29 May 2020

Farmer's Wife #17--Another X2 Friday,

I'm kind of all over the place with these Friday's.

I skipped last week so I have four blocks today.
It's a good thing I'm nearing the half-way point; I'm
not sure there has been a Farmer's Wife sewing session
that hasn't left me questioning this whole endeavor.
But then I think about the slow process
of quilting just a century ago.  
Rotary cutters and mats, strip piecing and
other speedy methods, handy tools--I love you all!

No speedy methods here but onward I go.

Block #43

This one is an odd design to me.  
It was not easy!  I ended up ripping several times.
There's nothing like a picture to exaggerate any imperfections;
outside of that, I'm deciding to be happy with the construction.

Block #44

This one flew together and I've decided it's one of those
blocks that I like enough put into a quilt.

Block #45

I should've done a better job on this one but I had a big
squirrel issue:  new fabric arrived in the mail and I flew
through it.  Some of those not-so-lined-up points
would've likely been redone on another day in my sewing
room but....not this day!  So, sorry-not-sorry,
this one's a wee bit wonky.  I'd like to think that
everytime I see it, I remember that's the day I got
10 yards of fun fabric (mostly 30's) in the mail!

Block #46

I thought it was time to throw in some black again
but looking at it on my computer, it sure looks bright!
It's really not in person and I think it will provide
some interest...I hope.

Till next Friday,
Happy quilting!

18 May 2020

More To-Do's Checked Off

I hope everyone's weather has been as
fantastic as ours!  The rain stopped and it
has been perfect out!  Fall is my favorite
season but days like these make me wonder
if spring might...Nah, love me some autumn!
But it is absolutely beautiful and it makes
it very hard to be in the house sewing.
That being said, I didn't do too badly this week,
granted I kept the to-do's on the lighter side.

1) Ombre Lattice quilt:  Finish all blocks

Bearing in mind the major jelly roll issue I have,
 I got all possible blocks made and am now needing
to hit the LQS for at least 5 more shades.
I'm not sure I'll be using every block up there.
The shades I find will determine this.

2)  Farmer's Wife: Two more blocks


Oops, only one.
Blaming this on the great weather.

3) Start on 30's quilt

I made a lot of progress here!

First, I pulled all of my 30's fabrics out.

These were the main two featured in my other 30's quilt.
This quilt needs to be pretty similar so I'm repeating.
I'm just crossing my fingers there is enough
of that green to put on the back as well.

The rest of my 30's stash is pretty scrappy so I did
some bargain shopping online and now have eight
new fabrics (1 yd each) arriving next week.

I also sketched up the general idea on the EQ8 but
these blocks are subject to change.  I will also likely
put a piano key border in there somewhere.
Again, this is just a rough idea.
I am curious what everyone thinks of putting that
block in the border corners.  I know it's usually
a different size and/or even a different block but to
bring this to a queen sized quilt, the border ended up
being exactly 8" so I threw that chain block in there.
I kind of like it.  Thoughts?

Here is the first of 32 chain blocks made up.

4) Knitting:  Scarf progress

I did a little bit but I have yet to grab a progress pic.

 A few other things, non-quilty/knitty
(well, one thing very quilty):

A newspaper/straw barrier down on my tomatoes
and put up a fence to keep the chickens from
tearing through it all (they love straw!).

I also pulled this rock path, raised it up a couple inches
and got it put back down--a little more level this time.
This included digging up all flowers and replanting
them, along with some different ones.  I have space
left to add in more (soon!).

It looks so much better....in real life--sigh.
I also took out all but a few of the iris;
they'll thicken back up in no time.
(Between the bunnies and the chickens, I just go
ahead and put fence around everything.
Not as pretty but it sure avoids the frustration!)

I struggle to toss anything landscape-worthy
so I put the iris on the side of the chicken run
where they should do just as well.

The girls got a new coop sign, by the way.
"The Breakfast Club"

Overall the garden is doing very well.  I'm now picking
strawberries daily--they're so flavorful!

The YMCA has opened in limited capacity so I have
started doing some strengthening on the machines
with the help of my DS who's really into all of that.
Here's hoping that helps with some of my issues.

Lastly, a friend and I took a short road trip to two
smaller-town quilt shops.  Sadly, neither had
my ombre confetti fabric but I still scored at
my favorite $5 clearance rack:

Left to right:
2 grays:  West Point quilts
2 creams:  both Henry Glass fabrics that are in my
Farmer's Wife quilt; this is super because I was
running out of background fabrics.  YAY!
White & brown dot:  6+ yards, background for something.

I snapped just a few pics for those of you who
are starving for some LQS time.

This next one is not really my style but I
admire the work put into it:

Moving on to next week's to-do's:

1) Purchase fabrics to finish remaining ombre lattice blocks.
I know they have them at one of the LQS's here.
I just haven't made it out there yet.

2) Farmer's Wife: two blocks
(three would be better to make up for this week!)

3) 30's quilt: cut out all chain blocks while working
on QAL pics and directions.  See how many I can
get pieced up.

4) Evening knitting: this just isn't a priority but I don't
want it to go "UFO" so just any progress is good.

And with that, I am off for some actual coffee shop time!
Things are opening up and life is heading back to
some sort of normal...whatever that is anymore.
Looking forward to checking in with this week's to-do
link up.  It's always encouraging and inspiring to see
what everyone is making!

Happy gardening and quilting!

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16 May 2020

Farmer's Wife Friday, er, Saturday

I delayed this post a bit, hoping I'd get a second
block made but the weather has just been way too nice.
We all know by now that when that happens,
I'm going to be outside.  Unlike a farmer's wife
(or daughter--I have more experience at that),
I can usually pick and choose when I want to work outside!  

Block #42

(Excuse the little snippet--didn't see that!)

For all of these blocks I have been using Kim Diehl and
Henry Glass fabric collections but I'm starting to run out of
backgrounds.  However, I just found 2 of the ivories hanging
out on a clearance rack (more on that next Tuesday).
That should tide me over for awhile; now if I could

just find a few more!

Happy quilting!

12 May 2020

Mid-May To-Do's

Is it really May?  Because it feels a whole lot like March.
We're getting so much rain!  Everything is so
wonderfully green but yesterday I had to kick the furnace
on to take the chill out of the house.  It's going to
steadily warm up but the rain is here to stay all week.
Excellent quilting weather.
But first I did some house cleaning and baked
cinnamon bagels and French bread.
And then cooked up a big pot of seafood chowder.
(Other excellent things to do on cold, rainy days!)

Time to check in on last week's to-do's:

1) Ombre lattice quilt:  Keep going.  

I didn't get a huge amount done but I definitely
"kept going".  To add to the two full blocks that
I already completed, I put the black corners on all
remaining centers. 

There are 4 sections of each color in the above pic so I have
a little more completed than there appears.
I'm making these assembly-line style but
these are on their way to looking like my first two:

2)  Farmer's Wife:  Two blocks, maybe more?
Even better:  I made four.

#38 & 39

#40 & #41

3) Evening knitting:  Pick up the pace and get a pic.
Um....next time!

4) Maybe start a new quilt
Not yet but I have been narrowing it down:

Firstly, I've been asked to make a 30's quilt like my
previous one (made last year) but in a queen size.
I should probably get this started right away.

I also want to get more West Point-themed quilts
made for my Etsy site.  The class of '24 has been
chosen and those moms are looking for items
for their homes and for their cadets-to-be so I really
need to get those made as soon as possible.

And for something fun, easy and scrap-busting: 

This Inman Park quilt caught my eye on Instagram.
Wouldn't this make a fun quilt-in-a-day project?
One of those days you set aside for ONLY sewing!
(That sounds like so much fun I feel like
scheduling it right now on my calendar!)

5) Finish hanging things in sewing room
Well, I didn't get that done but I did finally get
my new design wall put up which is awesome.

Other things not so quilty/crafty:
Weeding and general gardening; I got
newspaper and straw/mulch barriers down and
mulched remaining flower and herb gardens.

We're actually down to the last few loads of Mt. Mulch!

I'm picking lettuces and radishes now, and
I'm still cutting a bundle of asparagus daily.
(bundle=usu more than I can hold in one hand)
Any spear smaller than a pencil is left to go to fern
so that it grows larger next year.  I started
this patch about 15 years ago.
I'd have to check my garden journal for that one.
Update/correction:  I checked--17 years!  WOW!

I also painted the more weathered areas of the coop.
Basically, I go from one project to another out there
when the weather is nice!  There is always something--
okay, there are always many things out there
that need/want my attention.

I'm looking forward to these ripening up next week.

And moving on to next week, here are my to-do's:

1) Ombre Lattice quilt:  Finish all blocks

2)  Farmer's Wife: Two more blocks

3) Start on 30's quilt

4) Knitting:  Scarf progress

And that ought to do it.  I'm keeping it simpler this time
because I also want to make some time for reading
and painting that kitchen when it warms up.

Happy quilting!
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08 May 2020

Farmer's Wife Friday #15 & My New Wall

It finally happened:  I skipped a FW Friday.
As usual, spring has brought all kinds of yard
and garden work so I chose to skip last week's
Farmer's Wife sewing.
The weather was so nice that I wanted to take
advantage of it.  Age and experience teach these
things and now that I'm looking at a forecast
of rain and colder temps, I'm feeling quite wise.
Truth be told, I'm feeling rather aged as well
but that's not really a good thing.  Ha!

I've tried to make up for lost time so today I have
six blocks to share.  SIX!  I think that's my record!

This one was the hardest so far.
Here's the before:

And the after.

Not perfect but after putting in hours on this
little guy, I'll take it.


This one had 64 pieces, and traditional piecing.

If it weren't for the fact that I'm trying to use
up charm pieces and scraps in this quilt,
I'd have made these HST's in a faster way.
But it was a cold, rainy day out there and
with nothing else pressing (besides the iron),
tedious piecing wasn't the worst thing to be doing.

These next three were fun and a big
breath of fresh air after the above blocks.
One aspect of this quilt that makes it so fun
is that I get to try out so many blocks that I'd likely
 never get to.  There have been more than a few
that, upon their finish, I found myself thinking,
"I'd like to make a whole quilt of these!"
But bigger blocks, of course.  Maybe, say,
8- or 10-inch?  Or maybe use them in the
border corners some time?  Hmm.
File that thought away.




And now, with all this over-achieving,
I decided I have earned another look at how
the entire project is going:

Wahoo--37% of the way done!
This has me wondering what color would be best
for the sashing.  I can think of several options
but if I want to tone this thing down, I guess it
must be a light cream?

And what is that!?!

That's right--I finally got a design wall to play on.
This angle makes it look crooked on the right but
it really isn't.  I do think I'm going to have to pin the sides
and bottom.  I had hubs make just a top "holding strip"
that can also display finished quilts so I don't want
the felt permanently affixed to the wall.  I couldn't do this
using insulation boards, which might have been my real
preference but I also don't have room for them.  I weighed
the pros and cons of everything and went this route.

Happy quilting, and may you get lots
done on your current project this weekend!
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