31 March 2020

A Better Tuesday To-Do

Tomorrow is April.
Some of what is ahead might be uncertain but other
things are not.  I'm certain the weather will warm up,
the sun will shine and the trees and flowers will bloom.
I'm also certain I'll be in the garden and I'm
really certain I'll still be making quilts.

I've picked the pace up a bit this past week.
That probably has to do with the fact that our whole
state is now under the stay at home order. 
And I can't get inside a single blasted coffee shop.

Let's just cut straight on to the Got-Dones:

1) Irish Chain:  Just keep going!

Well guess what?

I solved the thread issue and this baby is done.

Labeled, binding on and ready for Christmas.
Seem a long way away?  Well, time flies
and this is one of those years where I'm
going to be very, very ready!

2) America quilt:  Sew all blocks together;
look into border options and maybe get them on.

More progress!
Once I got my blocks together, I discovered it was
going to take a lot of border to bring this to a queen
quilt and that much border needs some creativity.

Sorry, just a quick snapped pic.
The sides will show well on a bed so I decided to put
on flying geese; one more wider strip of blue will go on
after these.  I expect that will tone the whole thing down a bit.
The bed frame has a foot that will hide the bottom of the quilt
so I'll keep that simple.  The top, however, will be folding
over the pillows so I have some work to do there.  This is my
One Monthly Goal for March so I'll be working hard today to
see what I can get done before tomorrow.

3) Cable scarf:  just make more progress.

I got just a little more done.

4) Farmer's Wife quilt blocks:  at least one but more is better.

Two more completed:  #31 & #32

5) Whatever gardening the weather will allow.

Hallelujah, I finally got into the garden!
The bed above is still getting prepped with leaves and
other compost but I do have one bed filled up with
potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, radishes, lettuces
and cabbages.  It is a lot of work for someone with
a bad back but it's worth it.  These early veggies
are the biggest issue; I can spread out planting
the later crops in the remaining six beds over the next
months. Oh, and the herb beds.  And then I also have
the strawberry bed that is greening up nicely and spears
are starting to pop up in the asparagus bed.
Bring on the apocalypse!

Other things I got done?

Comfort baking--too much!

The best, easiest, no-fail, perfectly-crispy
yet gooey every time chocolate chip cookies.
I never make any other recipe.
 I also made a couple batches of sour dough baguettes and
of course I've been cooking up bigger meals for a bigger
household.  I love how everyone is getting into bread-making,
btw.  That being said, I'm getting back on track for Lent now.
Think extreme: absolutely no salt, sugar, wheat, fats, dairy
and so on--and no chemicals which means all organic.
(If only the garden was kicking out veggies now!)
One cup of organic coffee is a legal "cheat".
It's rough but worth it. I'll have no cravings, feel great,
my allergies practically disappear and weight drops off.

Anyway, now is not the time to be indulging in unhealthy
things, especially sugar. I'd really like to see more of that 
ammo when it comes to beating this virus but I'll stop there.

The coop gets cleaned quite often--every few weeks or so.
I don't really pay attention to time, just do it when it needs
done but this time I sewed up a new topper--thin
so as to not cut out any light--and added a section of rock
in front of the coop (in the run) for cleanliness issues.  Hubs
still needs to grab more rock but after last night's rain,
I'm sure the difference will be noticeable already.

My To-Do's for next week:

1)  Finish the entire top of the Americana quilt.

2) Two more Farmer's Wife quilt blocks

3)  Knitting:  show more progress

4)  Gardening/outdoor work:  whatever weather allows
Hopefully I'll get more things into the herb beds.

Happy quilting!

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27 March 2020

Farmer's Wife Friday #12

Friday already.  Sheesh.
Right after I finished quilting up the Irish chain
this morning, I dropped everything to get
today's blocks out in time.

Yes--I finally finished it but I'm saving
the completed pic for next Tuesday.

Anyhoos, it's a good thing I do this FW Friday thing
because I'd never keep to my schedule without it.



Weeks later, I still feel like I'm trying to get caught up
after having been sick.  Caught up to...what?
I think just my own idea of what I feel I should
have completed by now...or something like that.

The effects of world events have only added to
that feeling of struggling to get everything done.
Outdoor spring clean-up and gardening
(if it ever decides to dry up) also pull at me.

Getting my two current quilts finished will be a relief
and will certainly ease things up in my mind.
Both are so close to being done!

Having multiple projects going at once never works
well for me.  I don't like that feeling of leaving
something un-done--while I'm working on any one
project, the others all nag at me.

Outside of treating it as a side-project, I'm not sure
there's any other way to tackle a Farmer's Wife quilt
but from now on, hopefully I'll only have one quilt
going at a time along with it!

Now back to getting a label and binding on
that Irish chain...

Happy confined weekend quilting!

24 March 2020

Still Doing Those Tuesday To-Do's

How's everyone holding up?

So far only two counties in Kansas are enforcing
the full stay-at-home order but we're pretty set here
and would be fine if it came.

I love to spend my mornings at coffee shops when I can--
an indulgence I began allowing myself once the kids
grew up.  Of the two closest places, one has closed and
the other, in a very small suburb, remains open--so far.
I feel compelled to help them out.
Small businesses are really getting hurt.

I'm an early-riser so I usually get the shop to myself for
a good hour, though DS was with me in above pic.
I feel pretty safe but I've cut way back and may
stop completely.  It's a very small inconvenience 
but I miss it greatly.  With no distractions, I do my
spiritual reading and journaling.  After that, I read blogs,
write, work out my schedule and menu, and so on.
Somehow that just doesn't happen very well at all when
I'm home.  And their internet speed is so much faster!
On my last visit, I downloaded plenty of audio books to
listen to while I sew.  With both boys online for school,
I just stay off the home internet during the day but,
again, in light of all else, it's really not a big deal.  

The rain has this gardener still very frustrated but
being stuck inside isn't exactly a big deal either.
I spent most of National Quilting Day in the sewing
room getting lots done on my son's quilt...which brings
me finally around to the dones of last week's to-do's.

1) Irish chain quilt

Against my better judgement, I re-tried a thread I haven't
had good luck with.  Of course that set off tension issues
left and right.  I'm not about to say that I think that I have
it all fixed because I know from experience that saying
things like that will jinx it horribly.
For now, I'll just say things are moving along and feel
free to add my machine's tension into your prayers;
my tension too if you're feeling especially sorry for me.

2) Son's America quilt
This is where I have been putting most of my focus
especially since my son is home.  It'd be nice
to get this done and on his bed very soon.

They're not all pictured but I have 14 of 20 blocks
completed.  I'm a little concerned about borders as
I'm not sure I have what I want/need.

3)  Knitting on cable scarf
The goal was just progress.  I made very little
but that's still progress so it counts, though I'm not
bothering with a pic--it looks pretty much the same.

4) Gardening
 I can't control the weather.   However, I did get
a lot of outdoor cleanup done so I'm feeling good enough
even if I'm lamenting the fact that my potatoes and onions
still are not in, not to mention carrots, lettuces, radishes...
It's supposed to rain again tonight so, in desperation,
I covered a large spot with a tarp and some plastic
once used for my forced-spring "greenhouses" which
I won't get into now but I wish I'd done it this year!

5) Farmer's Wife Blocks
Somehow I forgot to put this on the list but I got
three whole blocks made so I'm super happy here.

And these were all fun.

I now have a total of 30 blocks made.

After the last few weeks' poor showings--and I know
I'm not alone in being plenty distracted--it feels good to
be getting back at it.  How many of us are turning
even more to our crafts and hobbies?

Next week's To-do's

1) Irish Chain:  Just keep going!
And no crying.  There's no crying in quilting.
Or killing.

2) America quilt:  Sew all blocks together;
look into border options and maybe get them on.

3) Cable scarf:  just make more progress.

4) Farmer's Wife quilt blocks:  at least one but more is better.

5) Whatever gardening the weather will allow.

Looking ahead:

I have two quilts that I really want to start once
I get the other two completed, even though
I'm certain I should just focus on the garden.

First, this Bundle of Joy QAL starts tomorrow.
I see so many fun options in this!
I have vowed to not buy more fabric but I can't seem
to find any collection I like for it within my stash.
I'm going to give it one more go and if I still come
up with nothing, it's just going to go on the back burner.
I'll just have to keep my eyes open for a time; doing it
on my own will be fun, too--just not as fun as a QAL.

I have the metallic confetti jelly roll and the background
fabric for this--I just need 2 yds of solid black and hubs
has already agreed to stop by the LQS if I call ahead
and get some ordered up.
(Does this technically count as buying fabric
under these circumstances?  Just 2 yds, just
a solid, I already have everything else...). 

I'm pretty ready to pull the trigger on this one
because I just keep coming back to it.  I have no
plans for it--maybe I'll just let my daughters draw for it.
Actually, I really love that confetti fabric so making
a second quilt would be great--of course this
would require fabric purchasing so that would
be farther down the road...
the "Make Lots of Room In My Stash" Road.
Strange name for a street.  You should see the
big sign they had to make for it.

Stay in, stay safe and happy quilting!

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