Halloween Quilt Top Complete

Yep, I have another finish!
This quilt was just all kinds of fun.
Fabrics from the stash, seasonal colors
and a lot of easy sewing time.

I wasn't so sure about the border initially but I had so
many pieces left over, well, what else was I to do with them?
I think I'm even going to put a strip of them in the backing.
They're kind of all over my sewing room!

Fortunately I thought ahead to baste all of those little "open" seams
 before I attached the borders to the quilt--dealing with single strips
rather than the whole quilt was a lot easier on the shoulders and neck.

My finishes always happen at night or on rainy days...
or in this case it's both.  And wow, have we been getting
rain!  I lost track after 6 inches but it's supposed to keep
going for a while longer.  I love it but it's sure hard
to get a decent picture these days.

Directions for making this quilt can be found here:

So yet again I have two quilts lined up for the long arm.
I've been toying with using one of each of these pantographs
but if I can get comfortable with the pumpkin one on the right
I think I'll be using it for both (my fall stars quilt too).

Not sure what I'm tackling next but I'm really having
so much fun enjoying the season and all the sewing!

Happy quilting!


Debbie said…
The rain has really given you a push to get things done! Love the new top and good hint about basting the edge before attaching. Either of those pantos will be super!
Needled Mom said…
It looks so nice and I love the added border!
Great quilt. The borders really set it off.