29 February 2012

Give-Away Time!

Some time ago I reached 100+ followers.
I'm so happy YOU are here!
And if I have inspired you even once to make 
a creation of your own, then I am doubly happy
and this blog has been completely worth it!

I have a simple blog that is just for fun.
And so my give-away is simple and for fun.
I hope the winner will enjoy a little
 notebook cover with a matching
cozy for her morning latte!

Just reply to this post if you would like to win.
If you want, mention your favorite
idea/post from The Morning Latte and/or
what you would like to see in the future.
Knitting, sewing, gardening, crafts...ANYthing.
Because this is a thankyou for my followers,
you must be one to win.

For an extra entry, post about (and link to)
 this giveaway on your own blog. 
Please and leave a seperate comment for this,
including a link your post.

Give-away closes Sunday night.
I'll announce the winner next Monday!

Also, I don't really understand the changes Blogger
is making but please be aware that I do use Blogger.
I'd hate to lose any of you so if you understand what
to do to stay in touch, please continue in that route!

27 February 2012

Market Monday: More Notebook Covers

Just a quick post today--busy day ahead.
Last week I posted my spiral notebook cover. 
Since then, I've discovered that I like it
even more than I thought I would.

 Sometimes it's just silly little things that
bring beauty into, and brighten, our day!
 It really has made my Lenten journal a little more
special, not to mention the personal significance
of the roses which I didn't even realize
till I started using it.

So, I decided to make another one.
Actually, 2 more--the other one is made
with beautiful oriental fabric and dramatic colors,
but I didn't have time to get a pic.  (I'll get to that...)
And, I made 2 coffee cozies to match these. 

I added in a little ric-rac for a more vintage look.

Now, who do you suppose this second
notebook cover and cozy might be for?
Tune in tomorrow, faithful followers!
(actually, I'd better give myself some space here--I'm off on a day-trip
 to my sister's tomorrow so I'm not sure I'll get to it till Wednesday.)

(pic from 2 years ago)

I'm now heading to the garden to see if any
of it is dry/warm enough to work for planting
onions and potatoes.  I'm doubting it but I
have to try.  Rain is predicted for tomorrow.

It's Overflowing

22 February 2012

Quilted Spiral Notebook Cover

It does seem to me a little silly to spend so
much on that "perfect" journal when it's really
what you write in it that makes it special. 
However, I am just as much a sucker for a
beautiful writing book as the next person.

Recently, I found myself looking at a large
selection of journals...yet, nothing looked special.
Nothing appeared inspiring.
 (I know--as if a special book is all it will take to create/write great things!).

So, I did what any crafter does when 
she can't find what she wants. 
I made it.  

The quilted cover protects and hides a simple
10-cent spiral notebook. 
Ponytail holder/button combo keeps
everything tightly inside.

Pockets on each "sleeve" can hold pens,
extra papers, pictures, receipts, etc.
This first one is pretty simple...
but it has me thinking.

15 February 2012

Next Up On the Queue

Taking this:

And turning it into this:

36 X 36

I have the 2 charm packs required but I just
ordered one more plus binding fabric,
hoping to add several more rows for
a slightly bigger quilt.

Watching the mailbox...

14 February 2012

Ah, Young Love

Everyone seems to be sharing their story today.

 Ours is short and simple.
Once upon a time, at a back-to-school dance
 (our junior year of high school)
a boy asked a girl to dance with him. 
And that was it.
Love at first dance. 
He was, and always will be, my best friend.
Five years of dating and 19 years of marriage.

Everyone knows that in marriage, some years
are great and some are not so great.
But I've always told him that
he's given me The Fairy Tale.

13 February 2012

FYI, Latte-Lovers

My sources tell me that Valentine's Day marks
the end of the holiday favorites at Starbucks.

my Caramel Brulee and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
*raising my cup*
I look forward to that crisp day next fall
when we meet again!

A Snowy Market Monday

Yay!  We finally got a measureable amount of
snow last night!  I've been out in it, just breathing
it in, listening, feeling it hit my face.  I needed that.

Not much of a Market Monday today but
I'm okay with that.  I still got a lot of things
accomplished last week. 

I finished those 2 quilts, and that's pretty big already.

I made myself a "Valentine's" cozy,
just for the heck of it.

I've started a new knitting class--flat gloves.

This my first time working with fingerweight yarn
and I'm enjoying it, especially the pattern as
it develops.  See the little increase in the middle?
That's going to be the thumb.

I've also learned that it's really no fun un-doing
about 250 stitches with that darned yarn. 
Go ahead.  Ask me how I know...
And I've learnd a few new techniques. 

Btw, a follow-up: 
The instructor said my ribbing is fine but I'm doing something with my
tension in going back and forth from knit to purl that's causing one side
 of the stitch to be more loose than the other.  It will block out but I want to
get that  corrected so when I start the other glove, I think I'll go sit in
at the shop so they can watch what I'm doing.
I've also cast on some socks--real ones this time.  

This is the yarn but I'll get a pic of how
it's looking when I have more completed.
Here is the pattern

("Vanilla Socks" -- Ravelry)

I like the idea of a little ribbing on the side
as it says this will keep it from "slouching".
Thought this would be a simple one to just
practice what I've learned and get comfortable.

I haven't gotten to my fabric bowls but I will soon.
For now, I'm just happy with all this
 "accomplishing" going on around here.
I'm off to cut up a few pumpkins that I've
kept "fresh" in the garage, make some pumpkin
bread & to start on some wonderful Wild Rice
Soup for dinner--all while doing laundry.
After that it's knitting or sewing.  I love Mondays!

10 February 2012

Talking Over Coffee

Grab a cup.  Let's talk.  Just random stuff.
Imagine some old music playing.
(I've got Frank Sinatra Radio playing on Pandora--cuz sometimes I'm
cheesy like that.  Louis Armstrong, Frank, Dean, Bing, Bobby Darrin...)
How would you like your latte?

A nice, easy weekend ahead.
Basketball is now over.
(my son's team--my DH coaches--took 2nd out of the 10 teams in their league. 
 Kind of hard to settle for 2nd, but trying to focus on how incredibly well the played.)
My other son is having a friend over.
We get to enjoy some new furniture in our basement,
which is a really big deal because we've not had
enough seating for ALL of us to watch a movie
together.  The kids end up having to take the floor.
It's so cozy down there now that I'm almost 
looking forward to tornado season.
(you might have to live in KS to understand that one...)

I only WISH that the above pic was recent.
Took it through our front door last year during
an especially fun blizzard. 
Snow days = pajama days at our house, btw.   
However, it's finally starting to feel a little like winter
here.  Cold winds, clouds, a little snow here and there
with more in the forecast.  Not enough to suit me
but it'll have to do.  Makes me feel like knitting!

Speaking of...Knitters, help a sister out here.
Tomorrow is my first of two classes on making
gloves with the flat method.  My "homework"
is to cast on 30 rows of K1, P1.

Sorry for the lousy picture but: 
don't the stitches look kinda...messy?
Is it because I'm flipping back and forth
so much with the K1, P1?  (I would've prefered
K2, P2 but oh, well...)  If I pull it downward, it
looks fine so will blocking fix it then?  I just
don't want to show up with something wrong.

And that little pink "Forget Me Not" thing--
I've had it forever and just started using it.
Should've done that sooner.  I love it.  Wonder
how old it is?  At least 30, if not 40...or more.
Wait a minute...[looking in mirror]...40 isn't old
AT ALL!  Nope!  That's young, right?

What's going on this weekend for everyone?
Fun stuff?  Sports?  Sewing?  Crafting?

I've spent entirely waaay too much of my
Friday on the computer in this coffee shop so
I'd better run!  Hope you're weekend is great!

09 February 2012

Finally, A Very Merry Finish

Scratch, scratch, scratch.
More projects being marked off of my
Winter Stitching List!

Christmas gifts took precedence over it this year
but pulling it out next fall/winter will be great.

The more contemporary colors don't match
a single room in my house...but oh well.
Christmas is supposed to be bright and merry!
Now, do I want to stick with "A Very Merry" as
the pattern is named?  I'm giving it some thought.

Above, my cat didn't wait for it to be completed. 
Even as I write this, she's laying on the finished
product--only 20 minutes off of the sewing machine! 

She may look like a kitten here but she's an
11-lb 8 year-old who loves quilts, fabric,
yarn...Smart cat.
 She thinks it's hers or something.  Nope--mine.

And this is where you'll find me next winter:
in our sunroom, by the Christmas tree,
curled up under my merry quilt with a book.

Merry finishes to all!

I Heart Nap Time

Fresh Poppy Design

07 February 2012

Finished: Pocket Change

Because the coins are all scrap fabrics,
I'm calling this one Pocket Change.
50" X 65" (approx)

I got a lot of practice making those vines.  I've
used vining leaves on other quilts but only in a
straight line on sashing and borders.  This was my
first time using it as a filler so it took a little
"thinking ahead".  I also had to practice
making them upside down and sideways.

The Warm Up!
Some are not so hot...but that's ok.  This project
is just for practice and scrap-busting.  And, 
"loosening" up can bring out the artist, right? 
(We'll keep an eye on that progress...)

I think it turned out okay.  Some are great, some are
not-so great, but it's done and I feel a little more
like finishing a couple UFO's.  Looking forward
to a productive week! 

Random stuff:
Oh--yes.  It's been snowing lightly for a good
hour now...not sticking as it's too warm.  Bummer.

Guess what I'm actually quilting now!?
YES!  I want it done by the end of the day!

Question:  How do you machine quilt?
Go at it while you've got the rhythm?  Or take
constant breaks to re-set yourself (and stretch!)?

The Great Wall of Yarn

My jaw seriously dropped when I saw this:

Can someone just lock me in this room?
Have you ever seen so much fun crammed
into one single space?
Well, duh!  Of course I pinned it!

06 February 2012

Market Monday--Fabric Coasters

I found this idea in a library book years ago.
(I have no idea which one or I'd give proper credit) 

I made a few coasters and bowls--a lot of fun,
especially when I added my own embellishments

This is all I had time for last week but I think
I'll focus a little more on them this week, too.
 I have a few fun ideas I'd like to try out.

I've always loved 30's fabrics;
lately I'm a little more drawn to them.
Is it that feeling of spring on the way?

Spring may be on the way but I think
my little tea pot says it all!
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