Oh My, Oh My, Oh My!!

Guess what arrived a couple days early?!?

Hubs and son, and Extremely-Talented Cabinet Artist in back there at the front door.

Because the bad weather is supposed to set in on
Tuesday, I got to see my cabinets today!
They're all sitting around in odd spots but they are here!
All custom-made.  Perfect.  And beautiful!
(I might be afraid to work in there?!?)

This is the cabinet that holds the apron-front sink.
Again, not where it belongs in the room but I wanted
to give you an idea of how everything is looking.

The doors will be completed at a later date;
right now we needed to get the cabinets in so that the
granite company will be able to template this Friday.

I almost hesitate to show my island because it's sitting
up against a wall and it's awfully hard to grasp how
beautiful these two corbels are but I love it all so much
that I just wanted to show everyone! 

All hand-glazed.  So happy with how it turned out!

The granite will hang over about 14" here so we'll be
able to keep two barstools here, allowing the kids 
to hang out there while I cook at the other side of it.
Again, hard to make it out from this angle.

This was the first cabinet in the door; 
in my excitement, I assumed that I should 
document every part of this huge occasion.
By this time Tuesday night, I should be able to 
share pics of everything in the right places.

And I still need to get pics of all those hot pads!


Debbie said…
Beautiful!!!! So excited for you...and throw in a little envy too! Love that sink cabinet....the detail is wonderful. You are going to have so much fun when it all comes together.
Katy Cameron said…
Very exciting, looking forward to seeing the final results!