Halloween Stars

I struggled to get out of bed soo early yesterday
after all that shop hop driving but it helped to
think about my current quilt projects.  And about
the ones I want to start when those are completed!
It's likely I'll be needing batting again (already!) so
thankfully all those holiday sales will start up soon.

Good news!
I was starting to feel like just maybe I did start too many
projects but yesterday I finished the last of the 42 stars for my
Halloween quilt--they just await sashing.
These are 8 1/2" blocks (unfinished).

Early this week I finished my card trick quilt, the fall stars are
ready to be quilted and this top is soon to be complete.
I think I got this multi-project thing after all.

This crazy weather.  As cool as it was Thursday, yesterday was right
back up in the 80's and the sewing room got too hot for me
so after a "sashing trial" I decided to call it quits for the day.
Saturdays are usually when I get a lot of outdoor work done
but it's now back down with the temp, and raining.  It looks
like I may just have to stay inside and sew instead.
My fall to-do list a mile long but quilting and watching college
football don't seem too bad of a way to spend the day.
Still, I wouldn't mind a break in the clouds here and
there for a little power-gardening session or two.

Happy quilting!


What cute stars! I like the sashing you show.