13 October 2018

Visiting The Quilter's Cottage in Eureka Springs, AR

This past week the hubs and I spent a few days
down at our favorite B&B in Eureka Springs, AR.
For me it was a great little break from cooking, dishes, laundry,
cleaning--everything.  Other than several fantastic restaurants,
there's not much else to do, which is why we go there.
It's a beautiful place to rest, read and hey, why not a little quilting?

With a 5-hr drive and all that down-time, I decided to bring
out my oldest UFO--my hand-quilting project.
I pieced this about 15 years ago but just can't seem to get
the quilting done on it.  After the clouds cleared out, we spent
some time on the deck of our cottage.  What a great quilting spot!
In the distance is the main house of Heartstone Inn.

After checking out on our last day, we had a little time to kill
before lunch at Local Flavor (we love that place!) and heading home.

Would you believe we just happened to come across a quilt shop?

I was desperately needing a marking pen for my quilting
so we made a quick stop.

I snapped some pics to share.

I'm a sucker for loft spaces so I had to head up.  

It's a little snug but it would still be a fun spot to sew with friends.
Sitting at one of these tables, you could look straight out
a large window or down over rows and rows of fabric.

My only purchase was the marking pen but who
doesn't love to peruse a new shop?

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The quilt shop in Mountain View, Arkansas has closed since the last time we were there (2 years ago). There is a quilt shop inside an antique and clothing shop there. I bought a pattern that I've been looking at for some time.

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