Splash Rotary Cutter Give-Away

Today is the day!
*Update:  This giveaway is now closed.
Because I already have one and because I want to
show my followers a little love, I've decided to give
an Olfa Splash rotary cutter to one lucky follower.
You can read about it on my post here.
Basically, I scored it because I buy fabric in
game-winning rotary-cutter-winning amounts.

But first I want to share some snow pics.
It started melting all too quickly (again!) but
I so enjoyed yesterday's snow--all day long!
So many times I looked out to see those big, fluffy flakes!
(No melting today, tho--it's bitter cold out there.)

I finally got to put some snow boots on.
(I don't think I wore them once last year.)
It was too perfect of an opportunity so I took more
pics of my latest quilt, though it was a little dark.

I know I've posted plenty about Snow Love but I got
a little excited when able to get pics in the snow
with it snowing on my snow quilt.

Okay, I'll move on but there are a few
more on Instagram (@cheree4884).

Next, a little update on what I've been
getting done in the sewing room:

I have one of the baby quilt tops done.
I may love winter and snow but these florals
are so pretty and cheery to work with.

The backing and batting are both ready so I'll be
loading it up soon.  I'm kind of hoping I get it done
before the next Tuesday To-Do link-up but we'll see.

Baby quilt #2

To be honest, I really could've gotten the other
two quilts sewn up today but I kept playing with
snow pictures and looking at the snow and so on.
Btw, if you need one, a chandelier pattern can be found
in Vanessa Goertzen's book Charm School Quilts; I
believe there are also some floating around Pinterest.

Because of my playing around yesterday, I have a lot on
my plate today.   If I'm going to make it to the knitting 
group tonight and be ready for Farmer's Wife Friday, I
really need to get busy so, without further ado...

Alrighty!  Who needs a new rotary cutter?

To be entered into my little drawing, you must be a
follower of my blog.  (The sign up is up there on the right.)
Please comment below, saying you're a follower and
include a story of a mishap you may have had with a
rotary cutter.  This could be with your fingers, your fabric
or even, God-forbid, your newly-finished quilt.  If you really
don't have one, that's okay.  Just say you're a follower
but we all love to read quilt stories, just sayin'.
If you are "no-reply" please leave your email address
or I won't be able to notify you if you are chosen. 

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Instagram Bonus Entry
For a second entry, head over to my Instagram and
become a follower there.  Then come back and note in a
second comment that you're now following on Instagram.
That's it.
May the best quilter win!  I will leave this
open for a week at which point I'm going to be
really hi-tech and have the hubs pick a random
number off the top of his head from however many
entries there are.  I will email the winner next Friday
and let everyone know by the weekend.

It makes me sad to leave followers from other countries
out but due to shipping costs, this is for US residents only.

Happy quilting!

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Debbie said…
Love your Chandelier blocks. This will be a really cute baby quilt.
Joyful Quilter said…
Don't enter me in the contest, I already have an Olfa Splash cutter. Glad you finally got to play in the snow. I haven't had any bad experiences with a rotary cutter but I have been known to bop people on the head if they leave theirs open.
annemarie said…
I definitely need a new cutter - mine suffered its own mishap - a slow death. The piece that attached the blade has just disintegrated. I have followed your blog for years for a long time and so enjoy all your work and following your family - I know you are so proud of your cadet!
annemarie said…
I follow you on instagram!
I'm a follower here on the blog. I had a little mishap with a cutter and the tip of my finger that FORCED?? me to get a glove. But the real scare was when I dropped it with blade exposed and the dog nearly got hit. Scared me to death.
Happy Valentines Day. Glad you liked the snow. I would be happy never to see another flake.
xx, Carol
Needled Mom said…
I love that Chandelier pattern. Does running over the corner of my block loc ruler count. It took the corner of my expensive ruler off. Grrr.
That is going to be a cute baby quilt. We're supposed to be getting some snowflakes this morning but it will all turn to rain by noon (and melt the snow we still have). I'm not on Instagram. With my very first rotary cutter, I didn't know to check the screw that holds the blade in place. It came loose, and I 'caught' the rotary blade with my fingers OUCH! Thank goodness it could have been much worse. Now I check and tighten that screw every other cut.
Ellee said…
Love your snow pics. I'm a new follower and look forward to reading your posts. My mishap was when I cut off a corner of a block when it somehow got tucked under where I was cutting. Fortunately I had enough extra fabric to repair the block. -- soparkaveataoldotcom