28 October 2018

October Banner Complete...and More

It's about time I made the October banner, huh?  Finally.

Since that one is only going to be on display
for a few more days, I made up November too.

And then I started thinking about how busy things are going
to be very soon with the holidays and decided to
go ahead and get December out of the way as well.

Santa isn't wrinkly like he looks here, just sayin'. 
And now I'm all caught up till next year!

Here is my set so far:


So I'm feeling pretty good about this on-going project!

Last week the first tree in our yard turned gold over night.  

Now we're enjoying one of the most stunning autumns and
I just can't get enough while driving around, especially out in
the country--we're lucky enough to be on the edge of it.
A proper long walk in that direction needs to happen very soon.

While I love the beautiful golds that our trees display, I have
always wanted the rest of the colors of fall.
This year I finally took care of that by picking up 7 new trees.
Soon we'll have those reds and deep oranges that I'm after!

The garden clean-up is done for now.
The coop has been cleaned and prepped for colder days.
Is it safe to say we're on the back side of all this season's work?
There is plenty more I'd like to get done but the essentials are out
of the way and that's a relief.  With this week's weather maybe I
can get the rest out of the way.  Busy sewing days to come you know!

In the week ahead, I need to finish up quilting the Halloween quilt
and then it's time to start some new ones.

I have two quilts going on in my mind with these fabrics
(yes, they're pre-cuts--I caved!)
but I'm needing ivory backgrounds.  Guess what?
It's that end-of-the-bolt sale coming up this Thurs!
My timing has been great lately.

Happy quilting!

Sewing plans for this week
Completely finish Halloween quilt
Deliver Stars quilt
Shop for next two quilts (ivories) & start cutting

Outdoor plans for this week
Finish cleaning windows
Work on flower gardens
Trim all shrubs


Debbie said...

Love your mini seasonal banners....especially the September. We have had no color here at all, and most of the leaves have been blown off or beaten off with rain already. Forecasters say this is our week of color....ha! Maybe a bit of gold from the hickory, but the maples look spent. Yet we are having colder temps and I am enjoying that change. Good luck with the shopping trip this week.

Needled Mom said...

Those are all wonderful.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cute mini's!

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