26 February 2021

February One Monthly Goal Complete

While the bitter cold and the snow raged on,
I stayed pretty snug in my sewing room
making some flakes of my own.  

My goal for February was to make all 16 of these
 blocks.  It sounded easy enough...at first.
Then the reality of paper piecing set in.

Somehow I have emerged triumphant, and with
a couple days to spare.  If I'm being honest, this
really has more to do with me wanting it over with
than it does about sticking to my commitments.
I'm so happy to be done with the mess!
There were days I even had paper in my hair!
(Tip:  pull long hair back before using this method.)

I may never do another paper piecing project
but I don't have any regrets about this one.
The snowflakes were worth it--just this once!

Happy quilting!
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25 February 2021

Needle and Thread Thursday #4

I haven't had much time to sew since last
week but I have little bit to share today on

First are more projects from my scrap HST collection.  

These trimmings are from an Irish chain quilt
that I made last spring--all in scrappy greens.

This left me a great assortment for making these
placemats and a runner for the upcoming season.

This quilt project only gained two more blocks
but that's two closer than I was.  Five more to go.
Check back on Tuesday [-To-Do] when I will
have them all done--that's the plan.

Happy quilting!

23 February 2021

2021 Tuesday To-Do #7: Short and Sweet

Being gone all weekend, I wasn't able to
check much off the list but here it is:

1) Snowflakes:  Complete 3 or more blocks

Ten completed, six to go.

2) HST's:  start on St. Pat's projects.

Since my Valentine's placemats were still out, 
replacing those was my first order of business. 

These scrappy green HST's are leftovers from the
Irish chain quilt I made last year.  Like my other mats,
these are extra-small.   I wanted them pretty neutral
(no clovers, leprechauns or other shenanigans)
so that they'll work after St. Patrick's Day.

3) Knitting: make progress
(Incidentally, I noticed that when I linked up my
Irish chain quilt, there was my current knitting
project--a whole year ago.  Yes, I'm cringing.)

4) Baby quilts: maybe start cutting out?

Flying out Thursday night and getting back late
Sunday left very little time for sewing.
Even with a couple nopes, I'm happy with my
progress.  And anyway, we were with family
celebrating my FIL's 70th birthday which,
as we all know, only comes once in a lifetime.

It seems like things just never slow down but
the week ahead is actually looking fairly open.  
Can this be?   Is someone messing with me?
Who's pulling my thread?

1) Snowflakes:  Finish last 6 blocks.

2) HSTs:  More green projects.

3) Knitting: some solid progress
(This needs to get done!)

4) Baby quilts:  get started already!

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Happy quilting!

18 February 2021

Needle and Thread Thursday #3

The snow is beginning to melt around here and
the temps are much more normal--and bearable.

I'm not too excited to see the sun most winter days
but after the last week, it's not so bad and it does
have a way of making the snow look even prettier.

I haven't felt overly-motivated to sew these days.
When starting my mornings out sitting in front of
the computer, by the fire with a hot cup of coffee
it's a little hard to stop, especially with the prospect
of that slow-moving paper piecing in the other room.

But I have set a goal to get at least one block
completed a day and I'm now up to nine.

The weekend is looking busy so I won't
be able to keep up on it but it's nice to know
I'm past that halfway mark!

Please check out the other projects over

Happy quilting!

16 February 2021

2021 Tuesday To-Do #6

Happy Mardi Gras!

Did everyone have a great Valentine's Day?
Ours?  Snow, snow and more snow so I
was, and continue to be, very happy.
I've been successfully watching my diet so I
chose to combine Mardi Gras and V-Day.
The hubs is cooking up a nice dinner for
me this evening.  Before you ask:
steak and lobster.   (I know, right?)

But anyway, good gracious it is cold.
When I started on this yesterday morning
it was -8 out there with a windchill of -29,
and we just continue to get snow after snow.
It's beautiful and, other than the constant trips
out to check on the chickens, I'm staying warm
so let there be snow and let's sew!

Today's Tuesday-To-Do is the first of many to be
brought to us by Chris Knits who has graciously
taken over for Home Sewn By Us.

1) Snowflakes:  Three more blocks.
Done--and then some.

Seven blocks rolled off the line last week.  Seven.
There has been a serious lack of over-achieving
this year so this feels good.  My February goal
is to get all 16 made up so I'm trying to push.
Had it not been for all the snow-watching going
on around here, I'd be half-way done but...
some things are just more important.
All that being said, oy!  Paper-piecing takes
for-ev-er!  I'm trying not to keep whining, y'all,
but again, oy!  It's fun for now but there is a
huge possibility I may never pp again.  Huge.

2) HSTs:  any progress
Done.  Lots done.

I spent Sunday afternoon doing a lot of fireside
sewing so I'm excited to announce that I finished
up the last set!  With 462 HST's, it's the biggest
batch--and why I avoided it saved it for last.

3)  Knitting:  any progress
Just a little.

4) Baby quilt contest:  start cutting one out
Aaand here's where I fell off.

My snowflake pieces are just all over the room so
it's too hard to work on anything else.  A yard of
one of the required theme fabrics arrived and I
printed some instructions but that's as far as I got.

I really haven't a clue how my next week is gonna
go because there are some other things going on.
(More on that next Tues)
Here's a list but I make no promises:

1) Snowflakes:  Complete 3 or more blocks

2) HST's:  start on placemats

I'll be turning some scrappy green/ivory HST's
into placemats and a table runner to take the
place of the recently-made Valentine's decor.
Not super-St. Patrick's-y, but they'll work.

3) Knitting: make progress

4) Baby quilts: maybe start cutting out?
I have to get the snowflake blocks done before
this will happen but I'm keeping it on my list so
it stays on my mind.

As I said, I make no promises but I'm heading
right into my sewing room now so get a decent
start.  I hope you're staying warm and
snowing sewing up a storm!  Enjoy something
cajun and yummy this evening!  
Tomorrow, Lent begins.

Happy quilting!

11 February 2021

Needle and Thread Thursday #2

 Brrr, yo?
The temps just keep dropping so I'm
hibernating in my sewing room.

Today I'm linking up to My Quilt Infatuation's
Needle and Thread Thursday to share the
progress I've made on my Snowflakes quilt.
(waiting for a better name to present itself).

I've done very little paper-piece construction,
and never a full quilt, so it has taken me a bit
to find my groove.  This method is not a favorite
but it's nice to know that if a project comes
along that I just have to make (like this one)
I have enough experience to pull it off.

So this is where things stand early on this cold,
snowy Thursday:  3 blocks down, 13 more to go.
(Yes, I know a red triangle is missing--gremlins!)

Hope you're all staying warm and
enjoying the beautiful snow if you have it.

Happy quilting!

09 February 2021

2021 Tuesday To-Do #5

Warm Tuesday greetings from a frigid
winter wonderland.  I have oodles to share so
you may want to grab a cup of your favorite
hot beverage and settle in.

Not only has it been snowing lightly for days, there
is snow on the weather menu for every one of the
next eight days.  Hallelujah!
The temps will be in the teens on down to -8 so it
seems winter has finally come alive here in Kansas
and the garden is finally getting a good, hard freeze.
(What does a groundhog know anyway?)

On Friday the hubs and I took off for a little road trip.
After a short visit with my brother and his wife, we spent
a few hours shopping in KC and then headed up to a
very snowy and cold Omaha where we visited our son
who attends Creighton University.   We woke up to even
more snow coming down, bitter temps and treacherous
highways but we still had a great visit and you know
I enjoyed all of that snow!   I had smartly done my
homework so on our way out of town, I checked out
the Country Sampler, a new-to-me quilt shop.

Single-digit temps can make one forget to take any
outdoor pics so the one above pic is from their website.

Inside was nice and warm, however, so I snapped
plenty so I could show you all around.

The shop seemed very new but it was clear by the
huge inventory and the numerous quilts on display
that the The Country Sampler was no spring chick.

I learned from their website that they've been
serving their community for 25 years.

We had a 4 1/2 to 5 hour drive ahead of us
so I tried to take it all in quickly.

I also had some shopping to do.
(More on that in my to-do list)

A peek into the classroom in back.

For you Lori Holt fans....

All three of these were so pretty in person!

I do love a good clearance section so I was a little
disappointed to not find one.  Did I just miss it?
Still, this is a great shop and well-worth the visit.

If you're ever in Omaha, save a hefty chunk of time for
a visit to this one  Undoubtedly, I wish it was closer to
home but at least we'll be making more trips up there.
After our son graduates next December, it looks
as if his current internship with a great company will
turn into a full-time job.  Like the quilt shop, I'd prefer
he was closer but I'm happy to see him so well-settled.

Now, on to the to-do list!

1) Snowflake quilt:  Make 2 blocks
Only one block done.

Between reacquainting myself with paper-piecing
and forgetting that I've chosen to make the inner
star gold (a little ripping!) I only got one of these
made.  I feel like I've got it down now though.

Yes, it's a little tedious and messy but it does
result in some nice piecing.  These blocks
seem to be fairly easy to tackle, too.

I'm using a children's drawing pad for my papers.
(The same as coloring book papers).  I did have
one piece jam in our printer (which I find to be a
a little finicky anyway) but the rest worked fine.
It's significantly cheaper and easier for me to buy.

2) Charity quilt contest:  finalize quilt(s);
start getting fabrics lined up.
I found a few things in my stash but nothing that
would give either of the main fabrics direction.
Enter the visit to The Country Sampler:

Juvenile prints aren't my favorite so I'm trying to
focus on colors and fabrics that I know I'll enjoy.

I wouldn't have considered Grunge for a baby quilt
but the shop owner steered me in this direction and
I like where it's going.

I have my patterns picked and I'm hoping to start
soon so I'll have something to share next week.

3) Make a simple fabric tracking spreadsheet
I was going to have hubs help me out here but then
I discovered those templates in the Numbers app.

I'll likely adjust it as I go but I think it does the
trick nicely so far and I hardly needed any help.
OCD Hubs struggled a bit with not having reference
point, a "beginning balance" so to speak.
"You want me to figure out how much fabric I have
in there already?  Bah ha ha ha."  Oh, the hilarity!
He finally accepted that it's purely for motivational
purposes:  use more than I buy.
The above image is a little blurry so for full disclosure
of last week's activity, 5 yards of fabric were added.
(Clearly still working on that motivation.)

That's it for the official to-do's but I
accidentally left the knitting off of my list.

All that road-tripping = decent progress.

And I know I said no more squirrels but they do
 have a way of getting into things so here's yet
another one that showed up in the sewing room.

Remember all of those scrap HST's I'm working on?

This little table runner was made from the
trimmings of a quilt I gifted to my brother-in-law
so I'm sure it'll head to their house for Christmas.
(Yes--I'm working on Christmas gifts already!)


Maybe I'll whip out some matching coasters?

If there ever was a week for staying in and sewing,
it will be this one so on to the list for next time:

1) Snowflakes:  Three more blocks.

2) HSTs:  any progress

3)  Knitting:  any progress

4) Baby quilt contest:  start cutting one out

Lastly, I have a few pics of the cadet taking
first place in a recent meet against Villanova.

Oh, those intense faces!

I find most people find haven't seen much, if any,
pole-vaulting.  I think it's just amazing to watch,
especially when they hit those crazy heights.  

As a mom, do I ever worry?
When he was younger, I was asked that a lot.
Over all, not really.  I trust God and I trust my son's
ability, and then I focus more on being supportive.

At this meet, he won with a height of 15'2".
(He has cleared over 16' in previous competitions.)
He's a little camera-shy so we're not going to tell
him that I've put these on my blog, right?

Update:  Even cooler, he showed up on Army's
Instagram post this morning.  That's him in slow-mo
toward the beginning of the video.  Make sure the 
sound is on--the hype music makes it cooler.
(Click on audio button at bottom of video)
(You don't have to have an account to view)
This mom is pretty proud!

Stay warm and happy quilting!

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