12 May 2020

Mid-May To-Do's

Is it really May?  Because it feels a whole lot like March.
We're getting so much rain!  Everything is so
wonderfully green but yesterday I had to kick the furnace
on to take the chill out of the house.  It's going to
steadily warm up but the rain is here to stay all week.
Excellent quilting weather.
But first I did some house cleaning and baked
cinnamon bagels and French bread.
And then cooked up a big pot of seafood chowder.
(Other excellent things to do on cold, rainy days!)

Time to check in on last week's to-do's:

1) Ombre lattice quilt:  Keep going.  

I didn't get a huge amount done but I definitely
"kept going".  To add to the two full blocks that
I already completed, I put the black corners on all
remaining centers. 

There are 4 sections of each color in the above pic so I have
a little more completed than there appears.
I'm making these assembly-line style but
these are on their way to looking like my first two:

2)  Farmer's Wife:  Two blocks, maybe more?
Even better:  I made four.

#38 & 39

#40 & #41

3) Evening knitting:  Pick up the pace and get a pic.
Um....next time!

4) Maybe start a new quilt
Not yet but I have been narrowing it down:

Firstly, I've been asked to make a 30's quilt like my
previous one (made last year) but in a queen size.
I should probably get this started right away.

I also want to get more West Point-themed quilts
made for my Etsy site.  The class of '24 has been
chosen and those moms are looking for items
for their homes and for their cadets-to-be so I really
need to get those made as soon as possible.

And for something fun, easy and scrap-busting: 

This Inman Park quilt caught my eye on Instagram.
Wouldn't this make a fun quilt-in-a-day project?
One of those days you set aside for ONLY sewing!
(That sounds like so much fun I feel like
scheduling it right now on my calendar!)

5) Finish hanging things in sewing room
Well, I didn't get that done but I did finally get
my new design wall put up which is awesome.

Other things not so quilty/crafty:
Weeding and general gardening; I got
newspaper and straw/mulch barriers down and
mulched remaining flower and herb gardens.

We're actually down to the last few loads of Mt. Mulch!

I'm picking lettuces and radishes now, and
I'm still cutting a bundle of asparagus daily.
(bundle=usu more than I can hold in one hand)
Any spear smaller than a pencil is left to go to fern
so that it grows larger next year.  I started
this patch about 15 years ago.
I'd have to check my garden journal for that one.
Update/correction:  I checked--17 years!  WOW!

I also painted the more weathered areas of the coop.
Basically, I go from one project to another out there
when the weather is nice!  There is always something--
okay, there are always many things out there
that need/want my attention.

I'm looking forward to these ripening up next week.

And moving on to next week, here are my to-do's:

1) Ombre Lattice quilt:  Finish all blocks

2)  Farmer's Wife: Two more blocks

3) Start on 30's quilt

4) Knitting:  Scarf progress

And that ought to do it.  I'm keeping it simpler this time
because I also want to make some time for reading
and painting that kitchen when it warms up.

Happy quilting!
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Debbie said...

Your new project is doing good! Amazing isn't how that black will really make your colors pop. Your list is a long one....keep going!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Cheree! OOOOH, that ombre project is really coming along, isn't it?!! I just LOVE seeing this. Ooh, yes to the West Point quilt. A local young man has just announced he is attending. Of course, if you have a customer order . . . you're going to have to make that a priority and then use the other ONE as a leader/ender. That's a win/win so you always have something under your needle and making progress. Woot woot for getting all of that mulch spread. With all the rain you are expecting, it will be difficult to get any work outdoors in. Thanks so much for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

New projects always call to us, don't they? I like that pattern you showed from Windham Fabrics. What an amazing garden you have! I bet that homegrown asparagus is really delicious.

Kate said...

You've made good progress on the WIPs and some fun projects waiting in the wings. Good luck with your to do list.

Mary said...

That Ombre Lattice quilt is going to be stunning. I look forward to seeing more of your progress on this ombre project. Ombre fabrics are some of my favorite fabrics! Take care, Mary.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love asparagus. We had some last night. You've been doing well in the stitching department.

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