Two Snow Day Books

While looking through the Moda Block Heads posts
 (they've really got my attention lately!)
I came across an adorable little book panel and,
like any good grandma, I snatched it right up.

~Spoiler alert to my daughter~
You might want to stop reading here.

It's not a quilt but once in a great while I can be lured into
sewing other things.  The snowmen are cute enough but this
also comes with a quiet matching and building activity.
I liked it so much that I bought two because...
well, because I'm me, I guess.

Moda Snow Day

These took quite a bit more time to make than I had planned
but I did choose to make two at once (all those little pieces
had fronts and backs, velcro to apply, etc). 

The snowmen in the book also get Velcro.
Aren't these just the cutest?

A cute pocket on the back cover to keep all
the pieces in and handles to carry the book with
just make this a perfect toy to keep a young
toddler happily occupied when out and about.

One will be for our granddaughter's first birthday in
late October.  (Yep, I'm that far on top of things!)

Two friends are becoming first-time grandmothers
and another just found out she's expecting her own
little late "surprise" (so happy for them!).  I really hope
I am able to find some of the coordinating fabric that
moda came out with last June because it would make
the best gift combo for one of these friends.

Which leads me right into my next projects on the
queue:  baby quilts.   Clearly I need to get some made!
I currently have Mount Batting* under my cutting table
and he needs to be taken down to at least a large hill.
The Snow Day books used a few smaller pieces but
I have lots that are large enough for baby quilts.
It's time to get a few of these made
before those babies arrive.  

I think the chandelier pattern is where I'm heading
first.  It's fun, fairly quick and sets off fabrics
really well.  And perhaps the best part?   Choosing
those fabrics can be a stash-busting activity.

*I'm not against patching batting, btw.  I've done it,
and I think it's a great thrifty way to use it up but
I just prefer to do other projects with it if I can.

Happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said…
Cute little books. Perfect "grandma" gift. Sometimes it is fun to sew something non-quiltly.
That is a cute book. I might have to check it out.