Pincushions For Every Season!

I had to entertain myself while waiting on the 
dryer repairman so I made pincushions.

If you haven't made one of these yet,
go make one now.
(Unless you're currently watching our KC Royals win--what a game this is!)
It's so super handy!
I always put other projects ahead of it but
it only takes minutes and it'll save you minutes
when sewing other things!

I found it a little amusing that I used 
my pincushion while making it.

The straps fasten with velcro in the back;
I added a small tab for a scissors.

I cut into this fat quarter for my Thankful for Fall
quilt and then used the scraps for this cushion.

Don't you just love it when you use almost 
every last bit of a fabric?

To be all seasonal and stuff, this is my fall pincushion.

And here is my winter one.
(What kind of evil person sticks pins into a happy little snowman?!?)
I was concerned that a scissors hanging in the tab 
might start scratching the machine after a while so
I made a pocket on this one.  However, the scissors
handle seems to be more of an issue here because 
it tends to bang against the machine.  
I suppose a thinner pocket would fix that.
I'll keep that in mind if I get cushions made for
the other seasons--except, that's when I'm usually
in the garden so...not sure about that.

I also made bookmarks but no pics yet.
And, yes, the dryer finally got fixed.


gilly said…
What a great idea, and I love the thought of having different pincushions for each season or occansion!
Katy Cameron said…
They're very cute, but alas, my machine's computer interface is just where you have yours, and I think it might go a bit squiffy if I tried this ;o)