14 October 2018

Staying In

There isn't anything to do on a day like this but stay in.

If you zoom a little, you can see the "white" of the blowing rain.
And tonight I'm pretty excited to see a different white--snow!
Big fluffy flakes!

I got about half of my fall stars quilt (unnamed for now) quilted today.
The design is easier to do than I expected but does require patience
and taking my time.  Hopefully, I'll finish it up tomorrow so that I'm
able to show it in the QAL parade on Wednesday.

Quilting plans for the week
Finish fall stars by Tuesday
Quilt Trick-or-Treat (name?)
Make October block
Make October banner

Other plans
Work on garden clean-up
Clean out coop and prep for winter
Bring firewood to deck

Happy quilting!


Debbie said...

Busy week, and love the view. The fall stars quilt is a show stopper....very pretty.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I'd forgotten that some of our relatives live in Kansas, near KC. They were missing the snow, but we got rain down in Arkansas.

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