Farmer's Wife Friday, er, Saturday

I delayed this post a bit, hoping I'd get a second
block made but the weather has just been way too nice.
We all know by now that when that happens,
I'm going to be outside.  Unlike a farmer's wife
(or daughter--I have more experience at that),
I can usually pick and choose when I want to work outside!  

Block #42

(Excuse the little snippet--didn't see that!)

For all of these blocks I have been using Kim Diehl and
Henry Glass fabric collections but I'm starting to run out of
backgrounds.  However, I just found 2 of the ivories hanging
out on a clearance rack (more on that next Tuesday).
That should tide me over for awhile; now if I could

just find a few more!

Happy quilting!


Joyful Quilter said…
Cute block. I don't think I've ever seen a basket block similar to that one. Enjoy the nice weather, it has been raining all week here.
This background fabric is really beautiful, and your block too ;)
Debbie said…
After being so house bound it is so nice, so very nice to be outside enjoying the sun and fresh air! Don't blame you a bit for it. We took a quick trip to nursery for some herbs and a couple of perennials. My second venture out in 3 months....what a joy.
Nice block. I got to enjoy the nice weather yesterday. I also got a nice fabric fix, since one of our shops has stayed open during this (police said that since she was making face masks, and selling fabric for masks, she could stay open). It was so nice to get to go inside a fabric shop again.