Back At the To-Do's and May Monthly Goal:

Happy Tuesday!

The last time I linked up, I was so excited to be
making plans that did NOT include masks that I
commented (and I quote) "Oh today is a GOOD day!"
And boy, was it--but not quite in the way I had planned.
Long story short, that day I scored truck-loads of mulch
from tree-trimmers working in the area.  I've been trying
to get more mulch for years now so I was
absolutely giddy--like "It's Christmas!" giddy.  

I make many trips to the garden every day (especially
while cooking meals) and the mulch keeps my shoes
clean/mud-free.  It also cuts down on weeds and it makes
 the garden look amazing.  The chickens love to tear into it
so I have to rake it back into place constantly but I really
don't mind--they're eating bugs and weed seeds.
I look forward to sharing more pics when the individual
gardens are green and full.  Unfortunately, from the above
angle, you can barely see my early crops in the back.
(Right up front are some smaller asparagus ferns.)

Tackling Mount Mulch has been a LOT of hard work.
But, along with the perfect weather, it has still put me
into full spring mode and I've been working outside
up to 6 hours or more a day, though I've been trying
to make more time for sewing this week.  I am not
the the spring chick I once was but I enjoy the work.
And now have a nice tan to show for it.

Anyhoo, my point is that I just skipped right over
last week's linky party but,without any further ado, 
here is my previous list and what I got done:

1) Finish the American quilt.


A big finish here.  It got pushed aside a lot
over these 2 months (masks!) but I stayed strong.
This was also my One Monthly Goal.

No UFO's in this sewing room!  No siree!
It's 87 x 98.
My son has been busy with papers and finals
this week but as soon as he cleans his room,
I'll put it on his bed.  (That's my criteria!)

2) Start a new quilt!

I certainly got it started.

And then hit a big, ugly bump.
I've discovered there are now multiple jelly rolls of the
Ombre Confetti Metallic line.  This particular pattern
was created with the first collection (now hard to find)
and does NOT work with the newer one that I have...
the one that I'm already well-into making a quilt with.
It says "New Colors" on the tag but that was behind the
ribbon around the roll and under a cellophane wrapper
that kept it all tightly in place.  
(Hint:  Read the tiny print on the UPC code on the bottom)

So to my friends who want to make this quilt:
pay super close attention to which
Ombre Metallic jelly roll you buy!
You will need two strips of EACH color and if the
jelly roll doesn't have that, then you'll need to
make your own from yardage.

With so many shades, I need hit the LQS to pick out 
in person the five colors/fabrics I'm now short.
But of course the LQS's are were closed. 
Good news!  Things are starting to open up around
here, including the quilt shops!

3) Continue with evening knitting on scarf.
I added another 20 rows or so.

4) Figure out this month's Christmas finish.
I looked and came up empty.

5) Farmer's Wife Quilt
In these two weeks, I only got two blocks made
and I didn't get time to even post them on my
"Farmer's Wife Friday" but here they are:

This was the hardest block so far.  I spent
over two hours on it and it's not even perfect.

I'm kidding...sort of.  It's not like it has to be perfect but
 I'd like for it to be a little better.  Oh, so many triangles!
Yes I used spray starch.  It'll just have to do.


This one turned out okay, Y-seams and all.

And those were my official to-do's last week.
I also had gardening to tend to, finally planting my
tomatoes (21) and peppers (27) pepper plants
and sowing the seeds of many other veggies.
Both herb gardens are now full and will soon
be doing their part in flavoring up the summer.

And that nice R&R time I talked about getting in?

I made time for a little of that too.
The above deck needs painted (later!) but it's a nice
cozy place for evening reading and drinks.
My sewing room is just inside that window so I
can enjoy my plants from in there as well.

Another spot is out in our pergola by the pool.
From here I can look out over the garden
while I enjoy my coffee in the mornings.  I still miss
my coffee shop time but this is so much better.
At least while the weather is so great.

Just off of my garden is a small area where I do
my garden planning and take breaks from the work.
I've since added another peony and a trellis behind
St. Francis; the lariope has been a snack
for the chickens but now that other things have
greened up, they leave it alone and it will become
a nice thick border around this little garden.
I've also trimmed those currant bushes back
for a nice even look.

* * * * *
And while we're looking back, does anyone know
why some pictures on my previous posts are now
showing up empty except for a big " - " in their place?
What's up with that, Blogger!?!

* * * * *

So what's the plan for next week?

1) Ombre lattice quilt
Keep going.  I'm not sure when I'll get to the LQS
but it may be a week or so.  Meanwhile, I hope to
completely finish the blocks that I have fabric for.

2)  Farmer's Wife
Two blocks, maybe more?
I noticed #38 has something like 68 pieces.

3) Evening knitting
Pick up the pace on that scarf.
And get a pic for next week!

4) Maybe start a new quilt

5) Finish hanging things in sewing room
I still haven't done this since I painted!

Other things not so quilty/crafty:
Get newspaper/straw weed barrier down on
peppers and tomatoes.  Weed asparagus patch.
Continue putting wood mulch all around where
needed.  I've also been wanting to paint my kitchen.
I'm not sure I'll have time but it needs to be done
while the windows/doors can be open (fumes).

And for my May Monthly Goal?
To finish that Ombre Lattice quilt top.

Happy quilting!


Debbie said…
I am exhausted just reading about your work/projects/garden! Love how the Americana quilt finished up. The quilting looks great too. Yes, all that mulch does amazing things to improve the appearance of the garden and.... beds for us too.
Ugh for the dilemma on the new quilt! That is such a pain to start off with this. You are such a workhourse that I know you will get it figured out.
Your farmers wife blocks look great. As a friend of mine would have said, purt near purfect. We only see our own imperfections.
Home Sewn By Us said…
Hi Cheree! Thanks so much for the trip around your place. I enjoyed every single moment of it! All that mulch - how fabulous!! Yes, it IS a LOT of work but oh so rewarding. Way back in 2003 we had two tons of mulch delivered to our house. I shoveled and shoveled and shoveled, and then carted and spread until it was dark one day. We had to move it all because we couldn't get the cars out of the garage! My, did our yard look nice with all that fresh mulch. OMG about the ombre jelly roll. I'll have to check to see which one I have, etc. It still hasn't budged from it's in-waiting spot . . . but I should head off any potential problems before I start it. Thanks for the warning! Good luck with this week's list, and thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne
Sharon Kwilter said…
I'm trying to imagine a life without UFOs. Congratulations! Your quilts are gorgeous.
Sharon Kwilter said…
I'm trying to imagine life without UFOs. Congratulations! Your blocks look great to me.
Great quilt finish! That block looks hard. Have fun in your garden, I'll stick with grocery store produce (I have a brown thumb).
Patty said…
Love the ombre fabric. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.