31 October 2013

Halloween Welcome

Welcome to our front porch on 
a rainy fall day.  

As always, I've grown plenty of gourds 
and pumpkins to decorate with.

Warm, cozy tones make up my favorite colors 
so fall has always been my favorite time of year.
Or maybe it's the other way around?

I love the view out of the front door and 
windows of our home.

Rain pouring out of leaf-filled gutters!
Hard to keep up with them at this time of year.

The view out of my sewing room window 
isn't bad either.  

It reminds me of how it used to look
around here when I was little...if I put in a dirt
road instead of the 4-lane paved, take out the 
street signs and some of the power lines...
In the far distance is a creek hidden among the 
trees, along with some very friendly farm 
neighbors--just a few left of an era almost gone.

A very quick post to say
Happy Halloween!
More tomorrow!

26 October 2013

Have You Seen The Price of Quilting Machines Lately?

Who doesn't want a long-arm?
But have you seen the price tag on those things?

I need some help.

I've always wanted a long-arm quilting machine
but never let the thought go much farther than that.
They're expensive and take up a lot of space.


But you know what?  I've done some hard thinking 
over the last few weeks and I'm pretty sure it's time
to take the big leap.  The kids are getting older,
and I'm getting more serious about quilting.

This set-up is $2600...too little?

Now, sure I'd love a great dreamy machine
but I'm a little more practical than that.  
Where do you start with a "first quilting machine"?
And let's leave out the dreamy ones;
let's say you have a cap of $5K
and would really love to do half that.
Anyone have one they love?
What do you look for?

(Ok, I was going to put a bunch of different machines
in this post but, frankly, I just don't know where to start!)

Used ones seem to be hard to find,
and I think I want the support
that comes with a new one.

DH would like me to find a basic but
nice machine and then later get the frame.
And I'm sure I want a metal frame.

And hey, maybe I'll want the computer
add-on in a few years?

24 October 2013

And On To The WIPs

Well, that's it for the finishes during my absence.
I suppose not a lot but I'm very happy with them
considering all that's gone on this year.

Now how about some works in progress?
First up:

I whipped this top out last week.
Please know that the coloring seems to be just so 
bland in my pic but most of those fabrics are fun 
30's colors, along with some 40's, 50's-ish.
Basically, a random retro....which sounds kind
 of like a good name now that I think about it!

I've set it aside on my "to-be-quilted" pile...
which will be elaborated on in my next post.

Btw, if you recognize it, it's a free pattern that a 
quilt magazine sent out with their ad several 
years ago...not that you'd need a "pattern" for this one.

22 October 2013

Scrappy Stars

First, if you wanted to know the pattern of the quilt of my 
last post, the link to the book can be found here.  
The name of the pattern is Double Star Crossing.
(Fyi, Robyn, your email came back undeliverable?)

Now, onto another finish:  Scrappy Stars. 
If you will recall, I did a Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along 
 last year  about 2 years ago (time flies!). 
I think this is the post of when I first started this one, 
and sometime after that I had a full-blown scrap attack 
(still undergoing therapy...)
and just chucked most of what I had.  
(relax, they went to a good place)
I had a rule to use ONLY fabric from my 
overflowing scrap basket. 

This summer, I did finally get it all put together.
I can't say I'm overly fond of a few of those blocks, 
but it is certainly a testament to what one can do 
with just scraps.  This lap-sized quilt is now 
at my mom's house, hopefully giving her some 
comfort as she's struggling to find it these days.

Another Happily Ever After

You know how some projects just keep getting
put aside?  I lost track of how many years ago
I started this one (4?) but it's always been my favorite.
It just pieced together so well, is made up 
of some great fabrics and has a lot of my 
favorite colors.

This is a bit of a double "happily ever after".
A friend of mine, who had been a single mom for 
quite some time, found Mr. Right last year.

Suddenly having a purpose, the ufo came out of 
hiding, had a great time being quilted and
is now sitting happily on the newly-wedded 
couple's bed as an accent quilt.
(it's about 90X62--I forget)
And everyone is living happily ever after. 

20 October 2013

Time to Get Caught Back Up

It's been forever since I posted a finish.
(Happily, I have several!)
We'll start off with the Schnibbles quilt 
"Summer Day" that I began well over a year ago.

My sister (a florist) just loved the fabrics when 
I first bought the charm packs so, 
as any quilter would, I made a mental note.
When I finally completed it this past June,
it became the perfect thank-you gift for all
of her floral work for my daughter's wedding.

You can barely see her but she's holding it up
so that should give you an idea of how big it is.  
Basically a lap quilt.

It may have taken awhile but 
at least it had a happy ending!

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