Friday, July 22, 2016

Next Up...

Another quilt in the making already.
Brutal temps here in the midwest so what else
is there to do but hang out in the sewing room?

Super cute & cheery 6" blocks, all sawtooth stars.
I have always loved stars.
They'll always be my favorite quilt blocks.
They're traditional.  Which fits me.

This gnome fabric is just too cute for words!

Here's a teaser pic; I hope to have the whole
whole quilt top (crib size) done by...tomorrow?
Yep, it's do-able.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Farm Fresh Finish

My Farm Fresh baby quilt is complete.


Sure, there are a few things I would change.
However, I am still very happy with it and,
as Julia says, you should never apologize!
I can't wait to give it away.  

Time to start baby quilt #2...

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Machine Quilting Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh Baby Quilt

A Pinterest search gave me this quilting idea.
Now this is my practice/warm-up so no judging
but I very quickly, and happily, learned that the best
results came from just free-handing it with
the walking foot.  I didn't even need to mark.
This was all the practice I needed before I set to
work on the real deal.

I really recommend this quilting for pinwheels.
I picked it up so quickly, and I couldn't be happier
with how it turned out.
It does require a lot of rotating but, 
with a baby quilt, this is easily handled.
And, I get to add in another quilting
pattern to my list of 
"Quilting I Can Do Easily and Quickly".
I think we all need a list of those!

I'm now left with "what to do?" for my sashing and
borders.  The sashing is only 1 1/4" and the inner 
border is a tiny 3/4".  I decided to sleep on it but I
should have a finished quilt to post tomorrow.
And I work on some better, closer-up pics!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Farm Fresh Baby Quilt Top Complete

One baby quilt top complete!
(Pardon the cell phone pics/poor lighting but
I'd rather sew than mess with photos any day!)

A couple notes:
I somehow mixed up my layout a little bit.
(you know, that layout that you spend way too much
time on what it supposed to be completely random) 
Yes, the layout should've been better,  but it's not
too bad.  Random enough.  The show must go on.
(It really does look better with good lighting!)

Also, my planned border just didn't quite do it
for me so I was left scrambling a bit.
I would have preferred a less-patterned green
for the thin border but I refused to make another
quilt shop run for this.
And besides, I'd just gone the day before to my
favorite one that is, sadly, going out of business!
What?  Who told them they could close?!?
Everyone loves it there!

I love this one that was on display.
The machine quilting is great.

The discount was only 30% and my self-imposed
rule of only shopping my own stash is still on
(sort of!)
but some of these, the Bonnie and Camille line
especially, are so pretty that I don't think they'll ever
see the clearance rack--which is the only place I
allow myself to buy "fabric with no specific purpose
in mind".  Well, that's my excuse and I'm
sticking to it.

It sounds ridiculous to have to force oneself to
get in the quilting room but I did.
A little accomplishment provides a great boost,
however, so hopefully I'll be good to go, sewing away
till fall, when no encouragement is ever necessary.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Little Sewing Room Love: Hitting Up IKEA

I have always wanted just a simple desk to sew on.
Something open with maybe one or two drawers.
My old cabinet was very confining, not to mention 
out of style so during my recent clean-up and
re-organization, I finally just moved it out
completely, thinking this should force the issue.
My ironing table has been the temporary sub.

Because it's just for my sewing room, I didn't
want to spend much so I decided this
might be a good time to finally visit IKEA
Um, good call!
I came away with exactly what I was looking for--
that just doesn't happen very often!
And now that I know what all the IKEA hype is about,
the organizer in me can't wait to go back.

They pack everything amazingly well so I was
even able fit it all in my car (even if it was
a little snug for my daughter back there).
This meant I didn't have to drive my husband's truck--
it's new and very nice but just. too. big!

Back home in the sewing room...

This just looks like too fun to fill up. 
Where's my fabric?!?

Yep, I fit it all in there.
The stash has definitely been getting smaller.
As always, the more I can move out, the more
I will allow myself to buy in Oct on the shop hop.

Note the wonderful dust-blocking doors!

And my desk?
 Exactly what I wanted and more.
Plenty of room for my machine and computer,
which I wasn't expecting.  Plus this great bonus:

A separate compartment in back to keep a power
strip--and all of my cords are nicely hidden away!

I don't like giving up space on my cutting table
for my ironing board but so far it's
been more functional than in the way.  

I do think I'll re-arrange it all eventually but with so
many things attached to the wall, this will be an
all-day chore that will include some patching and
painting.  That with a couple more minor fix-ups
to go (new window treatment and ironing board cover)
and my room will be all set for my favorite
sewing season--fall!
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