Farmer's Wife Friday #15 & My New Wall

It finally happened:  I skipped a FW Friday.
As usual, spring has brought all kinds of yard
and garden work so I chose to skip last week's
Farmer's Wife sewing.
The weather was so nice that I wanted to take
advantage of it.  Age and experience teach these
things and now that I'm looking at a forecast
of rain and colder temps, I'm feeling quite wise.
Truth be told, I'm feeling rather aged as well
but that's not really a good thing.  Ha!

I've tried to make up for lost time so today I have
six blocks to share.  SIX!  I think that's my record!

This one was the hardest so far.
Here's the before:

And the after.

Not perfect but after putting in hours on this
little guy, I'll take it.


This one had 64 pieces, and traditional piecing.

If it weren't for the fact that I'm trying to use
up charm pieces and scraps in this quilt,
I'd have made these HST's in a faster way.
But it was a cold, rainy day out there and
with nothing else pressing (besides the iron),
tedious piecing wasn't the worst thing to be doing.

These next three were fun and a big
breath of fresh air after the above blocks.
One aspect of this quilt that makes it so fun
is that I get to try out so many blocks that I'd likely
 never get to.  There have been more than a few
that, upon their finish, I found myself thinking,
"I'd like to make a whole quilt of these!"
But bigger blocks, of course.  Maybe, say,
8- or 10-inch?  Or maybe use them in the
border corners some time?  Hmm.
File that thought away.




And now, with all this over-achieving,
I decided I have earned another look at how
the entire project is going:

Wahoo--37% of the way done!
This has me wondering what color would be best
for the sashing.  I can think of several options
but if I want to tone this thing down, I guess it
must be a light cream?

And what is that!?!

That's right--I finally got a design wall to play on.
This angle makes it look crooked on the right but
it really isn't.  I do think I'm going to have to pin the sides
and bottom.  I had hubs make just a top "holding strip"
that can also display finished quilts so I don't want
the felt permanently affixed to the wall.  I couldn't do this
using insulation boards, which might have been my real
preference but I also don't have room for them.  I weighed
the pros and cons of everything and went this route.

Happy quilting, and may you get lots
done on your current project this weekend!


Joyful Quilter said…
Ohhh, I'm jealous of the design wall (nice hubby). It's getting harder and harder for me to move around the design floor. Could you put a long dowel into the bottom hem of the felt? Or down the sides?
I love the background fabric you used for #40 & 41. I have the insulation board. I covered each piece separately. That way I can move them down to the basement if someone comes to visit (that doesn't happen very often). I lien them against the guest bedroom closet (no room in my sewing room). Nice blocks. You're getting there....