13 November 2014

Moving Along...

When I last posted, my kitchen looked like this: 

And this:

Well, no, now that I look at the above one, there
are some missing. Must've been an "arrival" pic.
Like this one:

I now have most of the cabinets installed.
The plumber is coming today to get this beautiful 
Shaws sink, handcrafted in Merry Ol' England, put in.

This was one item I wouldn't budge on.
Kinda like how it won't move--all 132 lbs of it.

It will be a true back-saver when I'm working
on all of that produce from my garden.

  I hadn't even realized this bonus!
I think I'll be able to pull one of the bar stools up to
this sink but, even standing, it's much easier access.
My mom had to have sent that (among other things).  
She carried most of us (7) kids with painful vericose veins in her legs.
I did inherit them, though not quite to that extent, so she hated to see me
have to stand at the sink for long periods of time.

Mr. Cabinet Guy and Son:
I don't know how they feel about being posted here so I'll keep them
anonymous but I do have to acknowledge them somehow!

This is the coffee bar area; the tall, full cabinet
(kinda behind the ladder) holds the double-oven
and warming drawer, with storage above and the
microwave to the right.
I've received the all-clear for the electrician to install
these so I hope to hear back from him soon!
It's difficult to go without these things for so long,
and when the lows have been like 14 degrees!
My family wants warm food!

There is a long story about a lot of work and rework 
done here by my husband and his dad--trusses and
vent pipes, new vent pipes ripping and being replaced
againfloors being torn open again, etc--but I'll just 
show you the island finally being installed.  
At least it there was a happy ending.

Now awaiting my granite tops, along with the crown
molding, doors and drawers for the cabinets.

I've been getting very little done in the sewing room
with all of this going on.  I was working on some hanging
towels when I finally gave in and got myself some
reading glasses.  While my up-close eyesight is 20/20,
the correction (contacts) for my farsighted issue messes
that up.  Hoping my sewing goes better today...
if I can just get used to those reading glasses.
Feeling my youth slipping... [43]  Sigh.

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Katy Cameron said...

Hope you have a whole kitchen now!

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