04 November 2014

Weekend Construction

Saturday didn't give us a full day to work on the 
kitchen; we tried to keep the work on Sunday
to a minimum but we still got lots done.

Not quite the fall decor look I was after...

Renting a 30yd roll-off trash for our kitchen project
meant we could get rid of a lot of other things around
our three acres.  We do our best to compost but some
things just don't work.  So, looking ahead, we spent
one day last week trimming trees.  
(I took on our huge row of cedars that line the north part of our property.
These gum up the shredder so I was very glad to get them off of our hands.)

I love me some serious clean-up, and now all of this
is packed away in the dumpster.  I was also able
to toss everything from my garden all at once!
(vines, tomato plants etc can't go in the compost so they are a big pain this time of year.  Normally I have to do a small amount every week into our regular trash--it takes a long time to get rid of it all!)

And how did I feed my hungry crew without
a kitchen?  I had sloppy jo's already made up
in the crockpot for Saturday.

Sunday?  I grilled lots of wings while my visiting
daughter whipped up some guacamole & chips.

The crockpots are working daily around here!

Soffits are removed--the new cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling.
Our cabinetry guy advised that the simplest way to remove tile is to
remove all the sheetrock with it and replace it.  This gives
the electrician better access anyway.

By Moday afternoon, the demolition was complete.
And, regardless of the sheets I hung up in the
doorways, my house is now incredibly dusty.  
Not much point in dusting it till after this weekend
when we do the actual sheetrock work...if I can
contain myself, that is.

Tonight, I really take the night off and we order pizza.


Debbie said...

The sheetrock dust is the absolute worse! You can't stop it from finding every hidden crack and corner in the house. Things are looking good there.

Katy Cameron said...

Definitely looks like a pizza night!

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