Quilting Services


My 2019 APQS Lucey is equipped with the latest Quilt Path (5)
software.  I would love to work with local quilters and can
offer a very quick turnaround--usually within 1 to 2 weeks.
At this time I offer digital edge-to-edge quilting though
I have taken advanced courses on QP5 and once time allows,
hope to perfect my skill and begin to offer custom quilting.

I purchase my digital designs from My Creative Stitches
and am working to grow my selection as sales occur.
I offer my designs or any that are currently in their $5 sale
at no extra cost but if there is one that you would like
me to purchase, there will be a $5 charge for any of
their regular-priced ($12) designs.  

Edge-to-Edge Quilting:
$.025 sq in 
($.03 sq in for dense quilting)

Flat fee for bobbins, needle, thread
Small quilt:  $8
Medium: $10
Large: $12

Trimming Excessive Threads
Please trim all loose threads from the back of your quilt,
especially if you have light backgrounds.  I will do my
best to catch as many as I can but if there is an excessive
amount, there will be an additional fee of $10.

Batting Offered
Hobbs 80/20 Ivory 90"
Hobbs 80/20 White 90"
Hobbs 80/20 King 108"
Hobbs Black
Warm and Natural
Warm and White
You can also provide your own if you want one I do not carry.
Pricing varies slightly depending on current cost but I do buy
in bulk and can generally pass on these savings to you.