Another Finish: Scrappy Fall Table Runner

I completed the second of two table runners
which allows me to check another "finish" off the list.

If you remember, I made this one last month
for a friend's birthday.

I thought the "Leaves" candle topped hers off nicely.

This friend has a longer table so I went with this size.  
I like a thinner table runner so you don't have to remove
it to actually eat at the table but it does make it harder 
to hang onto for machine quilting.  Just a little fyi there.

Oh, I do love to make stars!

Sadly, Bath & Body Works was out of the "Leaves" 
candles so I had to go with the pumpkin.
Considering the pumpkins I quilted into the other,
I should've switched these but, c'est la vie.

Well, back to the headbands today while waiting
on the electrician.
Mild Christmas music playing, overcast sky
& a peppermint mocha in hand.  I'm kinda
getting in the mood to sew Christmas things!

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Katy Cameron said…
Hmmn, you might have inspired me to finally start thinking about the 'C' word!