Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Zig Zag Quilting

I decided simple, straight quilting on the 
zig zags would best fit this quilt's style.
It's requiring a lot of stopping, pivoting and
re-adjusting the entire quilt so it "simple" may
not be the best word for it.

My last two projects were crib quilts and didn't 
seem to add much to my back pain as I quilted.
This one on the other hand...well, let's just say
I'm taking lots of breaks.

Today's breaks included making blackberry jelly
and 18 breakfast sandwiches for school mornings.
(though not gourmet, they do survive the freezer well enough)
I also threw in twenty laps in the pool, though
sometimes I wonder if this is really helping my back.
I simply have to do some sort of exercise and it's
too hot to walk so it's really my only option.
Maybe I should write about my surgery one of these
days since I keep referring to it, and it was a little
outside the norm as far as back surgeries go.

But for now, it's quilting.
Tomorrow when I'm taking breaks, 
I'll be basting yet another quilt.
This is not normal for me.

Two quilts waiting for binding
to be sewn on, one currently being quilted and
another waiting to be basted.  Who does this??

Some of the issue is that I prefer to sew binding
on by hand and generally I save hand-sewing for
in front of the tv...but I hardly ever watch it.
However, I still really hope to have all of these done
within a week or so, especially since I'm pretty
excited to start my next quilt which
will be in fall colors!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Zig Zag Quilt Top Complete

Football season has begun.
It's crazy, fun and exciting and it takes up
so much of a parent's time!
This first week is dubbed "Hell Week" by our team.
That's exactly what it is for the players, sure,
but also for the parents--especially the moms who
host breakfasts, coordinate drives for gatorade, etc.
A difficult week, yes, but we all have a blast.
With two boys playing, I will be devoting a huge
amount of time to it.  Why wouldn't I?
I only have three years left! <sniff!>
I've already hosted a breakfast at our house,
made 8 batches of cinnamon rolls and 101
breakfast burritos, and helped a friend host
breakfast at her house as well! 

But I still found time to work on my latest quilt!

Remember these fabrics I chose?
My Goddaughter, who loves orange, is turning
sixteen soon so I wanted a yourthful/modern pattern.
This Zig Zag Quilt that I found on Crazy Mom Quilts
looks like it will be right up her alley...
at least, I hope so!

I know I say this a lot but I do prefer traditional quilts.
However, this was really fun to play around with
and I flew through it--that is, when I had time.

I can think of quite a few younger people that
might like it so I may end up making it again
some day.  For now, I'm anxious to get started
on my next quilt which I'm thinking will be
fall themed.

 But first, this one is currently in the basting stage.
Setting a finish goal of "before next Friday" when
I'll be helping with the team dinner that is followed
by individual and team pictures and a
soap scrimmage.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Surprise to Me!

I had a nice little surprise sitting in my
email box this morning!

The Fat Quarter Shop was giving away one of each
of these Indah Batik Pops on Facebook

and one of each on their Jolly Jabber Blog,
which is where I won.  I chose the one on the left.
Now, what shall I do with them?

Thanks, Fat Quarter Shop--
you definitely cheered me up today!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Finishing Up Gnome Stars Baby Quilt

I left off yesterday wondering about building
a stash of quilts on hand for gifts.
I guess that means I might finally be
to the point where almost everyone I have
ever wanted to gift one to now has one, or two.
That's kind of a nice place to be.
At least, I think it says I've made a lot of quilts. 
And that I'm getting all "caught up".

Here's a project I'm getting caught up on.
I've added the border and began the quilting.
It always amazes me how much easier it is
to quilt a crib-size quilt!  It was late in the day,
though, so I didn't finish...and didn't get to it
at all today.  
But someone else spent hours on it.

She's adorable there but honestly, I do my
absolute best to keep her off of any quilt that
is a gift, and especially a baby quilt that should
be spotless!  Ugh.

We're having dinner guests tomorrow but Monday
is pegged as my finish date for this one.

I think I've decided that having a couple quilts on
hand is a great idea.  It sure beats rushing through
one to meet a deadline.  But I also know that not
everyone in this world has a hand-made quilt so
maybe I just need to broaden my giving circle, too.
  They're not just for birthdays and Christmas,
weddings and new babies, but maybe just
to brighten someone's day--except that
quilts last so much longer than a day, of course.

Not long ago I wrote about not keeping
our "light" under a basket.  Well, I don't think I
should keep quilts under baskets either.
So, I guess it's just a couple IN the basket,
sending all others out to do what they're created
to do:  warm someone up.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Charm Pack Quilt Top Finish

I made this quilt top in a week.
Easy stuff.

I'm hopeful that I will have enough backing after my
next project--zig zag quilt (see projects tab)--for
the back of this.  Turns out it would work well on
both of these quilts so I'm patting myself on the
back for buying all that was left on the bolt.
Has any quilter ever said, "Oh darn!  I bought too much fabric!"?

I don't even know what I'm doing with this one
yet...which raises a question:
Do you keep quilts on hand to gift to others
as the occasions come up?  I can't think of anyone
to gift this one to so I'm afraid it'll be stored away
for so long it might lose it's newness and
eventually even go out of style?

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