Never Any "Quiet" Around Here!

Not that I'm complaining but
I am one of those people who needs silence.
 This morning it's a nail puller and a circular saw.
Sanding to follow.

After the electrician spent a whole day doing his work,
it was our turn with the sheetrock yesterday.

I've been hiding out in my sewing room most of
the time.  Preview:

I'm finishing up the last bit of 14 hotpads
for my new kitchen.  Some are seasonal but I
still made 6 every-day ones.  Not sure why so many!

In a quieter moment in the kitchen, I took care of some
of the parsley crop.  I just couldn't let it go to waste.
And with this wonderful forecast...

I brought a bunch in to air dry.  I prefer the quickness
of the oven but I don't have one right now.
That's ok, I'm getting TWO soon, and I don't know
about you but the very thought makes me rather giddy.
Kinda like those snowflakes in the forecast!
I hope the sage will hold out till after Thanksgiving.
It's pretty hardy; I use it for a lot of holiday cooking
and often find myself picking it in the snow.
That low of "19" up there has me concerned, though.

What are you up to on this beautiful November Saturday? 


Katy Cameron said…
I would have been hiding with ear muffs on I think!