Welcome to the Construction Zone

Friday, Oct. 31
I've had months to get plenty of "before" pictures
of my kitchen...but did I?
About an hour into the tear-out phase
(and well after I'd packed up everything, taken  pictures from walls, etc)
I remembered to start snapping.

The island.
I understand the thinking behind choosing neutral
colors but this tile island has been the biggest eye-sore.
The 25+yr old grout was kind of a grayish-green.  Nasty.
And I tried every cleaning method out there.
The sink has already been removed in the back there.

The oven and microwave already removed from
over here; small bar-sink removed as well.
This was our coffee bar area.

The dh taking a second to look at youngest son's
new sheet music--he's a trumpet player.
Again, micro, oven and bar sink already removed.

Small desk-type area off to side where I kept 
cookbooks, school supplies, etc.

Moved refrigerator around the corner and into 
the formal dining room.  This bothers me beyond
belief, and I'll have to put up with it for weeks.
A small inconvenience to pay for the upcoming
years of playing in the new kitchen.

Making progress.
Island almost gone, cabinets disappearing.

And more progress.

How about a panoramic?

How about a crazy costume to wear
to our last regular season football game?

Removing flooring at the end of a full day.

Over the next two days, the soffits will be removed
(The new cabinets will go all the way to the ceiling.)
along with the sheetrock behind the tile.
Before we can begin replacing sheetrock,
the electrician will be out to do a little work.

Meanwhile, I'm using my laundry room as a kitchen.
I've done a lot of extra meal preparing over the last
couple months so that shouldn't be as difficult as it
sounds but I'm sure we'll eat out a bit as well.

The bonus to this is that, for the most part,
 I get to just sit back and spend
most of my time in my sewing room!

Remember these fat quarters from my shop-hop
prize basket?  My daughter immediately 
wanted headbands made from them.

Of course, I played it up like I wouldn't dare
cut into these for a few headbands...

These are just a few of the ones I'm making
for Christmas gifts...ok, a few are for me, too.  
Just getting ahead of things while I can,
and while I can't be in the kitchen.


Debbie said…
Oh, boy.....I remember the refrig in the living room when we re did our kitchen in another house! It seems to take forever to get thru a remodel but it is so worth it when done. Hang in there.
Katy Cameron said…
Hmm, that lobster was lucky he didn't get eaten in the kitchen ;o)