29 May 2020

Farmer's Wife #17--Another X2 Friday,

I'm kind of all over the place with these Friday's.

I skipped last week so I have four blocks today.
It's a good thing I'm nearing the half-way point; I'm
not sure there has been a Farmer's Wife sewing session
that hasn't left me questioning this whole endeavor.
But then I think about the slow process
of quilting just a century ago.  
Rotary cutters and mats, strip piecing and
other speedy methods, handy tools--I love you all!

No speedy methods here but onward I go.

Block #43

This one is an odd design to me.  
It was not easy!  I ended up ripping several times.
There's nothing like a picture to exaggerate any imperfections;
outside of that, I'm deciding to be happy with the construction.

Block #44

This one flew together and I've decided it's one of those
blocks that I like enough put into a quilt.

Block #45

I should've done a better job on this one but I had a big
squirrel issue:  new fabric arrived in the mail and I flew
through it.  Some of those not-so-lined-up points
would've likely been redone on another day in my sewing
room but....not this day!  So, sorry-not-sorry,
this one's a wee bit wonky.  I'd like to think that
everytime I see it, I remember that's the day I got
10 yards of fun fabric (mostly 30's) in the mail!

Block #46

I thought it was time to throw in some black again
but looking at it on my computer, it sure looks bright!
It's really not in person and I think it will provide
some interest...I hope.

Till next Friday,
Happy quilting!


Debbie said...

Well, since you have so many blocks and more fabrics arriving, I will just claim block 2 and 3. Just beautiful!!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I like that black fabric. Nice blocks.

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