So Many Scores and a Giveaway on the Way

Boy, did I score!
What a great weekend all around!
In football, knitting, fabric and rotary cutters!
Grab a coffee and have a read.

Our Chiefs pulled it off!  Super Bowl Champs!
I knitted my way through the first 3 quarters and into
the 4th when they finally decided to show up
and play for the win!  Hallelujah!
Fireworks went off all around!

(Side-note:  We're going back to shutting the half-time
shows OFF.  That was the worst!  I can't even...!)

Knitting is a great skill to have up your sleeve
for all kinds of reasons, not the least of which is
dealing with nerves while cheering one's team on!
I had already finished my grandson's scarf last
week--YAY--and it turned out great but
my hands were left empty for the game.

Thank you again to lovecrafts for
providing the Paintbox yarn.
I'll share more pics in a post later this week.

Having that project done, what else could I do but
pull out some stash yarn and start up another quick
scarf in that team pattern.   I have no plans for this
so thinking maybe it'll be a church bazaar donation.

Earlier in the day, when a Chiefs win was still
just a dream for the team, staff and fans, 
I was already winning at the quilt shop.

  Normally their doors are closed on Sundays (I love that!)
but the Super Bolt Sale is a special day so the doors
were opened for us fanatics.
I'm excited to share that I scored, and scored well.

For a reminder: it's $3 off/yd when buying all left on the
bolt so everything you see here was a mere $4/yd.

Remember this quilt top I just finished?

Of all the fabric in the Snowy Wishes line, what are
the chances that the very one I wanted would be
on the clearance rack, let alone ANY of them?  

 A few other customers kindred spirits broke out in
knowing smiles when they heard my excitement.
("Thank you, ladies, for being there for me at this 
memorable moment in my quilting career...")
I got my snowy wish.
 And just the right amount for the back of my quilt.  
I think at this point I should've realized it was
going to be a good day all around and actually
bet on the Chiefs for the win!  But, I have never
had any interest in gambling.

2yds & 4 yds

I also came upon some Kansas Troubles fabrics.
I love how she coordinates her fabrics and, because we
generally share the same color-love, they're always
worth grabbing.  I need to boost my browns anyway.

6.5 yds

Next:  backing for the Irish Chain Picnic top I just finished.
Again, just the right amount.

Before I quilt it up I may still add something to the top.
Still mulling this over.

1.5 yds & 3 yds

Next, some colors I've been watching out for.

*Important Update!

I can't believe I didn't notice these were in CHIEFS colors!!

I really want to make QOV's, someday, and DS wants an
American-themed quilt for his bed here at home (that one
is going to happen soon) so I always need reds.
The gold-yellow?  I just never seem to have the right one.
This particular fabric is the same that I used in 2 previous
quilts (I think I had a fat quarter?) so with a usefulness
record like that, one should always get more.

This is a small addition to a pull of fabrics I have out
 for all those baby quilts I need to get started on.
More on that in the future.

And that wraps up my super buys.
Do I get a Super Bolt Buyer ring?
A Super Bolt Buyer trophy?

Not quite but I met their promo requirement
so I did score a rotary cutter.
Because I have one just like this I've decided to give
it to one lucky follower (in the US) so stay tuned for
that post as well.  So much going on!
I am really working to "up" my blog and have lots
planned so if you are not yet a follower,
please become one today!

It turned cloudy and cold again so I spent some time here
working on my scrappy HST quilt.  I'll be posting on that
one soon too.
This has to be a record for me, having all of these
projects going at once--definitely feeling the need
to get some finished.  Snow likely tomorrow so
it'll be a perfect day to see what I can get done!

Happy quilting and knitting!


Debbie said…
Congrats! You sure scored big time.
You DO have a lot going on at the same time. But at least you are not a procrastinator!! I look forward to seeing your projects progress.
xx, Carol
Needled Mom said…
Yay Chiefs! It was an incredible game too. I agree with the half time show. We turned it off.

You did score some great deals. I LOVE that heart quilt! The chain is lovely too.
Yipee for the Chiefs! That last touchdown was totally unexpected. My favorite of your fabrics is that gold. I've had that same fabric in several different colors over the past few years. I really like it.