06 November 2012

Jumping Ahead?

Why am I feeling this need to jump 
ahead to Christmas in my quilting?

I love the autumn colors.
I spend the entire summer lamenting that
fall is just too far away!

Now that it's here, what am I doing?

Playing with Christmas fabrics!
In particular, Moda's "Ready Set Snow" collection. 
While spending too much time on Pinterest,
I came across this fun quilt that I had pinned.
Well, this was a no-brainer!    
It's even made with the same fabrics!
The pdf can be ordered quickly through
Ask me how I know!  [wink]

I've already started cutting it out.
If the week goes well, I'll have another top
done by the weekend!

05 November 2012

Quilt Season

The wind comes now out of the north; 
the leaves are falling and the colors are stunning.

And I've completed my fourth quilt top of this,
my most favorite time of the year--affectionately 
and appropriately dubbed Quilt Season.

Truthfully, I started this one last spring.  The garden 
took my time away from it then, but here it is now:   

From the Schnibbles pattern "Summer Day",
this quilt, with its single border, measures 49 X 53. 
To make it larger, and because I had the fabric,
I added more rows/columns and may yet 
add still another border.

 I'm not real proud of my piecing on this one.
Lots of little pieces, esp triangles (bias), can just get 
things out of whack sometimes but when it's 
all done, I think it'll look fine.  

 I was very happy to finally have a stiletto to help 
me out with all that piecing!
A belated shout out to Debbie at Stitching Therapy:

I won this stiletto and other goodies a while back
and just want to let her know how much its being
used!  My previous "stiletto" was a wooden skewer!
This one hangs on my lanyard with my scissors
where they are both always handy.

On the coffee scene, the red cups are back
at Starbucks!  Another sign of the season that
I always look forward to!  Peppermint mochas and
caramel brûlée lattes, cold weather outside, maybe 
a little light Christmas music?
(and I mean just something instrumental--way too early for Jingle Bells!)  
Perfect for hibernating in the sewing room!

Now, do I put Summer Day away till after the holidays?
I'd much rather be working on seasonal colors...

01 November 2012

Checking In on a WIP

Because I was in a basting mood,
I ignored my sore fingers and back that I
obtained after basting this:

and this:

to bring this 2-yr old quilt top out of hiding.

This is another of Lynette Jensen's 
(Double Star Crossing Quilt--70" X 98")
In fact, it's the one on the cover.

I definitely went through a 
long period of enjoying her quilts, fabrics and style!
I can't say what my preference is these days but 
I do love this one and can't wait for it's completion...

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