had to entertain myself while waiting on the 
dryer repairman so I made pincushions.

If you haven't made one of these yet,
go make one now.
(Unless you're currently watching our KC Royals win--what a game this is!)
It's so super handy!
I always put other projects ahead of it but
it only takes minutes and it'll save you minutes
when sewing other things!

I found it a little amusing that I used 
my pincushion while making it.

The straps fasten with velcro in the back;
I added a small tab for a scissors.

I cut into this fat quarter for my Thankful for Fall
quilt and then used the scraps for this cushion.

Don't you just love it when you use almost 
every last bit of a fabric?

To be all seasonal and stuff, this is my fall pincushion.

And here is my winter one.
(What kind of evil person sticks pins into a happy little snowman?!?)
I was concerned that a scissors hanging in the tab 
might start scratching the machine after a while so
I made a pocket on this one.  However, the scissors
handle seems to be more of an issue here because 
it tends to bang against the machine.  
I suppose a thinner pocket would fix that.
I'll keep that in mind if I get cushions made for
the other seasons--except, that's when I'm usually
in the garden so...not sure about that.

I also made bookmarks but no pics yet.
And, yes, the dryer finally got fixed.

Fall Cleaning Brought to a Quick Halt & Sewing Room Adjustment

I finally finished cleaning all of the windows!
It is amazing the difference it makes.
My whole house feels so much cleaner!
I also cleaned my front porch...again.

Then my husband rained on my parade by bringing to 
my attention the fact that he will be doing sheetrock 
work in the kitchen in just a few days.  

That stopped me up real short, real fast.
Sheetrock dust.  Everywhere.

I'm not going to think about that right now...

There's really nothing else to do but
 outdoor fall clean-up and sewing!
Speaking of cleaning and sewing,
I cleaned my sewing room--again.

Old position of table

I've been meaning to try rotating my table 90',
allowing access to three sides, rather than just one.
My concern was that it would cut the room in half
and confine my sewing machine area too much.

 However, it's not as bad as I thought and
I always have the option of putting the drop-leaf
away inside my table, making it shorter if needed.

This was such a small, little thing but now my view
when sitting at the table is so much better and I
now can easily get around while cutting and working.

Wish you could see the orchard out the window!

Funny how little changes or even just cleaning
makes the sewing room even more inviting!

I'm off to deal with a repairman/broken dryer issue--
uh, you know what?  That doesn't make for very
interesting blogging.  How about:

I'm off to go sew Christmas gifts!

Yeah.  Thought so.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Finish: Winter Whimsy...or Peppermint Ice Cream

Winter Whimsy is done.
Except...my brother suggested it looks like
peppermint icecream, and I reeeeally like that idea.
 Anyone else constantly change quilt names
while making them?

What do you think:
Winter Whimsy or Peppermint Ice Cream?

I have never quite had a finish streak
like the one I'm on now.  Whew!
I've also been cleaning windows
and doing some heavy fall yard clean-up.
Kinda wearing myself out but I'm sooo looking forward
to being all done for the winter, and that keeps me going.

I think this means it's about time to start sewing
some Christmas gifts.  I love fall more than any
season and always want it to last but I am starting 
to think ahead to the holidays just a little bit.  
Next week is looking pretty open for some of this
gift-sewing, but I do need to box up everything 
in my kitchen before we start tearing 
things out.

By the way, this Christmas-thinking is only 
allowed before Halloween if you are a crafter.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Till I Finish My Quilt Today...

Life happened and I didn't quite finish
my quilting but today is open.

Because of the poor quality batting, it will just have
to be a "keeper".  Sigh.  It would have been fun 
to give at Christmas.  Another quilt lesson learned.

As usual, I came back home this morning to Chloe on the front steps.

I was able to return that yucky batting

and exchange it for the better stuff.  Whew.

It's good to have it out of the house.

Well, off to finish 'er up.

I should have time left today to start cleaning windows. 
Uh...hmm...wait a minute.  

Quilting should really not be rushed, you know... 

I'm also tossing a few of these into the oven this morning.
I'm a little freaked out at not having an oven for a couple weeks
so I want to get some pumpkin puree made up.

OK, you know what's funny?
I seriously just finished typing that "shhh" and the

phone rang.  Kitchen re-do stuff.  That's 
going to cost me an hour but I should still be ok.
Renovations finally have an official start date:  Oct. 31!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yet Another Quilting-Filled Day

The days have been getting a little warm this week so 
I started this, another quilting day, pretty early.
Just now I am taking a quick break to check in.

Fall is in full bloom around here
and I'm working on a Christmas quilt?

Well, hopefully I'll have a "finish pic" by tomorrow,
even though it's been a very interrupted morning.
And a very frustrating one.
I don't even want to talk about it.  I'll just say
NEVER buy cheap batting--and if you do happen to
buy it, by complete accident
do not go and use it anyway because you, you know,
"just want to get started on your quilting."  
Just.  Don't.
This is not the theater.  
The show does NOT need to go on.  It can stop!
While you go return that junk and get the
stuff you originally went after!

Well, back to "work".

Side note:
I was very sad to learn that my local knitting shop
will be closing by the end of this year.

I know I don't knit a lot but all the more reason that
I counted on them to be there for when the fever hit.
I need help!  There is one other shop in town, a little 
farther away, so I guess I'll have to get to know them 
but till then I think I'm going to have to 
switch gears soon to get my UFO's finished!
Maybe I'll get started on my
Christmas sewing asap and then declare a few
weeks of November knitting time?
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