05 October 2018

Shop Hopping in Kansas--Pick Your Favorite

 I'm all settled back in from a fun day of shop hopping.
I can't remember how long I've been doing this shop hop
but I'm thinking at least 10 of its 20 years.  
One year my sister, also a quilter, who was visiting came along
and over the last few a good friend has joined me.  Like me, she
has always been into sewing but it's been in the last few years
or so that she has come down with quilting fever.
Just before 8 am we set out with hot coffees in hand
heading off into the misty country that was just
beginning to show signs of fall.

Our first stop was a fairly new shop down in Winfield, KS
which is just about 45 mins southeast of Wichita.
I didn't get a pic of Field to Fabric's shop hop quilt
but below are a couple that were on display in a hallway. 

Oh that Irish chain that is always on my list of to-do's!

So many times a picture doesn't do justice.
I'm not always into brights but this quilt
really caught my attention.


I found a pic on Field to Fabric's website of their shop hop quilt.
 (calling it #8).

Next we headed over to Severy.
A couple of the shops are way out in the country and sometimes
it really can be like looking for a Needle In a Haystack.

They knew how to solve this problem, eh?
When I was little, we would drive by on the way to visit
my aunt and I always wondered what this was all about.
Since then, they've grown so much in size and popularity
that we all pretty much know right where they're at!
The highway has also been much improved so
if I ever want to visit this shop, it's just a nice
hour's drive straight east.  

They always have a great clearance section and
plenty of quilts hanging around what used to be a barn.
Above just shows the very front of the store.

A fabric is designed every year specifically for our shop hop.
(Sorry it turned sideways!)

Every shop enters a block and then, using all the blocks and
the special fabric, they each create their own quilt.
The shops all sell kits for their quilt--many quilters pick
the setting they like best and make it every year.
This is Needle in a Haystack's--we'll call it #1.
See if you have a favorite...

Next we headed back to east Wichita where Hen Feathers
has been for....as long as I can remember anyway.

This shop, about a 25 min drive for me, is the one that has the
great end-of-the bolt sales that I like to hit.
I admit I didn't take the best pics of these shops
but I really was more focused on fabric and quilts
so who can blame me?  But, like in the one
above, it's hard to see just how much fabric they
actually carry but they've squeezed quite a bit into this
shop that is on one of the busiest streets in Wichita.

And here is Hen Feather's quilt (#2) for the year.
I have never purchased a kit but I was a little
tempted this year.   I love the blocks and the colors.
You can all just guess that I would slip a border onto
this one in a heartbeat though.  To me it just begs for one.
Still, on-point settings will always be the prettiest!

Up north a short drive to Newton is Charlotte's Sew Natural.
With the construction going on, we had to go in the back door
but, as back door's go, this is still rather inviting, especially to quilters.

Charlotte's has also been around longer than I've been quilting.
This shop winds through many rooms with a great selection of
fabric.  When I made my son-in-law's geometric quilt a couple
years ago, I went straight to this shop for their huge batik collection.

Hard to see that quilt back there but I'm really wanting to
do a dark-background quilt so this caught my eye.

And here is their shop hop quilt (#3)--beautiful!
(Needs a border.  LOL!)

The owner designed this quilt that stopped me in my tracks.
How cool is that border??
And so many Kansas Troubles fabrics which I love!
When we spoke to her about it, she let me know that she has
a pattern available for printing or downloading so I think I may
just call up there after the shop hop (when she has more time!)
and have her send it my way.

I know I could figure this out but for the small price of a pattern,
I'm happy to pay someone else to do it.
On that note, I have to admit I'm starting to think about
buying the EQMini, or at least putting it on my Christmas list.

A little farther north is Stitches Quilt Shop.
It's fairly new, opening after the Amish quilt
shop--the biggest shop I've ever seen!--just a few
doors down closed about 5 years ago.
The store front is pretty plain but us quilters know
what's inside!

This is taken from the loft where, as I stood for this pic,
behind me is a clearance section that never--not once--disappoints!
And to the lower left is a quilt that I really like.

Not super Christmas-sy, this would work all winter I think.

To the left is their shop hop quilt (#4), and to the right is one that
I ogle every time I see it.   All the pieces!
Oh look, there's my friend Amy thinking hard about that fabric--
will it work for her latest project?
(She bought it--"Yay, Amy!")

After seeing another lady purchase this book,
I had to flip through it and decided it needs to be on
my Christmas list.  If I had to pick a favorite pre-cut,
 it would be the jelly roll.  And after I received some
encouragement from a few of you, I've decided making my own
is really a LOT of fun and great way to put my stash to use.

From McPherson, we headed south west to Alden--don't ask
me exactly where it is because it's way more of a needle in a
haystack than the real deal previously mentioned but goodness
these locals love this shop.  With only a few tiny shops on this
tiny stretch, I bet it's a great place for the ladies to meet.
Probably the only place.

Now isn't this crazy!?!  Pretty economical transport for
the owner who probably only lives blocks away!

Prairie Crafts has made some really nice changes 
over the last few years in their large shop of many rooms.

I believe they once used to be more of a general or dime-store type of shop
that carried fabric on the side.  Over the years, the fabric stock increased
and this year I noticed every bit of general merchandise had been moved
out along with most of the older fabrics.  The current stock has really grown
to include a nice large selection.  I'm so happy to see a quilt
shop improve and thrive these days!

Here is Prairie Flower Crafts' shop hop quilt (#5).

I guess I had to take a picture of this one because
it gave me a good idea for using a fabric of
large prints.  Some of these were just beautiful
pictures and I started seeing my own version
in different colors and....well, now I need
to find that focal fabric!  The rest would
be good for some scrap busting.

And now we're on the home stretch:  Hutchison, KS
where Cottonwood Quilts--shop hop quilt (#6) above--is always
fun to visit.  It's a large, well-established shop with lots
of great fabrics, especially those deep rich lines that I really
speak to me this time of year like Kansas Troubles and...

like Jo Morton's.  At the far end of this set of shelves
is a quilt and a display of Jo's books.  Usually they have
more quilts of Jo's design on display; I love to see
them and to flip through her books.  Maybe those need
to be on my Christmas list too?

And lastly, back in Wichita about 15 mins from home is
Picket Fence Quilts.  

This shop has changed locations several
times, and owners, but is still doing well.  They've recently added
a large yarn selection and knitting classes--this will be great
whenever the newness of my long arm wears off and I pick
up some knitting needles once again.  I know I'll need
help finishing 3 or 4 projects that remain unfinished--sigh.

Behind the check-in table they were displaying a quilt from
one of their current quilting classes.

Their shop hop quilt (#7) shows such a creative
way to incorporate everyone's blocks.

And that brought us home around 7, just short
of a 12-hour day of shopping and driving--
and I never mind the driving especially when my
car is fast and fun.  ;o)
We enjoyed great fall weather--the mist picked up some
throughout the day while the temps went down a little.
I would take that every year for a quilt shop hop!
Only 8 shops this year; when I first started I think there
were 14?  But, I hear rumors of another joining in next year.
(About 10 would be my choice.)

So, speaking of choices, which shop hop quilt is your favorite?
Mine is probably #1 but #3 is a close second.

Are you wondering what I bought??

We'll start from the upper left and go down and around:
1) About 2 yds of a pretty deep green that just spoke to me
2)  About 10 yards ($5/yd!) of backing for the ivories/blacks
quilt that I've been dreaming of for years.
3) 6 yds of a pretty gray (pic not too good here) that will be the 
backing of my daughter's quilt.  I need 2-3 more yds but at the price
and because it matched so well, I figured I could patch in some white
or something for the rest.
Going back up...
4) 4 yards ($5 again!) for that blacks/ivories project
6)  PERFECT stripes for a border on my fall stars quilt
7) A brown for sashing on my Christmas BOM quilt
8) And 3 1/4-yds to fill in what I need for my daughter's quilt.
(Have a 21 fat quarter set; pattern requires 24)
I think I'll start this quilt after Christmas some time.

Well that was a long post but hopefully you've gotten
to enjoy a shop-hop a little from the coziness of your own
home or coffee shop or wherever you are!
I need to catch up on the house after being gone
and then hopefully I'll get some time sewing this afternoon!

Happy quilting!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Glad you enjoyed the shop hop.

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Wow what a day.
I think #3 would be my fave with #2 a close second (but yes it needs a border 😉).

Looks like a fun day.

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing the hop! Love knowing the details.....right off I love #1 setting. You got some great fabrics.

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