Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yet Another Quilting-Filled Day

The days have been getting a little warm this week so 
I started this, another quilting day, pretty early.
Just now I am taking a quick break to check in.

Fall is in full bloom around here
and I'm working on a Christmas quilt?

Well, hopefully I'll have a "finish pic" by tomorrow,
even though it's been a very interrupted morning.
And a very frustrating one.
I don't even want to talk about it.  I'll just say
NEVER buy cheap batting--and if you do happen to
buy it, by complete accident
do not go and use it anyway because you, you know,
"just want to get started on your quilting."  
Just.  Don't.
This is not the theater.  
The show does NOT need to go on.  It can stop!
While you go return that junk and get the
stuff you originally went after!

Well, back to "work".

Side note:
I was very sad to learn that my local knitting shop
will be closing by the end of this year.

I know I don't knit a lot but all the more reason that
I counted on them to be there for when the fever hit.
I need help!  There is one other shop in town, a little 
farther away, so I guess I'll have to get to know them 
but till then I think I'm going to have to 
switch gears soon to get my UFO's finished!
Maybe I'll get started on my
Christmas sewing asap and then declare a few
weeks of November knitting time?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Quilt Finish: Thankful For Fall

Am I on a roll or what?

Another finish checked off the list.
(Not sure what's up with my phone pics these days but my new one arrives tomorrow!)

While I was making this, it wasn't really
working for me but I should have had faith in
what the border and binding would do.  

It's not a favorite, but it's not bad
and I feel okay about giving it.

I can't wait to slip it into the mail tomorrow.
My brother has no idea its coming.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Delicious Quilting

Today will be delicious.
How did I score this unexpected "free" day!?!
I'm not sure but it started early and in the dark.
Well, you could say it actually began 
yesterday with the planning.

the laundry is caught up.
The dishes are done.
The kids are off to school.
The hubs is at work.

I have my latte.
My machine is all set up.
Four bobbins are loaded.
Two quilts are basted.

Chloe just doesn't seem to get that I have to quilt them first!

Thread, check.  Needles, check.
Windows thrown open, music is on.

View from the Pumpkin Porch!

Time to go eat this yummy day up!
What's on your sewing menu?

I don't often post family pics but 15 years ago
today, I was bringing this guy into the world.

He's taking all honors courses and has a 
higher-than-4.0 GPA!  Just under 6' and weighing
in at 235, he's an essential part of the starting
offensive line of an undefeated football team.
I'm a proud mom!
I guess I'll be taking a break from quilting
later to bake a cake!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy With My Organizer & a Cricut Giveaway Link

Follow-up on my coupon organizer:

I admit to feeling a tad awkward with it but once
I attached my organizer to the cart, I was sold.  
Phone, coupons, list...all right there.
And when I saw something on sale that we needed, 
I actually had a coupon with me rather than sitting at 
home in the drawer till it expires.  

It was not a major trip to the store but I was still
able to save a few dollars because I had it with me.  

I don't always get in on give-aways but this one
has my interest so I thought I would pass it along.
My old Cricut pales compared to this one!
Not that I'm not happy with it...it would just
be great to get a new one and pass my old one
on to my daughters!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another Basting Day

I decided yesterday's gloriously rainy weather
was perfect for some quilt basting...

...with the door open!

I'm not sure how sane this was as it was
rather cold but the sound of the wind and rain was so
soothing and the fresh air felt great.  Time flew
and quilt #1 is now completely basted.

I moved on to #2, deciding on the table method.
All set up but I had to stop for a little football action.
(another win--both boys' teams are undefeated!)

After the game, I was conned into allowing
take-out to be ordered. Truly.  Conned.
I'm a little disturbed by how well my son 
played me on this but I have to admit:

1)  I was starving.
3)  I wanted to get back to my quilt 

So, because I sort of took part in it, 
I let this behavior go...this time.

I worked on into the evening but, because my 
mother-in-law has been wanting to learn to quilt, I 
left a little for this morning so she could about basting. 
I'm really a terrible teacher, especially when hyped up 
on caffiene, but I am always happy to help others
get sucked into 
to learn about my favorite hobbies.

I would love to say this little productive spurt of mine
will be continuing tomorrow but, alas...
it will not.  Hoping next week will give me a
few free days, too!

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