A Mini for the Wall

With all the rains we've had, we are now enjoying
one really beautiful autumn.  For days, the sun has been shining,
the temps have been in the 60's and wind has been minimal.
The tree colors are just stunning.  Talk about quilt inspiration!

So why did I choose spring colors to work on today?

Who knows, but I'm positive that tomorrow I'll be back at
something more seasonal, especially after the rain 
moved back in this evening.  

I don't do many wall-hangings but after cleaning my room
and doing a little scrap purging--yay!--I decided the walls
are just too empty.   Years ago, when I re-painted, I pulled
all of my mini-quilts down and never put them back up.
I've come to prefer my sewing room to have that clean
tidy open feel to it--I just work better that way.
But now I'm wanting some change, and a little inspiration
around me so maybe it's time to slowly add some back in.

I went to the Moda Bake Shop site for some quick ideas
on what to do with the one little mini-charm pack I had
and came up with this.  At just 15x15, it was a perfect
one-day project--and I moved out another pre-cut.

Chloe was instantly a fan.

I apologize if you're not a cat person.  She was feeling
the rainy weather at this point and just wouldn't move from
the warm ironing board, which I just re-covered btw--
part of my cleaning process.  I went with a fabric that
would hide the "wear" a little better this time.

Now that I have a lone mini-quilt on my wall,
(some of you are laughing at that, aren't you?)
I'm anxious to start a new project, though the
Halloween quilt is calling and I still have a--ahem--
October banner to make, and ok, I probably had better
go ahead and make the November one as well, right?
I know how quickly those minis can pop up
on the walls so I'm in no hurry there.

Well, I find it's better to spread out the long-arm time
over several days so I think I'll be doing a little of this
and that for the rest of the week.  And we'll just see
what happens with that.  

Linking up to DrEAMi #21

Happy [rainy fall day] quilting!


Not to sure your kitty will like having that quilt on the wall, instead of where he can lay on it.
Needled Mom said…
That's a darling mini and will look so nice hanging on the wall. I also love that autumn quilting you are doing.
Sandra Walker said…
This is a perfect little DrEAMi! Thank you so much for linking it. Perfect too, is MBS for inspiration and what to do with ___ precut. Never apologize for our fur kids loving our work! People who would require that apology have no idea what extra something they're missing right?