Two Quilt Finishes! To-Do Tuesday

What a great creative week I had!
I hope all you Tuesday-To-Do'ers did too!
And everyone else as well.

My Snow Love quilt is finished!

78 X 78

Snow Love took three days to quilt up due to its complicated
pattern.  Between my back and the fact that there were
multiple times I felt like my eyes were going to cross, I took
a lot of breaks.  I so wanted to do at least a decent job!

I have some spots that aren't so great but overall,
I'm really happy with the way it turned out on my
practice run at it.  "Practice" meaning it's just for us.
It's already hanging out in our bedroom.

Because some friends showed interest, I decided to
take a go at a tutorial for the Snow Love quilt.
This is fairly new territory for me.  I'm giving it my
best shot and hope it's okay.  That should be out
here on my blog in the next few days, though I'm
not sure if I can figure out the fabric requirements.
I like to mention often that I don't math.

My other quilt finish is a Christmas gift.
Yep, it's February and I've got a Christmas gift done.
Who's rockin' it this year?!?

Farm Fresh 80 X 80

If you were with me a while back you know I had some
limited-fabric issues but I made do and it turned out alright.
Btw, there is a light brown up there that
shows up much better in person.

This was another new-to-me quilting pattern.
Again, not perfect but it usually takes me a quilt
or two to get a lot of them down well.

Two tops quilted up and completely finished!
Completing just one was a Tuesday To-Do!

Moving on....
I've finally started doing Instagram and having a lot
of fun with it.  I'm seeing so much inspiration from so many
favorite sources (fabric designers, bloggers, publishers, etc).
I would love to have you follow me here if you do Instagram.
Quilts, fabric, chickens...oh, and garden pics in a month or so.

I got two Farmer's Wife blocks made...

(Also, a Tuesday To-Do)
No, they didn't turn out so hot but I'm moving on.
In 110 blocks, exactly how noticeable will these issues be?

I did some evening/weekend knitting.  Nothing major.
Just that scarf for a church bazaar from some stash yarn.
Pic fail here.  Don't have one.  But in bigger knitting news,
I've discovered a knitting group in a small farm town just
a few miles from me.  I'm a big introvert but I keep telling
myself, just GO--TRY IT.
(What?  By myself?!?)
My guess is it will be small but that might also be my hope.
I do so much better in small--really small--groups.  Now I gotta
figure out which UFO to take.  I don't knit well while talking or in
front of strangers or with any other squirrels around so I 
want it to be easy....but I also don't want to show up 
with jumbo Crayolas and a Big Chief Tablet to
Art Class 525, if you get what I'm saying.

Ok so lastly, I got a good start on three chandelier baby quilts.
My to-do was to cut them out but I also started on the piecing
immediately because, well, fabric, that's why.

Btw, when I pulled the fabric, I was planning for quilts that
I hoped would work for either gender but the more I cut,
the more fabric I pulled and-- 
By golly!
(Sometimes I interrupt me.  Just go with it.)
I have a great Bonnie and Camille collection, if I do
say so myself.  And it is there, that in doing that pull that I
stumbled upon great quilter's hack that I was already doing:
Find fabric designers that coordinate their all of their fabric lines.
Pick a few favorites and stick with them.  I now realize that for my
cheery fabric love, it's Bonnie and Camille; for my traditional,
dramatic, and often fall-ish fabric love it's Kansas Troubles.

Latest Kansas Troubles acquisitions--What can I say?  I'm a Kansas girl.

When they're on a clearance rack, get outta mah way!
(I'm kidding--most of the time I practically want someone
to save me, and my growing stash, from them.)
(Most of the time.)
  It's not like I don't go outside of those collections.
That's not it at all.
(Have you seen my fabric stash?!?)
But sometimes--these baby quilts for example--it is just
so handy to have a little sections of fabrics to pull from and
know they'll work.  To me this seems a nice and efficient way
to go about adding to one's fabric stash.   Especially when
I see in there other fabrics that I still love but there they have
sat for years!  Because I just can't seem to get them to
play nice with anyone else.
Building an efficient stash is an art, to be sure.
Some of us just take longer to learn it than others.
A Jo Morton section might be next.

Anyhoos, you'll notice the addition of all that pink.
I thought:  why not just make an obvious-girl's quilt
while I'm at it?  I still remember with swooning fondness
the day I found all those B&C fabrics on the clearance
rack--the manager had just put them there.  Bolts!
Another one of those times when the VERY fabric I
needed to back a quilt was at the very price that I wanted.

Thankful and blessed, that's all I can say.

Okay, moving on to the part of this long post
that most of you are here for.
Committing myself to the Run-On Blogger's Asylum specific
goals by linking up to Tuesday To-Do's, One Monthly Goal
and One X-Mas Item a Month have proven to be
incredibly motivating!  

So what is there for this week?

"Picnic" 80 X 80

First, I need to decide if I'm putting something else
on this quilt.  I like it nice and simple but it would be
kinda funny to applique a few ants on it.  My goal
will be to do either that or move on to quilting it up...
or both if I'm having another great week.

Second, keep going with the Farmer's Wife blocks.
I'm thinking two.  And this time, a better outcome!

And third, get these baby quilt tops sewn up.
All of them?  That's pretty aggressive...maybe
I should just see how many blocks I get made
and leave it at that.

And oh, wait.  There's a fourth
get my Snow Love tutorial posted...dare I say it?
Tomorrow?  Yes.  Because if I say it here, then it has
to happen.  I'm telling you, these Tuesday To-Do's...!
Link up and join us!

Thank you for visiting on this Tuesday.

Happy quilting.
And when you're worn out from it, a nice bubbly bath
with spa music can fix you right up.
Trust me.  I know things.


Debbie said…
Wow...great post and love the hearts! Forget the math and share your size and inspiration and thoughts anyway! You have plenty of projects in your lists. I did follow you on instangram. I don't post much but did it to follow my daughter and her jewelry!
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! You've been out sharing the comment love early this morning. I think you for that! What a list - and the fabrics you've shared. Makes me want to pop in and see just how great your stash is! Snow Love is fabulous. I think the quilting and fabrics mesh together so nicely. Such fun fabrics in this piece - I adore the red/black plaid, the trees, stripes (!!), and snowmen. That striped binding is just so cute. A Christmas gift ready in February. WOWEE. You rock. YES, please go to the knitting group. If you feel uncomfortable you can always leave early but you just may enjoy the heck out of it. Bring a treat with you - that will break the ice for you. It seems like it would be hard to knit and eat . . . just saying. And please start the chandelier baby quilts! I am dying to see them come together - I think I need to make some myself. Thank you for linking up this week. Here's to another productive week. ~smile~ Roseanne
chrisknits said…
What a wonderful quilt! I can see why you want it for your bedroom! I agree on the collections, so much easier to combine fabrics for a project when they all blend and work together.
Kathryn T said…
All the best with the to do list for this week. I love your hearts quilt. I made quite a few of them last year because many here in NZ and around the world made heart quilts for the Muslim community in Christchurch and first responders to a mass shooting.
Needled Mom said…
Busy, busy, busy! You always accomplish so much. I love that nine patch..
Great quilts, but that Dresden is my favorite.
dq said…
Valentine's and Christmas and Farmers Wife and ooh la la do I love that Dresdon quilt! I am drooling over the colors and that crisp white background!