Farmer's Wife #6

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day.
The hubs and I will be making our own formal
Valentine's dinner tomorrow.   Last night we just had
a casual meal of brick-oven pizza and then stepped
 into a coffee shop for a drink and a bite of chocolate.

Nothing like an Irish coffee when it's really cold!
Fortunately things have warmed up today.

Here are my latest Farmer's Wife blocks.
One of these times, I'd really like to have more
than two to show but I've had such a busy
week in other areas so it's sure not this one!



Both turned out better than last week's, for sure.

Well, that's it but it is progress.
I looked ahead and #22 has a whopping 44 pieces.
Yikes!  Guess it's not likely I'll have a big showing
next week either.

Happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said…
44 pieces! Yikes is an understatement. Your blocks look great (as always), I like your background fabrics.
Needled Mom said…
I’m impressed that you get two done with all else that you accomplish. Very nice too.
dq said…
Perfection is what I see. Especially with these blocks being so small.
Nice blocks. You got two done and they look great.
xx, Carol
As long as you are making at least one block a week, you are moving forward. Nice blocks.