Tuesday Check-In

Who's got their coffee?  Join me as I check in
on this beautiful Tuesday morning.

The sad note is I broke my MacBook so I’m
very painstakingly pecking away at this post
(ah, alliteration!)
on my iPad and let me tell you, I wouldn’t even be
doing this at all if I hadn’t already gotten most
of this made before my computer broke. 
I do not have the patience for this!!!
Bear with me if things get off-centered or the
pics are messed up or whatever.  Blogger is
not all that iPad-friendly.  

Okay, well, it wouldn't be a post from me
without some digressing...

YES!  I did quilt all three baby quilts!

Charming, Charmed and Charmed, Too!
all lined up for viewing.  

 They are all completely done!

I completed the two Farmer's Wife blocks
and I'm still alive:

The 44-piece bias blob block turned out to be not so bad,
though I did have an unavoidable direction issue on one
piece.   Well, "unavoidable" sort of.
I should've just cut another one.
Another live and learn.


I sat on the fence all week with the picnic quilt but I'm
about to come down off of it.  This will disappoint
some people who were looking forward
to some hungry little ants--and I totally agree
that would be the cutest thing to do with it but
I kinda just want to move on.  While I don't enjoy
applique so much, I do love to do the quilting so
what I'm now thinking about is quilting some nice
flowers in a variegated green thread, which should
really show up in those ivory spaces.  And maybe,
just maybe I'll try some free-hand ants?

I also finished the stash-busting scarf.

Then I decided to make a hat to go with the
scarf I made my grandson.  It’s actually done,
minus a blue pom I’ll be adding to the top.
Pic next week.

Lovecrafts sent me such a nice amount of yarn
that I wanted to do a little more with it.  I'm
even thinking about mittens.  We'll see.

I took my little road trip to a couple quilt shops.

I often talk about how I love to run up to Stitches in
McPherson, KS because their clearance section rocks.
About 80% of the time, I find exactly what I need.
Unfortunately, this wasn't one of those times.
I did find 9+ yards of this:

They had a nice selection of med-neutrals that would've
all made great backings but I showed restraint and just
settled on this one.  I love how it can be modern or
traditional.  Maybe even gray or tan--though the pic
prob doesn't show the correct color.  It's a "neutral"
I could not pass up for $5/yd.

For kicks, here's the front part of the shop which I suppose
is just average as far as quilt shops go but there's a nice
feel to it--and that means more than anything to me.

Then I dropped by Charlotte's Sew Natural in Newton
because it's right off the highway on the way back.
Because they're on Main Street, I usually end up going
in the back door where there's better parking.

Maybe not the best representation but I appreciate that
they've tried to create a nice back entrance as well.

These smaller-town shops tend to be in really old
buildings, which can be really fun if you ask me.

I love little quilts--and I have this display hanger.

My picture taking is really random because I was more
focused on finding fabrics--and I did find a
Bonnie & Camille 
to put on the last of my baby quilts.  

It's rare that I go full-price on a backing but I really like
this one and a baby quilt doesn't require so much.

Some red-love.  Oh, I love reds.  And in a little tin
makes it even better.  I really need to make a
red-white (or -cream) quilt!

I should be attracted to the nice long arm they have there
but it's always the lighting they have above it that I notice.
Because mine is in our sunroom, I haven't needed anything
like this but when I move it to one of the boys' bedrooms
in a few years, I'm having the hubs fix this up for me.

I recently learned they have a knitting shop up in Newton.
Even better it's just across the street diagonally from
the quilt shop so I wanted to visit that while there.
(I got lucky on the front parking this time.)

I didn't get a pic, darn it, but I really enjoyed visiting
their new place and with the owner.  She'd just gone
through a move and was just getting settled in.
Turns out being right next door to a successful deli
is problematic for all of those fibers--something to
think about for yarn and fabric shops.  The owner said
when she had customers tell her they knew exactly
which yarns came from her shop by the smell she
knew the move was unavoidable.  They should be
getting classes scheduled soon--hoping there will
be a few that are a good fit for me.

As I was heading to my car my eye barely caught
a "little" coffee shop.  Turns out it was huge.
Maybe I missed it by walking right under it but
methinks they need better signage?

I will brake for coffee shops about as much as
I will for quilt shops.  Too bad this one is a solid
30+ min drive but with a quilt and knitting shop
right there, it seems the makings of a full
field trip day.  

My to-do’s for next Tuesday
Have my beloved computer back!
Two Farmer’s Wife Blocks completed
Quilt up the Irish Chain, provided my ordered
thread arrives in a timely manner
Get Pom made and attached to hat

Happy quilting!

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Joyful Quilter said…
Busy girl. Lots of great finishes. Looks like you had a fun shopping trip, love the (gray?) backing fabric. I have the same mini quilt holder...keep thinking about making a few mini's to display but I have so many others quilts in process. Maybe I'll do a marathon weekend sewing session soon.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Boy, I think it is a good thing I live up here in Wisconsin. If I went into Newton or anywhere shopping with you, we would be Trouble. Trouble. I love red, too, and I have said for ages and ages that we NEED to make a red/white or cream quilt. That display would be so tempting even at non-sale prices. Love the whole sale room and the 9 (really, NINE?!!) yards you picked up. Good job on the restraint, but at $5/yd - well, who can and should pass that up?!! See, that's why I can't go shopping with you. Love Charmed, Charming, and Charmed, Too! I seriously do want to make a chandelier quilt and seeing yours for the last few weeks has reminded me. Your quilting looks fabulous, and you already know I agree about the ants. HA! Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne
Those baby quilts are so pretty! Beautiful work, Cheree.
That really was a fabulous deal you came across.
You've got a wonderful to do list lined up. Happy Stitching!
Debbie said…
The angst of lost technology. We hate it sometimes but have a difficult road with out it. Been there! The road trip was a good diversion I think. Love your backing neutral.
Bernie Kringel said…
What a fun day of shopping and coffee. I love that sort of day. Throw in a thrift shop or two and that is my idea of perfection!

Hope your computer is back soon. iPads are great but difficult for blogging. I have a small bluetooth keyboard which helps if I have to actually type something on mine.