06 September 2021

Tuesday To-Do #32

Another busy day ahead so hopping right to it!

Last Week's To-Do's
* Finally finish quilting Positively Fearless--DONE
* Finish fall quilt top--PROGRESS
* Load West Point--DONE

Well this was sure a long-time coming but yep,
it's finally finished!  It's too windy out for a good
pic so, for now, just a few from the sewing room.

I am so happy with that Lorien's Sweet Pea pantograph!

The flange around the quote pane.l took a 
little special care when quilting.

Speaking of extra care, I failed to take into account
the slightly-noticeable direction in the background
fabric when placing the setting triangles in my
churn-dash quilt.  The ripping set my progress back
a little so this is as far as I got.  It might have
looked okay if I'd left it but okay isn't what I'm after
and I'm very glad I fixed it.  Now I can sleep at night,
if you know what I mean.

Next week:
Quilt West Point: start quilting
Churn Dash: start on borders

Tuesday-To-Do is now being hosted by 
Texas Quilt Gal so hop on over, see what
other motivated list-makers are up to
and then link up your own to-do's!

Happy quilting!

01 September 2021

September Monthly Goal

Hallelujah it's my favorite month!
(Even if it does mean I'll be turning 50!)

On this glorious first day of September I'm coming
at you with a rare latte in hand and sporting a 
fall-themed tee.  And now that the tone is set,
I'm linking up to
to submit my intent for the month:

To finish this fall beauty (still unnamed):

This, along with 2 others very close to completion,
will all be hitting my shop this month.

Those make up just some of my many goals for
September--it is going to be a very busy month!
I'm joining a blog hop--for the first time ever--and
will be sharing a teensy little leaf quilt for that.
(One that I haven't even started on yet!)
My day to share will be September 21 but
the blog hop, "I'm Falling For You"
is hosted by Moose-Stash Quilting,
and runs from September 20th through 24th.
Please plan on joining us--and frankly, I could use
a little love as I do my best to up my blog game.

Also this month, hubs and I both will hit 50 and
take a vacay to celebrate.  This is a slightly different
kind of vacay and should be loads of fun.  I plan on
sharing all the details and pics so watch for that,
especially if you're a foodie!  And we're also planning
a great little celebration with friends when we get back!

We will have family visiting and likely a quick
visit from the cadet!  Actually, lots of cadets!
More on that to come as it unfolds.

If you aren't a follower, please feel free to sign up by
email, bloglovin' and/or even over at Instagram
where I often post different updates than here.

Happy September and happy quilting!

31 August 2021

OMGoal Link Up: August Goal Complete

A quick post to catch the August finales.

My August monthly goal was to finish my
West Point quilt top (still unnamed).


The blocks were all sewn together and borders
were added to bring this up to a good size.
I have the entire "sandwich" ready to be
loaded up on the longarm, likely today even,
just after I finish the last few passes on my
Positively Fearless.

The mojo is coming back well, and just in time.
Lots of projects to get to within what is already
shaping up to be a very busy fall!

See you all tomorrow with those September goals.
I'm in love with mine so it'll be a joy to work toward!

Happy quilting!

2021 Tuesday To-Do #31

Today is an exciting day for me.
While I strive to be grateful in any season
for "the time we've been given" 
(to quote a favorite movie--anyone?),
oh my gosh do I love to say goodbye to
August...and Hello to September!

(photo credit unknown)

Personally, I couldn't wait so, after my latest Etsy
order (pictured below) showed up
(I'm beginning to show signs of an obsession)
and I got all excited, I figured it was close enough.
Out came a pumpkin t-shirt (even though it hit 93').

No, it is not pictured.  Yes, I have *that* many.
One of the newbies will help me
officially usher in September tomorrow.

What did I get done this week?
Outside of a million other non-blog-related things,
I did get this done on my current project:

Just look at that beauty.
The setting triangles are all ready to go on
but I have some decisions to make.

As a reminder, here is the original.
Do I want that outer patched border?  Or do I put on
a print border that brings it all together?  Likely going
 with the patched because I have plenty of pieces left and
 i don't know that my stash can ante up on the print.
My other decision is what black to use on the two outer
borders (red in pic) because, aside from the piecing, I'm out.
Might even have to run to the store.  Sigh.

Repeat Offenders
Good news!  After putting it off for weeks, I'm very
close to finishing the quilting on Positively Fearless.
(My friend didn't get back to me on needing the LA so,
for better or worse, I wasn't pushed to finish quickly.)

I'm so happy to be back in the quilting mode!
Just a few passes left and then I'll move on to finish
the West Point as well.  I received the most beautiful
compliment (blushing!) from my last sale so I am very
 motivated to get these listed!  It makes it so worth it
to hear the work is truly appreciated!

Mini Quilts
Still awaiting Pam Buda's next mini, I've been
envisioning a teensy little leaf quilt, or three.
We'll see what evolves there..


Things are sad in the garden.  
Rabbits.  'Nuff said. 
(But really?  With all the vegetation around
you couldn't even wait till they ripened?!?)
Btw, if you zoom in above the right pumpkin
(a blue jurrhadale), you'll see the teensy little white
tail of a teensy little demon--I mean, rabbit.

 After the interest I got about making my
 corn [cob] broth, I have to share this recipe that
Marie over at Proud Italian Cook posted last week:

I love how she tosses the cobs in while things are
simmering to get that extra, creamy corn flavor!
I'm dying to know how it is so if anyone makes it,
please let me know.  Us gardeners usually have a surplus
of zucchini now and possibly still some red potatoes
so right into my "Garden Cooking" board it went. 

Why don't I make it?  I'm putting it off for now because, after
a summer of just maintaining. I'm getting back to dropping
a few more pounds and the bacon and cream in this chowder
are not allowed.  Hopefully in a few weeks....

Next Week's To-Do's
* Finally finish quilting Positively Fearless
* Finish fall quilt top
* Load West Point

What have all you to-do'ers been up to this week?
And if you're not a to-do'er...um...why not?
You make a list, you do the things, you post the
things you did.  Ba-bam.  Join us all over at
Chris Knits and get the things done!
Happy Quilting!

24 August 2021

2021 Tuesday To-Do #30

Hello and welcome to another Tuesday To-Do
link-up with Chris Knits.  

I got a little busy with some housework and
a dinner last week so the only quilt progress
I made was on my Fall Churn project.
 (I'll come up with a name soon.  Thinking...)

I completed the remaining blocks and added
a good portion of the sashing. 
(The pattern I'm following is shown here.)
Next came a lot of cutting and piecing--basically,
much to-do but nothing to show for it...yet.

I really wanted something to show so I hit the sewing
room last night and with QA watching my every move,
I got one of borders completed.
(I rarely sew at night anymore but I sure used to!)

A night pic taken directly under a light so the fabrics
look pretty bright but this is my teaser.
Stay tuned!

I've had another sale so my  Autumn Shimmer quilt
is heading to New York.  They have such beautiful
autumns up there so the fabrics in this quilt should
be perfect for their fall decor.

This might be my favorite backing ever.

I will miss it but I'm also happy it will be put to use.
I can't wait to hear how she likes it in person!

We missed seeing that New York autumn last year
but we're heading up soon to see it, and the cadet
of course--can't wait!  Taking the in-laws even!
But meanwhile, I have GOT to get more quilts listed!
Where does the time go?  Really?!
My digressing doesn't help...

So, on the list for next week are the repeat offenders
and my current fall project, which is likely to end up on
Etsy.  Actually, all three of my projects are set for that.

Repeat Offenders


Both the Positively Fearless and West Point #2 are
still just waiting on quilting.  If I would just buckle
down, I could knock those out in a couple days.
But the churn quilt has my full attention

This will grow quickly and I should have lots
to show next time.  Because it's just so fun!
Fall colors! 
Meanwhile, keep an eye on my Instagram for updates.

Happy quilting!

23 August 2021

Final Positivity Link Up: The Finishes

Just a quick check in today for the

My takes on Positivity, while keeping the
modern design, use warmer and slightly
more traditional fabrics.

"Cinnamon Latte"
(Lorien's Sweet Pea pantograph)

 Not knowing if the recipient would be a man,
woman or whole family, I wanted it universal so
I chose a rusty-orange and gray scheme.
(Inspired by the Smoke & Rust line by Moda)
This has been donated to Mercyful Quilts.

"Positively Fearless"
To be quilted in Lorien's Sweet Pea

Positively Fearless is still  "to be finished" but
a friend wants to use my LA so I'm going to
have get it finished asap--as in tomorrow.

This will likely end up on my Etsy site.
(The proceeds from those quilts go to charity.)
Check back soon to see this one finished up.

Happy quilting!
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