23 April 2020

Quick Question of the Day

If this is your project:

"Ombre Lattice" by Tiffany Hayes (V & Co.)

What color of thread do you use for piecing?
Just curious...
I think I'm going to go with a light gray?

Happy Quilting!

20 April 2020

Tuesday To-Do's: Spring Has Finally Arrived!

It is finally feeling like spring around here
which is putting everyone in a better mood.
Everyone is out walking, biking, working in
the yard--anything to be outside of the house!

I've been inside way more than I'd like, for sure,
but that will be changing.  Before I get to that, 
I want to check in on what I've gotten done
over the last week.

1)  Finish the Americana quilt
Well, I didn't finish it but I've been working
on quilting it a little here and thereSee #3.

2) Make two Farmer's Wife blocks

Just one completed.  Again, see #3.

3) Finish all masks
 I finished!!
I completed 355 surgical masks for the hospital!
🎉Hallelujah! 🎉
It feels like that is all I've done for weeks!  Getting
back to quilting, or anything else, seems as great
as the arrival of this spring weather.
Oh, today is a GOOD day!

4) Don't take on ANY more mask orders
This was a super easy one--I didn't!

5) Knitting
I got a decent amount done.

Still frustrated with my choice but so be it;
the scarf is slowly growing.  I look forward to
making this again some day in a solid.

Accomplishing my to-do's for next week looks
more promising than it has in about a month.

1) Not to sound like a broken record but...
finish the American quilt.  Really.

2) Start a new quilt!
I've been really excited to start this one.
I always say my quilting tastes are all over the place.
I'm usually traditional but I think I can find something
I like in almost every category--almost.

Anyhoo, I'm just giddy about starting this one.
After all those blue/white masks, this is going to
be such a breath of fresh air--and therapeutic.

3) Continue with evening knitting on scarf

4) Figure out this month's Christmas finish
In January, I joined the "One X-Mas Item A Month"
group.  I don't even have an idea of what to make
next but projects are to be posted on the 25th of every
month so I need to get on it--fast!

None of this is outside but there's always garden
work, decks to clean, plants to be potted...
you get the idea.  But when it's time to rest?
I plan on sitting outside in the sun, or on a deck,
or in the garden--I have created lots of resting spots!
I think after making over 400 masks, I've earned it.

I'm looking forward to being back next Tuesday
with some actual quilting progress!

Happy quilting!

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17 April 2020

Farmer's Wife Friday #14: Finally! A Non-Mask Creation!

It feels great to make something--anything!--besides
a mask.  The fabric masks at least allow me to play
around with quilt fabrics but the 140 surgical masks
I finished up and passed on yesterday are just plain
ol' blue and white.  That put me at 200 and I have
another 100 to work on yet; I haven't decided if I'll
keep going with every bit of that fabric.  It would
mean another 100 at least but I'm pretty worn out
from them.  And yet, they're very rewarding and
when I take a break from them, I feel like I can
give it at least one more go.  

Today's break resulted in two fabric masks
and a Farmer's Wife block--my first
non-mask creation in weeks!


With the hand-sewing here and the many pieces
on the next few blocks, I decided this one block
was enough for today.

It seems weeks since I've done anything creative
so even this little bit was a big relief.
I'm dying to get started on my next quilt
with all of those fun, bright colors but
it's back to the masks for now.

The light is starting to show at the end of this tunnel
so hang in there.  Stay home and safe and sew on!
If you're making masks, I feel ya but we are not quitters!
At least not yet!

You will want to watch this
great little face mask--ahem, er--tutorial
for a laugh.

Happy quilting!

14 April 2020

Tuesday To-Do's (or Not To Do?)

What did I get done?
What did ANY of us get done!?

I put all my other to-do's on hold.

I've sewn so many masks I started placing
empty spools trophies on the window.

I'd already tossed a couple and I've also been using
a huge cone so this should be more impressive.
Still, it makes me happy to watch it grow.
It has been a great way to empty up some threads
(and bobbins!) that I don't see using up in the future.
I stick to neutral colors with my quilt piecing so any
brights I have from odd projects are fair game
when sewing the inside of these surgical masks.

The "Got Done's"

1)  Americana quilt: finish quilting
Gathering dust while loaded on frame

2)  Farmer's Wife:  Two more blocks
Didn't even crack the book open

3) Knitting: progress on scarf would be great
but first I have an Easter project I want to get done.
I'll have to save any pics for next week.
Nope, nada.

4) Masks: fill all requests
Here we go!

West Point masks, of course!

Well, I am up to my ears in mask requests!

For family and friends, I've made 50 fabric masks.
Most were elastic and all had slots for filters.

For the troops in Afghanistan, I made 25 fabric w/ties
and already shipped them off.  I wish I'd taken pictures
of these because I think they were some of my best.

I finished the 60 surgical masks from last week
(miscalculated a little in last post) and 
I'm working on hundred's more.  
That's right:  hundreds. 
Every time I forbid myself to take on one more order,
someone simply can't say "no" to puts in their request.
 And then my nurse-friend dropped off 4 more bags of
surgical fabric! They loved the masks.  They were put
to use immediately and they want all I can get made.
How do I say no?
These are the really necessary ones, ones that work!

Even hubs pitched in.
With this being his debut here on my blog and
with that rotary cutter--look at him go!--perhaps
a round of applause is in order?  If not for that, then
how about the fact that he cut out 200 mask/tie sets
and has been inserting pipe cleaners (for nose).

5) New coat of paint in sewing room

Believe it or not, I did get this one done!
Even with all that mask construction, I tore my
room apart and painted it.  It's the same color but
just looks all new.   It had been 11 years
since I painted it last--how is that possible?

Next week's To-Do's:

Mostly just a repeat of last week's:

1)  Finish the Americana quilt

2) Make two Farmer's Wife blocks

3) Finish all masks
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
(I guess there's always a chance!)

4) Don't take on ANY more mask orders
Somehow I have to find a way to say "no more."
At least for a week or so.  I have done NOTHING
else around here except a little laundry.
No spring cleaning.
Not even "get ready for Easter" cleaning!
And I'm so sore!

5) Knitting
This might be hilarious as well except that I know it would
be a good way to wind down after sewing all day.

Happy quilting--if you're not making masks, that is.

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07 April 2020

Tuesday To-Do and More

I should be finding myself with plenty of time
 these days but...I'm not.  Somehow, this past
week was busier than ever and even now
I'm rushing through this post so I can get
back to work in the sewing room.

Among the other things added to my plate lately, I found
myself knee-deep in making masks--the good ones.
More on that in a bit.  First, the "got-done's":

1)  Finish the entire top of the Americana quilt.

Being short on blue border fabric,
I left the bottom simple; it will be covered
by the footboard of the bed anyway.

This top is all finished and on the LA frame.
I got a small start quilting it before I
stopped everything to work on masks.

2) Two more Farmer's Wife quilt blocks

3)  Knitting:  show more progress
Only added 8-10 rows; better than nothing!

4)  Gardening/outdoor work:  whatever weather allows
Hopefully I'll get more things into the herb beds.

All caught up in the garden.
I got a few herbs planted in warmer, protected
spots but it'll be a few weeks before adding more.
With a few nights below freezing, it's clear that it's 
too early to plant anything else.  Our temps are
warming up quickly and we've had some nice rain
so for the next week or two, I'll just be sitting
back and watching the early crops emerge.
I'm already seeing onions, radishes, lettuces, etc.


An OR nurse friend of mine dropped by a bag of
their sterilization fabric for me to make masks.
Like everyone else, they are very short on them
so I offered to make what I could.

After much research and then getting my routine down,
things finally sped up.  Oh, for just one more set of hands!
The assembly line would have gone so much faster! 
This morning I have just two hour's worth of work to
finish up almost 70 surgical masks (with straps) to give.
I think there is more fabric coming my way and I truly
want to make as many as they need but I also have
so many other things crying for attention so it is a
struggle!  I also have about 20 masks (the fabric kind
with filter pocket) to make for family and friends who
have requested them.  I pray I get those done today
as well but "sunny and 80 degrees" is going to mean
I need to get some outdoor work done as well.

Next week's To-Do's

1)  Americana quilt: finish quilting

2)  Farmer's Wife:  Two more blocks

3) Knitting: progress on scarf would be great
but first I have an Easter project I want to get done.
I'll have to save any pics for next week.

4) Masks: fill all requests

5) New coat of paint in sewing room

Hubs is going to build me a permanent hanger for my
design wall (or quilt if design wall isn't in use) so I want
to touch up the walls before he gets it put up. It's going
to be hard to get to this with so much going on.
Though it's just the same color, I still need to move
as much as I can out of the room and off the walls.

And that's it, aside from focusing on Holy Week and
streaming the Triduum events into our living room
when we'd much rather be at church--so odd!

Happy safe quilting!

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