Farmer's Wife Friday #5

 I'm still hanging in there!
Today I have blocks 17 & 18 to show....begrudgingly.

Block 17 just didn't want to go together well.

When trying to make corrections, my general rule is
to rip and fix only once because it's so hard on the fabric,
especially in such tiny pieces.  Well, I even went
at this one twice and this is as good as it got.
I'm so tempted to go back at it again.
That mismatched spot is killing me just looking at it.

Block 18 went together better but for some reason
I didn't get that leaf fabric cut out very straight.
I really know better but I was just trying to finish and
move on.  And isn't this kind of a wierd block?
I double- and triple-checked on the piece placement.
It is correct.  I guess this just doesn't do much for me.
(Note to self:  if I hit that center spot when quilting, I'm
probably going to break a needle.  It's VERY bulky.)

But on the bright side, I still made some progress.
In fact, I'm now 16% of the way done!
(Is that encouraging? I'm not sure!)
And I got a reminder to slow down and
pay better attention to those details.

Aw, see?  There's always a bright side.

Happy quilting.


Joyful Quilter said…
Both blocks look great. Do you spray starch your fabrics? (not the drench in starch I've read about) I do think it helps when working with small pieces.