30 October 2018

Another Mini, Fall Joy and...Lint!

Yesterday it just seemed like I wasn't supposed to be in the sewing
room.  I was going to quickly sew up another mini--in fall colors
this time--and then head right in to the long-arm.

Errands took up most of my morning.
The weekend left my sewing room a mess--sadly, not all from sewing.
My pieces just wouldn't align; I ripped more than I care to mention.
The machine's tension kept messing up--a first for this machine.*
I cut my binding twice when trimming it up.
Is it actually Friday the 13th!?!?

My "couple of hours" fun project didn't even get done--only
the top.  But I finished it this morning and it's on the wall now.

I know I said I wasn't going to make more for a while but
after this weekend's garden work, I needed a down day...

and I wanted to work with the colors that were outside the window.

It's rare that I go in my sewing room and just make
whatever comes to my mind--too rare.

I need to do more of that--maybe the issues
were there to slow me down on purpose.
If so, lesson learned.

Next I want to make a more vibrant version.
I'm just enjoying this fall so much it's hard to stay inside.

Happy FALL quilting!

Linking up to DrEAMi #21

* (the tension issue) *
You know how you can hear a problem with your machine
before you see it?  I heard it but was just serviced and I clean
it often so I didn't trust my instinct.  I sure did not expect
to find a large amount of lint under the bobbin case but
really, I should've known.   I guess it was the batting in those
little banners I made?  Well, it's all good now.
Lint.  It's a four-letter word.


Needled Mom said...

In spite of all the issues, it turned out beautifully. I love the colors and it does match the outside so well.

Debbie said...

Yay...love the new mini. It's a great day to have fun and enjoy your creative spirit. as for lint....you are so right. You can heard the machine tone change. When I was teaching on regular basis I would have jaw dropping expression when I made them all show me clean bobbin areas. Some would be so dense I marvel that the bobbin even sewed.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I cleaned some lint out this morning. Congrats on the newest mini. Hope things go better this week.

Sandra Walker said...

Ah someone else who pays attention (usually ha!) and listens to her machine. :-) Thanks for linking up a second Drop Everything and Make it project because both of yours sure ARE. :-) I'm off to check out that MBS pattern. See? these squirrels create more squirrels...

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