31 December 2019

2019 Quilt Re-Cap

Time to look over the year's projects.
Sixteen quilts completed and only
one UFO--my "ongoing" project.
(I really should pull that back out soon.)

In some ways I feel like I should've gotten a few more
made but we had some major events occur and
quite a bit of travel so maybe I should just
call it great that I got this much done.

First Breath of Dawn

Finished 1-15
For our bed

Finished 2-21-19

The Scrappy Mini Blocks

Still going...

Completed 4-5

Second West Point Quilt
From BEAST to Butter Bars

Completed 8-10
For son

Completed 3-1
For daughter

Completed 5-20-19
Gift for son's coach

72 X 82
Completed 9-24

Autumn Nights (Star Patch #2)

85 X 96
Completed 10-21

Dresden Quilt

84 X 84
Completed 12-29
If you missed this one, check out yesterday's post.

Baby Quilt #1:  Pooh

47 X 47
Completed 9-3

Baby Quilt #2:  Chandelier

42 X 54
Completed 9-24
Gift for granddaughter

Matching fabric baskets
Completed 12-20

60 X 67
Completed 11-9
gift for grandson

Snow on the Farm

92 X 109
Completed 12-11
For our bed

Coffee Theme Quilt

72 X 72
Completed 12-19

30's Sampler

59 X 76
Completed 9-3

Table Runner

12 X 33
Completed 10-15
(birthday gift) 

Scrap Happy Wall Hanging

40 X 40
Completed 10-11

Monthly Banners
January through May completes the set

March complete 3/1  April completed 4/2

May completed 5/5

With that, 2019 is officially down in the books.
Anyone have a favorite?  Do I have a favorite?
That's tough.  I think it's my son's second
West Point quilt--the one I took up to him--because it has
so much meaning and some of my own designing in it.
He told me the other day that other cadets are still
telling him how "cool" it is.
I also really love the fall quilts and Snow on the Farm
turned out prettier than I ever thought--and I get to
look at it every single day.
The coach's quilt was really fun to give, and then there
are the two quilts for my grandkids:  I saw the I-Spy
this past weekend when my daughter brought it over
for her son to play on and I kind of did a double-take.
It's not my usual style but it turned out so cool-looking!
Another one of those "picture doesn't do it justice" things.

Looking back always makes me want to plan ahead!

Merry Christmas, happy New Year & happy quilting!

(quilt pattern info on 2019 tab)

30 December 2019

But Wait! There's One More!

Just when I thought I was done for the year
I remembered I had one on the back burner.

To finish the year out by actually finishing everything,
I decided to quilt up my Dresden Chain.

Quilt #16 is complete.
I had no idea I made that many!
(not counting monthly banners, table runners etc)

And here I was thinking
"You know, there's no reason I couldn't get
one quilt per month made in 2020..."
 Looking at that track record
maybe I should shoot for TWO a month?

Just kidding.
But 24 quilts would be amazing.

Now after the holiday fun, the last-minute quilting, etc
I was all ready to settle in for some fireside time.
Just reading or whatever.
But then the LQS sent out an email....oh those darned sales!

10, 8.5 and 9.5 yds, respectively

These don't seem that great until I explain why I bought them:
#1 My MIL needs a backing for her first quilt.
She's still in that "I can't pick out fabric" phase so I thought
I'd nudge her along.  This might be perfect, it might not.
Either way, I can always use it, esp at $5/yd.
#2 Yes, it's Christmas fabric but I think I can stretch that.
Possible background or backing. $5/yd
#3 I have some West Point fabric that needs to go into
 a few quilts soon so I'm always watching for gray.

More on those WP fabrics in my next post but
here's one of them next to my gray.  Grays can be funny,
Somehow, I've found myself working with them in a lot
of quilts over the last two years and I guess I've gotten them
figured out.  I pulled the WP fabric out when I got
home and yep, perfect match.
It would be awesome if this would back two twin quilts.
A whopping $4/yd for designer fabric.  Moda.
I rock.

And I really, really wanted to buy more $4/yd fabric but my
stash is plenty big and I had no specific plans.  I decided
to spread some holiday cheer and leave it all for others.
So kind. ;o)

Happy quilting in what's left of 2019.

26 December 2019

Fabric Bins to Match Baby Quilt

A quick post today.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!
Keep your tree up and keep celebrating!
It is still Christmas!
For at least 12 days.  And if you're a true traditional,
till the Feast of the Baptism.

Remember this baby quilt from a couple months ago?
Now that everything is unwrapped I wanted to show
the fabric baskets I made to go with it.

Instructions for various kinds of baskets are all over pinterest,
every one of them saying "easy."  They weren't kidding.
In about an hour you can get two of them whipped out.
Being short on time, I picked simple ones but had I known
just how easy, I'd have chosen ones with handles.

Once upon a time,
I loved sewing anything.  Now if it's not a quilt,
I'm more ho-hum about the other stuff.  Once I get into it,
though, I enjoy it--and it's good to be reminded of that.

The pattern I used was from Birch Fabrics Blog.

It has me thinking that from now on, when I give a baby
quilt that exactly matches the nursery, I should always
make some storage baskets to go along with it.

Who's already thinking about what to make in 2020?
Merry Christmas and happy quilting!

20 December 2019

Coffee & Cream Quilt Wraps Up 2020

My last quilt of the year is all wrapped up.
The plan is to secretly slip it under the Christmas tree when
visiting my friend (recovering from surgery) early next week.
 Hopefully the food I'm taking over will make a good
distraction while I play Mrs. Claus.  Even better if I
can get my hubs or a son to help out.

For the quilting design I again used the swirls to give
the appearance of steam hovering over the cups.

When I found these black/cream fabrics on clearance
I thought they'd be perfect for a two-tone quilt so I took all
they had.  I'm so glad!  I love the flowery-vine on the
back and they both help give the quilt a softer,
 more feminine look that I want for this friend.
I still have some left of each for that two-tone...
some day.  ;o)

Anybody else wrapping up 2019's last quilt?

Happy quilting!

17 December 2019

Time for Some Quilting in the SNOW

Bring on the winter wonderland!

Knowing what was coming, I popped awake
in the middle of the night to check things out.
It was already turning white at 2 am.
(young at heart!)
A few hours later--still early--I was up and out in it.
People think it's easy for me to enjoy the snow
just because I don't have to get out in it.
I usually choose to be out in it, granted, but I still like it! 
I will agree that it's easier to enjoy from home.

Especially when I get to do things like this.

How about some beautiful music to go with it:

So, so pretty especially with the fluffy flakes
falling all around as I look out every window!

That's my sunroom off to the left where I quilt--till
someday I take over one of the bedrooms upstairs.
I prefer the view where it's at immensely but we really
want our sunroom back for reading.  And it was
always the best spot for the Christmas tree.

Happy holiday quilting!

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