18 May 2020

More To-Do's Checked Off

I hope everyone's weather has been as
fantastic as ours!  The rain stopped and it
has been perfect out!  Fall is my favorite
season but days like these make me wonder
if spring might...Nah, love me some autumn!
But it is absolutely beautiful and it makes
it very hard to be in the house sewing.
That being said, I didn't do too badly this week,
granted I kept the to-do's on the lighter side.

1) Ombre Lattice quilt:  Finish all blocks

Bearing in mind the major jelly roll issue I have,
 I got all possible blocks made and am now needing
to hit the LQS for at least 5 more shades.
I'm not sure I'll be using every block up there.
The shades I find will determine this.

2)  Farmer's Wife: Two more blocks


Oops, only one.
Blaming this on the great weather.

3) Start on 30's quilt

I made a lot of progress here!

First, I pulled all of my 30's fabrics out.

These were the main two featured in my other 30's quilt.
This quilt needs to be pretty similar so I'm repeating.
I'm just crossing my fingers there is enough
of that green to put on the back as well.

The rest of my 30's stash is pretty scrappy so I did
some bargain shopping online and now have eight
new fabrics (1 yd each) arriving next week.

I also sketched up the general idea on the EQ8 but
these blocks are subject to change.  I will also likely
put a piano key border in there somewhere.
Again, this is just a rough idea.
I am curious what everyone thinks of putting that
block in the border corners.  I know it's usually
a different size and/or even a different block but to
bring this to a queen sized quilt, the border ended up
being exactly 8" so I threw that chain block in there.
I kind of like it.  Thoughts?

Here is the first of 32 chain blocks made up.

4) Knitting:  Scarf progress

I did a little bit but I have yet to grab a progress pic.

 A few other things, non-quilty/knitty
(well, one thing very quilty):

A newspaper/straw barrier down on my tomatoes
and put up a fence to keep the chickens from
tearing through it all (they love straw!).

I also pulled this rock path, raised it up a couple inches
and got it put back down--a little more level this time.
This included digging up all flowers and replanting
them, along with some different ones.  I have space
left to add in more (soon!).

It looks so much better....in real life--sigh.
I also took out all but a few of the iris;
they'll thicken back up in no time.
(Between the bunnies and the chickens, I just go
ahead and put fence around everything.
Not as pretty but it sure avoids the frustration!)

I struggle to toss anything landscape-worthy
so I put the iris on the side of the chicken run
where they should do just as well.

The girls got a new coop sign, by the way.
"The Breakfast Club"

Overall the garden is doing very well.  I'm now picking
strawberries daily--they're so flavorful!

The YMCA has opened in limited capacity so I have
started doing some strengthening on the machines
with the help of my DS who's really into all of that.
Here's hoping that helps with some of my issues.

Lastly, a friend and I took a short road trip to two
smaller-town quilt shops.  Sadly, neither had
my ombre confetti fabric but I still scored at
my favorite $5 clearance rack:

Left to right:
2 grays:  West Point quilts
2 creams:  both Henry Glass fabrics that are in my
Farmer's Wife quilt; this is super because I was
running out of background fabrics.  YAY!
White & brown dot:  6+ yards, background for something.

I snapped just a few pics for those of you who
are starving for some LQS time.

This next one is not really my style but I
admire the work put into it:

Moving on to next week's to-do's:

1) Purchase fabrics to finish remaining ombre lattice blocks.
I know they have them at one of the LQS's here.
I just haven't made it out there yet.

2) Farmer's Wife: two blocks
(three would be better to make up for this week!)

3) 30's quilt: cut out all chain blocks while working
on QAL pics and directions.  See how many I can
get pieced up.

4) Evening knitting: this just isn't a priority but I don't
want it to go "UFO" so just any progress is good.

And with that, I am off for some actual coffee shop time!
Things are opening up and life is heading back to
some sort of normal...whatever that is anymore.
Looking forward to checking in with this week's to-do
link up.  It's always encouraging and inspiring to see
what everyone is making!

Happy gardening and quilting!

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Vicki in MN said...

Your Ombre lattice is looking mighty fine, hope you are able to find the extra fabric for it soon. Our quilt shop opened up yesterday but I am not in a hurry to go there. I kinda am enjoying using the stash, even though it hasn't shown any dents yet, LOL.

piecefulwendy said...

I have to apologize for not catching your posts - so glad I popped in today, though! Your lattice blocks are so pretty (a little bit of fall, a little bit spring/summer, maybe??). I love the ombre confetti fabric, and I just made a small baby quilt with some half-yard pieces that were in my stash. You have a lot of fun projects going on. I like the squares in the border of your design, it seems to pull it all together, I think! I've managed to use my stash, and replenish it using online shopping while I wait for the quilt shops to fully open here.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I really like your ombre lattice quilt, but that's no fun that you had issues with the jelly roll! Hope you find what you need to complete it. Fresh strawberries right out of your garden sound wonderful!

Joyful Quilter said...

Ombre quilt looks great, love the colors. I put pieced blocks in the corners of my Lincoln's Sampler to make it larger. I really like the design idea, it seems to pull a sampler quilt together.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like the blocks in the corners. It extends the borders nicely that way. I finally got to go in a quilt shop (only one is open around here), but since only 2 people can be in the store at a time, I rushed thru.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! Your garden looks lovely. I can't wait to see your tomatoes going strong. Your strawberries look delicious! The addition of that pieced block looks wonderful in the border of your 30s quilt. The ombre quilt is really coming along - what size are those blocks? Good luck finding the colors you need at your LQS, and with this week's list. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

Needled Mom said...

The Ombre lattice blocks look incredible. It's so nice to have the warmer weather and see garden pictures again. Love the block with the reproduction fabrics. I'd do it with no borders - just all blocks.

Raewyn said...

I've never played with Ombre fabric but gosh it is effective - your blocks are looking great, too bad about the jelly roll dilemma but it does look like you're on top of it now. Nice little tour of the quiltshop :-) Your 30s quilt will be lovely - I really like how you're putting that wee (economy?) block in the centre of the chain blocks.

Kate said...

Your Ombre lattice is looking good. Hope you've been able to find more fabric to finish the blocks. Your 1930's quilt looks like fun to make. Is there a way to tie the corner blocks to the main quilt? My thought would be to add corner stones in the borders. Red squares in the white and yellow borders and then the same square in a square center block in the green border. That would give you a lines from the center of the quilt to the corners. Good luck with this week's to do list.

Sharon Kwilter said...

I made a quilt just like your 1930s quilt only mine was themed closer to 1910. I used mostly William Morris fabrics. I'm sure yours will be amazing. It looks like all your piecing is outstanding.

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